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A Look Back on the ALIENS Franchise in Video Games

ALIEN has created an amazing movie franchise directed by some of the movie industry’s best directors. Some of the directors include Ridley Scott, David Fincher, and James Cameron. With the success of the franchise, it naturally expanded to include video games, comic books, and toys.  The movie portrayed a terrifying world of creatures beyond human […]

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The Top Ten Kenner ALIENS Toys: A Beloved Vintage Toy Line

After the success of the Alien movie and the sequel Aliens, the ALIENS name became an unforeseen success and multi-media franchise. Seeing the wave of popularity, Kenner Products, an American toy production company, joined in on this success train by producing a line of toys based on the Alien movies. What made the Kenner ALIEN […]

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Retrospective on The ALIEN Franchise: Space Horror Refined

The Alien franchise is a successful action, horror, and sci-fi media franchise. The franchise is based on the horror, sci-fi 1979 movie titled Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. The brilliance of Ridley Scott’s movie spawned a massive franchise. This monstrous franchise contains three more sequels, two prequels, over twenty-three video games, over seventy comic books, […]

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