1997 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog

1997 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog

As Hasbro toured the Toy Fairs in 1997, they handed out a catalog filled with their newest selection of toys to dealers, vendors, and retailers. At the time, these catalogs were Hasbro’s best means of promoting their newest products to the stores. After witnessing the exciting new toys, representatives then used these catalogs to order shipments of products to fill their shelves with.

Now that Hasbro had full ownership of Kenner and their rich IPs, they could cash in on the newest wave of Star Wars mania rolling through the nation. Not only were the Special Editions of the Original Trilogy hitting theaters in 1997, but fans also knew that a prequel trilogy was on the way. So, Hasbro heavily emphasized Star Wars in this Catalog.

Beyond the excitement of Star Wars’ return to theaters, another blockbuster also loomed in 1997, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. As Kenner made the first series of Jurassic Park toys, Hasbro now had the chance to cash in with the sequel.

Furthermore, Beast Wars Transformers hit store shelves in 1996, ushing a new era of Transformers action. With the backing of Mainframe Entertainment’s cartoon, the new line gained a new generation of fans. So, Hasbro continued to add to the line in 1997.

Otherwise, Hasbro promoted their other brands like G.I. Joe, MicroVerse, and VOR-Tech. So, Hasbro continued to have a strong presence in the Toy Fairs of 1997.

So, we would like to share the excitement of this catalog with our high-definition scans.

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