Best Vintage G1 Transformers Toys and Collectibles for Sale

Welcome to Wheeljack’s Lab’s vintage toy store. We have been selling action figures and boy toys for over 20 years. G1 Transformers are our specialty.

Vintage G1 Transformers Toys for sale include sealed, AFA Graded, mint in box, mint on card, loose complete, loose incomplete, boxes, parts, paperwork… you name it!

Contemporary Transformers toys for sale include both Hasbro and Takara. Some of the lines for sale include Beast Wars, Beast Machines, G2, Armada, Energon, Robots in Disguise, Classics, Universe, Generations, Combiner Wars, Titans Return, Siege, Alternators, Masterpiece and many more.

Some of the third party Transformers toys for sale include Fancy Cell, Fansproject, Maketoys, Toy Dream Factory, Unique Toys, Zeta Toys, Mastermind Creations, Perfect Effects, and more.

Other toy brands for sale include G.I. Joe, He-Man, M.A.S.K., Rock Lords, Spiral Zone, Go-Bots, Star Wars, Godaikin, Shogun Warriors, Thundercats, Dino Riders, Silverhawks, TMNT, Battle Beasts and more.

Manufacturers that include: Hasbro, Kenner, Mattel, Matchbox, Playmates LJN, Tonka, Bandai, Tyco, Takara, Coleco, Matchbox and many more.

Coming soon! A massive collection of prototypes, which includes: wooden mock-ups, clay mockups, wax mock-ups, silicone molds, hardcopies, paintmasters, steel molds, first shots, test shots, engineering pilots, poly bagged samples, and pre-production samples. Every step in the prototype process was in this collection, including over a dozen unreleased unknown action figures!

We receive new toy collections every day. Take a look around while you’re here! We also buy toys, if you’re looking to sell. Thank you for stopping!

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