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The Top Ten Battlestar Galactica Characters

Battlestar Galactica is American science fiction, action, horror, and adventure movie. Glen Larson wrote and produced the original Battlestar Galactica series. The series originally aired between 1978-1979 and contained about 24 episodes. The original franchise of Battlestar Galactica earned many audiences, and the decision to suspend the show led to a wide range of criticisms. […]

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Retrospective on the Battlestar Galactica Television Series

Glen Larson conceived the idea behind Battlestar Galactica. Although Larson claims the idea brewed for over a decade before its execution, the creation of Star Wars in 1977 was a significant inspiration. The previous title of Battlestar Galactica was “Adam’s ark”. However, there were speculations that the remarkable success of Star Wars led to the […]

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