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The Ten Most Expensive ThunderCats Toys

In 1985, Rankin/Bass Animated Entertainment introduced audiences to the plight of the ThunderCats and their fight to protect Third Earth. The story of ThunderCats could be traced back to a single dinner between Ted Wolf and his daughter, Janice Wolf, in 1981. The two enjoyed workshopping ideas like superheroes, so they brainstormed the various characters […]

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The Ten Most Expensive Shogun Warriors Toys

Mattel introduced the Shogun Warriors to America in 1977. Unlike most of Mattel’s catalog, the American toy maker did not develop this toy line. Instead, they saw a popular trend from Japan, the love for giant robots in Tokusatsu, and felt that America would also embrace the robots. So, they licensed several popular toy brands […]

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Moments in Toy History: Converting Japanese Toys into the Transformers

In 1984, Hasbro created history when they introduced the Transformers action figures to the market. With a powerful story and exciting gameplay, these toys captured the hearts of children across the planet. While Transformers made a huge splash, they were not the first toy to depict transforming robots. For instance, Banai created toys with basic […]

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Best Place to Sell Toys

Best Places to Sell Toys Here at Wheeljack’s Lab, we’ve been buying vintage action figures for over 20 years. He-Man, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., Transformers, G.I. Joe—you name it. If you’re looking to cash in your toy collection, we’ve got the tools and tips to help. Here’s how to determine how much your collection is worth as […]

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