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Retrospective on Transformers Cartoons from Generation 1 to Beast Wars

Originally, the Hassenfield Brothers, Hasbro, and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy formed a joint venture to create the Transformers toy line. As Hasbro aimed to bring Takara’s Diaclone figures to the states, they approached both Marvel and Sunbow to create the comics as well as an animated series to bring the characters to life. Thus, […]

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The Top Ten Shogun Warriors Robots and Characters

Although the toys originated from Japan, Shogun Warriors became a comic book classic that introduced and promoted Mattel’s toy line. The idea of using animated series and comic classics as a platform to introduce toys gained prominence in the late 1970s. Thus, Shogun Warriors were a massive depiction of such a line of advertisement. A […]

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Retrospective on the Shogun Warriors Comic Books from Marvel

The Shogun Warriors are huge humanoid robots that Marvel Comics introduced to the western world. These Comic books were based on the line titled “The Shogun Warriors”. Mattel Inc. licensed the toys from their original creators in Japan. So, while they were originally parts of various Japanese toy lines, American audiences knew them as the […]

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The Top Ten GI Joe Characters from A Real American Hero

GI Joe is an action and science-fiction animated media franchise owned by the Hassenfield Brothers (Hasbro). The franchise began with the release of GI Joe: A Real American Hero in 1983, which a sequel followed in 1986. Hasbro pushed another sequel’s creation after the acquisition of the Kenner company to revitalize the company. After the […]

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