Chris Ingledue, the Transformers Expert

Reuniting Adults with their Favorite Toys Since 1999

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to feel nostalgic about simpler times, but not specific periods in history. Rather, we get that soothing feeling of nostalgia whenever we’re presented with a reminder back to the simpler time of our childhood, right? Our childhood homes and our childhood friends can certainly give us that sense of nostalgia, but there is one thing that will instantly bring back a world of memories for any adult, no matter where they come from – our childhood toys.

Chris Ingledue was born in the United States and grew up in the 1970s as a diehard Star Wars fan, not too dissimilar from other children at that time. As a typical action figure-loving kid, Chris could frequently be found staging and posing his figures around his home, as if they were in their own little world. As the years went on, Chris saw that he had already amassed quite the collection of action figures, so by 1991, he decided to continue growing his collection into something even more substantial.

With the arrival of the internet, Chris was quick to jump headfirst into the toy trading market. He first began by trading domestic and international toys with both international collectors and US-based collectors, essentially serving as an international toy exchange. Serving as a bridge and liaison between major collectors both domestic and international, Chris amassed one of the largest collections of Star Wars action figures in the United States. And after maintaining this collection for some time, Chris finally decided to sell it all, which took 6 months full time.

Looking for a new endeavor, Chris began purchasing Transformers toys and action figures. From the moment he made his first purchase, he was hooked on a new genre of action figures. It was that very moment back in 1999 that he began to relentlessly work towards reuniting adults with their favorite toys.

Today, if you ask Chris what he does, he’d say something like, “I buy and sell vintage Generation 1 (G1) Transformers toy action figure collections. However, what I really sell is the feeling you had as a child and the memories associated with them. It’s still an absolute joy – even if it’s the 3,750th Optimus Prime.”

Throughout his time as a dealer and trader, Chris has developed a deep understanding and extensive expertise in the market. He’s helped to sell Transformers toy action figures to nearly 200,000 collectors worldwide. In fact, if you placed every single Optimus Prime action figure that he has reunited with a collector in a line, it would span nearly ¾ of a mile! His experience and drive to continue this life-long mission speaks to his conviction and his integrity in restoring that childhood love for toys, no matter where you live, how old you are, or how long it’s been since you’ve felt that nostalgia. Chris Ingledue works each day to reunite people with their favorite childhood toys, and in turn, their memories.

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