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The Ten Most Expensive Takara Microman Toys

After years of producing 12” action figures, Takara decided to revolutionize the Japanese toy industry by introducing a micro-sized hero: Microman. The legacy of this toy line began years ago when Takara licensed G.I. Joe from the American manufacturer, Hasbro. These licensed toys became a perfect foundation for Takara to experiment with. Responding to the […]

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Ten Most Expensive Remco Toys and Other Collectibles

Multiple toy companies created beloved toy lines that remained beloved by collectors for decades. One of these companies was Remco Industries, Inc., which was founded in 1949. While the company never stood at the peak of the toy industry, it produced dozens of toy lines that implemented the advancing technology of the time. This love […]

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The Ten Most Expensive Hot Wheels Redline Vehicles

Mattel took the world by storm when they revolutionized the toy car industry by introducing Hot Wheels in 1968. While Mattel did not invent the genre, they quickly became the industry’s front-runner with their stylish, speedy cars. They also set the standard by ensuring that the Hot Wheels would grip onto their plastic tracks, allowing […]

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The Top Ten Most Expensive GI Joe Toys

Step back in time and dive into the captivating world of vintage G.I. Joe toys, where action figures come to life with a rich history that sparks nostalgia in collectors’ and enthusiasts’ hearts. Introduced by Hasbro in 1964, G.I. Joe revolutionized the toy industry by presenting articulated, poseable action figures, each representing a different military […]

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When Were the Original Stretch Armstrong Action Figures Made?

If you are a vintage toy enthusiast, you have undoubtedly encountered the legendary Stretch Armstrong action figure. Released in 1976 by the renowned toy manufacturer Kenner, this iconic toy has captured the hearts of collectors and children alike for decades. The original Stretch Armstrong action figures have an exciting and detailed history. The Original Stretch […]

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When Were Original Six Million Dollar Man Action Figures Made?

One of the most well-received television series of the 1970s was The Six Million Dollar Man. The show, featuring the bionic government agent, Steve Austin, was extremely popular amongst children as well as adults. The show’s reception inspired the toy industry’s first successful television-inspired toy line. When were the original Six Million Dollar Man action […]

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