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The Top Ten Terminator Toys from Kenner

Years after James Cameron enthralled audiences with the first Terminator film, Kenner Toys became the first company to create toys for the franchise. Back in 1984, few companies believed that movie toys could net them a profit, let alone toys based on R-Rated films. Moreover, even though Arnold Schwarzenegger had previously starred as Conan the […]

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The Top Ten Planet of the Apes Characters from the Original Movies

As Franklin J. Schaffner toiled to adapt Pierre Boulle’s novel into the hit Planet of the Apes film, he trusted writers Rod Sterling then Michael Wilson. As they began drafting the scripts for the film, Twentieth Century Fox insisted that only the core principles of the book remain in the script. Thus, they scrapped all […]

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The Top Ten Planet of the Apes Toys from Mego

When The Planet of the Apes hit theaters in 1968, the reveal that Taylor landed on a post-apocalyptic Earth shocked the audience. Even before the final twist, they fell in love with the expressive performances from the various apes, especially Cornelius and Zira. Eclipsing all their performances, Charleston Heston stole the show with several memorable […]

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A Look Back on The Original Planet of the Apes Films

Even before Pierre Boulle entertained the world with his novel, La Planète des singes, Arthur P. Jacobs scooped up the rights to create the Planet of the Apes franchise. After the novel came out in 1963, readers received the chance to explore a distant world populated by advanced apes. Even though Boulle thought little of […]

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Top Ten Characters from The Karate Kid Franchise

Before The Karate Kid hit movie theaters in 1984, martial arts films remained a niche genre. Only a few exceptions, like Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon ever caught the public’s attention. Otherwise, the public considered these movies to be corny B-movies that they would only catch at discount theaters. However, that all changed when Mr. […]

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The Top Ten Characters and Vehicles from Knight Rider

Combining the charm of the Lone Rider with ultramodern technology, Knight Rider enraptured audiences in the 1980s. Its showrunner, Glen A. Larson felt that audiences needed a new series that presented the tales of a lone vigilante moved from town to town. With people no longer caring for westerns and horses, he decided to borrow […]

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