Top 10 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Figures

Top 10 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Figures

In 1974, the popular game, Dungeons and Dragons, was released. Earnest Gary Gygax and David Arneson created this role playing game and published it through Tactical Studies Rules (TSR). An updated version of this role playing game (RPG) was later released between 1977 and 1979 with three revised hardcover rulebooks. Then, in 1983, LJN teamed up with TSR artists to bring the game characters to life. The artists did this through 3 to 6 inch action figures, an articulate lineup of dragons and beasts. We will be going through what we believe to be the Top Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figures. Keep in mind, other lists might be a bit different than ours. We will be listing them from their intricate designs and traits to other qualities that these toys have to secure their spot on our list, enjoy!

Introducing the top 10 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figures

10. Drex

The number 10 pick, Drex, stands at 3 3/4 inches with a very detailed design. This Dungeons and Dragons figure is clearly ready to fight. Drex is clothed in sharp, jagged armor covered with lime green snakes. Drex not only has the intimidating armor to assist during times of combat, but he also has a large double-edged sword and shield that can be placed in each hand to prepare for battle. This figure is posable in both the arms and the legs as well as in the head. Finally, Drex’s fierce facial expression shows his strength. Also, his vibrant red and green accents show of his boldness as well as the detailed design throughout which are just a few reasons why we have placed this figure on our top 10 list.

Drex Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

9. Northlord

Northlord Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

The number 9 pick, Northlord, stands at 5 inches tall. He is equipped with a shield, sword, axe, helmet, and girdle. Additionally, both the armor and weapons are detailed with a striking blue and yellow. The artists put incredible detail into the patterns and shades on this figure to capture the power and strength he holds. Northlord is posable in his legs, arms, and head. Since this figure is fully armed and ready for battle, we can be sure to find him at the forefront fighting off evil.

8. Zorgar

Zorgar Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

Zorgar, making it to 8th on this top 10 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figures list, stands at 3 3/4 inches. He is armed with a club and dagger to assist when fighting. Since he is the most evil Barbarian there is, his strength and own survival instinct is to be feared by his enemies. In addition to his club and dagger, Zogar also has fighting gloves, chains across his chest, and a vibrant blue leg sleeve painted on. He will be the first to fight off his enemies with his weapons, or even his bare hands. Zogar’s toughness is shown in his facial expression and posture of this figure, making him on our top 10 list.

7. Ogre King

Ogre King Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

Coming in at number 7, we have the Ogre King. Ogre’s can be found almost anywhere as they are taller than humans and other creatures. Their height and strength is sure to make them intimidating to those that come in their way. These Ogre’s often have low intelligence and need assistance when fighting in battle. This figure especially has a ton of detail. The artists clearly put a lot of thought into their design of this character. The Ogre’s skin itself is a dark forest green. Layered on top is an intricate design of light blue and yellow to give the Ogre protection. This figure comes with a spiked mace, helmet, large sword, and shield. All of these have the same aqua blue and yellow that ties into the figure’s armor.

6. Elkhorn

Elkhorn Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

The number 6 pick, Elkhorn, is a dwarf fighter. Although he is shorter than most men, these fighters are no less tough. They have the unique ability to see in total darkness as they are known for mining shiny gems and metals. As giants seek for their attack on dwarf fighters like Elkhorn, these dwarf fighters are ready for it. Elkhorn, especially, is ready to take them on in battle with his shield and sharp sword. Also, the eye catching colors on this figure add to his character. His yellow helmet and sword, grey/silver shield, and blue beard showcase his power, despite being smaller than most others.

5. Mercion

Mercion Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

Mercion, 5th on our list, is a Cleric. This figure stands at 3 3/4 inches and is sure to use its knowledge to help the wounded and sick. Cleric’s holy powers allow them to fight the more magical evil beings and forces. Mercion is sure to fight on the side of Law and order, with its mace or hammer as well as its amazing powers. Like the other Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figures, Mercion is incredibly detailed. This figure is completely clothed in shiny armor, with a bright yellow robe. Therefore, the color scheme of this figure clearly shows of its holy power.

4. Young Male Titan

Young Male Titan Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

Reaching 4th on our list is the Young Male Titan. Titans are some of the most feared in battle. They have the magical ability to fly, to become invisible, and to use magical clerical spells to defend in battle. The Young Male Titan also has weapons to assist when fighting. This figure comes with a grey and bright yellow helmet, skirt, sword, and shield. The Titan’s clothing and armor are all bright yellow as well, which adds to the character’s mystical character. This figure’s striking colors and magical fighting ability makes its landing near the top of our list.

3. Melf Peralay

Melf Peralay Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

Melf Peralay makes it 3rd on our list of top 10 Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figures. As this character comes from magical forest beings, Melf has the unique ability to combine the best traits of many other beings. With both his bow and arrow and his bright green dagger, Melf is definitely able to fight off any creatures that cause harm to the forests. More than this, he is able to use magical spells as his weapons, making him that much more powerful. This figure also comes with a forest green cape and has bright blue accents on his clothing, adding to his magical impression.

2. Ringlerun

Ringlerun Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

Making our way up the top of the list, Ringlerun is here at number 2. Ringlerun wants to help mankind above all things and has many spells under his command to help him do so. Evil forces and power are sure to run from this character. Also, he believes that the power of magic is to be used only under law and to keep order of things. Ringlerun will always do his best to defend those in need and to help those who are weak. This figure has a white robe with red and black accents, giving him more of a mystical appearance. Likewise, his long beard and staff also make him look more magical.

1. Hawkler

Hawkler Advanced Dungeons and Dragons figure

Now, to top off our list, we have Hawkler, a Good Ranger. Rangers are trained for scouting and fighting for the good side. Being the most famous of all rangers, Hawker is exceptional at fighting and destroying the evil beasts he tracks down. Likewise, he is an expert with weapons. Hawkler is posable in the arms, legs and head. Although he is a pro with his bow and arrow, this figure also comes with many other weapons. Hawkler has a hawk by his side, a quiver, bandolier, and a dagger along with his bow. Also, the armor and clothing on this figure is really interesting to look at. The lime green catches the eye but the dark and light brown boots and glove show his readiness to fight. Hawkler is a tough fighter and with his array of weapons we had to put him at the top of our list.

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