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The Ten Most Expensive G.I. Joe Toys from the Last Ten Years

Before 1963, no company seriously considered the thought of creating dolls and action figures for boys. Instead, Mattel had a stranglehold on the hearts of consumers with only Ken representing the male presence. However, Stanley Winston envisioned a new product that allowed boys to dress their favorite characters in military uniforms. With this thought in […]

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The Top Ten GI Joe Characters from A Real American Hero

GI Joe is an action and science-fiction animated media franchise owned by the Hassenfield Brothers (Hasbro). The franchise began with the release of GI Joe: A Real American Hero in 1983, which a sequel followed in 1986. Hasbro pushed another sequel’s creation after the acquisition of the Kenner company to revitalize the company. After the […]

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Retrospective on the G.I. Joe Cartoons

G.I. Joe is an American media franchise owned by the Hassenfield Brothers (Hasbro). The company specializes in making toys. Their flexibility in adopting different unique forms has helped them sustain relevance and entertained children of different generations. G.I Joe gradually became a household name in the 1960s, following Hasbro production of Action Figures – a […]

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