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The Top Ten Kenner ALIENS Toys: A Beloved Vintage Toy Line

After the success of the Alien movie and the sequel Aliens, the ALIENS name became an unforeseen success and multi-media franchise. Seeing the wave of popularity, Kenner Products, an American toy production company, joined in on this success train by producing a line of toys based on the Alien movies. What made the Kenner ALIEN […]

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Retrospective on The ALIEN Franchise: Space Horror Refined

The Alien franchise is a successful action, horror, and sci-fi media franchise. The franchise is based on the horror, sci-fi 1979 movie titled Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. The brilliance of Ridley Scott’s movie spawned a massive franchise. This monstrous franchise contains three more sequels, two prequels, over twenty-three video games, over seventy comic books, […]

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The Top 10 Horror Movies from the ’70s to the ’90s

You probably already know that the three decades under consideration here were phenomenal. Let’s start with the ’70s, which bore some rarity for horror movies. The decade brought about the industry’s rebirth. It was marked with mixed creativity and emotional sensitivity. All this helped to produce vividly descriptive and excruciating horror that mirrored what the […]

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The Top 10 Horror Movies of the 1980s

When the Video Home System (VHS) was invented in the late 1970s, things became more interesting in the movie industry. Since audiences now experienced entertainment from the comfort of their homes, the home entertainment technology subverted the cinema. Truly, by the early 1980s, more than thirty percent of Americans had access to the system in […]

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The Top 10 Horror Movies From the 1970s

The ’70s was part of America’s reawakening of New Hollywood. The industry’s rebirth came with descriptive imagery of the excruciating horror the world was going through. The industry was able to mix the creative side of big-studio filmmaking with the emotional sensitivity of art-house cinematography. The ’70s saw the growth of films into new levels, […]

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