Vintage Prototype Toys

Vintage Prototype Toys

Ex-Toy Company Employees and Subcontractors Wanted.

prototype pantograph
A wax mock-up, along with some various hardcopies, a paintmaster and a pantograph all from the Spiral Zone Tonka toy action figure line.

If you had a hand in making the great vintage toys we all loved we want to talk to you. We buy vintage toys and prototypes.  We will sign non-disclosure agreements with ex-employees that wish to remain anonymous.

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    Vintage Toy Manufacturers

    These are “some” of manufacturers toys that we buy, we suggest not reading this list, just know that we buy most toys and toy manufacturer materials from the 1940’s thru today. See the complete list here.


    Vintage Toy Brands

    Again these are “some” of brands that we buy, again we suggest not reading the list, just know that we buy most toys and toy manufacture materials from the 1940’s thru today. See the complete list here.

    Below are “some” of the materials we are looking for, we again suggest not reading this and again simply contact us about selling what you have. If it was used at the corporate or retail level we are interested in it.

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    Corporate, Marketing and Advertising:

    corporate policies, manuals, contracts, photos, marketing, advertising, ads, media kit, sourcebook, store display, dealer catalogs, employee-owned, signs, posters, toy fair catalogs, style guides, monthly planners, profit planners, color spectrum guides, merchandising display, press kit, catalogs, color copy, color study, presentation boards, reference slides, animation cells and more!


    Prototype Art and Engineering Drawings:

    Initial concept art, line art, concept designs, concept photos, concept folders, sketches, final concept rendering, control drawing, sculpting input, technical rendering, engineering assembly detail part drawings, and more!


    Mock-Ups Prototypes:

    Wood, clay, Acetate, Styrene, or wax, wood patterns, silicone molds and more!


    Hard Copies Prototypes:

    Made of any materials including Resin and Dynacast.  Product Take Over (PTO hard copies).  Assembled, unassembled, painted, unpainted, pantograph, Vacuum formed, Proto-molded, Dip mold, Rotocast, paintmasters and more!  Any sculpt sizes 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and more!


    Prototype Molds:

    Bench shots, tooling aids, Electrical Discharge Machining EDM’s and steel molds.


    Prototype Test Shots:

    First shots, test shots, engineering pilots, poly-bagged samples, pre-production packaged samples, and Non-Sonic welded.


    Prototype Toy Packaging:

    Concept packaging, transparencies, prints, reference photos, concept art, original package art, original art, package, die line drawing, separation sheets, films, proof packaging, proof art, proof sheet, final packaging art, printing plates, production card art, sample packaging, proof sheets and more!


    Unproduced Prototype Toys:

    All unreleased unknown action figures and accompanying materials!

    Toys We Buy


    Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
    Air Raiders
    Battle Beasts
    Battle of the Planets
    Battlestar Galactica
    Bionic Six
    Black Hole
    Bone Age
    Buck Rogers
    Captain Power
    Clash of the Titans
    Defenders of the Earth
    Dino Riders
    Dragonriders of the Styx
    Dungeons & Dragons
    Eagle Force

    Earth Force
    Flash Gordon
    G.I. Joe
    Galaxy Fighters
    Galaxy Warriors
    Indiana Jones
    Jurassic Park
    Knight Rider
    Lord Of The Rings
    Lords of Light
    Other World
    Pocket Super Heroes
    Power Lords
    Power Rangers
    Rock Lords

    Secret Wars
    Shogun Warriors
    Six Million Dollar Man
    Sky Commanders
    Spiral Zone
    Star Trek
    Star Wars
    Steel Monsters
    Super Naturals
    Super Powers
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Wheeled Warriors
    World’s Greatest Super Heroes

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