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Star Wars Vintage Kenner Sealed Action Figures

Buy and Sell Action Figure Toy Collections

It’s Monday, February 8th, 2021, and we’re still buying vintage action figure toy collections. Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. We buy and sell many modern and vintage toys and collectibles, we’re a store that is most interested in:

  • 1960’s-current action figures and toys both new and used
  • 1960’s-current collectibles both new and used
  • 1960’s-current pre-production & prototypes action figures, vehicles, playsets, ships, packaging, samples and more
  • 1960’s-current store displays, promotional items, internal correspondence and more
  • and much more! Since you’re already here just ask us.

Interested in selling vintage toys to us? Fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895. We’re a store that loves to buy old toys. Thank you for considering us when selling your toys! Wheeljack’s Lab is happy to accommodate the seller’s needs! Check out our 5 star ratings and reviews on Google, our A+ rating with the BBB.

Sell Your Vintage Toy Collection Now

** IMPORTANT NOTICE as of 1/12/2022 **

Unfortunately COVID has hit our company and we will need to take a 2 week break in order to ensure our employees and owner are safe. We have suspended all contact forms and shopping forms until 1/26/2022. In the mean time please browse our site and review the items we have for sale. We apology in advance for the inconvenience.

Chris Ingledue ~ Wheeljack's Lab Owner

We have outlined our toy buying process below.

Best Place to Sell Vintage Toys – We Buy Vintage Toys Collections

We’ve been buying vintage toy collections for over three decades. We are fast, friendly, and, most importantly, fair. We aspire to make the buying and selling process as simple, rewarding, and hassle-free as possible.

How to sell your toy collection to us

Step 1: Let us know what toys you have

We are primarily interested in buying 1960s–1990s action figures, but we would be happy to discuss any toy collection. Ideally, take pictures of your collection. If pictures are not possible, a list of the figures is a great starting point. Once received our professional team will assess your collectibles and figure out their value.

Step 2: Receive a quote to sell your toys

We will get back to you with an offer for your toy collection. Wheeljack’s Lab emphasizes the relationships we build, and we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times and fair pricing. We want to make selling as hassle-free and simple as possible. Our team aims to reply to you on the same day.

Step 3: Ship your toy collection

If you are happy with the pre-inspection quote, you can accept the offer which will kick-start the selling process! When you decide to sell your figures, a member of our team will make up to a full deposit into your bank account. So, you will see 100% of your money upfront.

You then have three days to pack and ship your collection. There is no need to worry. For, we will send detailed shipping instructions, as well as packing tips. We include all of these are complimentary with our offer! Additionally, we will provide you with prepaid shipping labels.

Cannot ship? We will come to you!

Is your collection so big you cannot ship? Do you have an estate you do not know what to do with? Send us a message and we are happy to discuss options with you. We will gladly travel to you to pick up those goodies if shipping just is not an option for you. We enjoy supplying the absolute best customer service and that includes traveling to you if needed.

Step 4: Your collection arrives at our doorstep

We will let you know as soon as your collection arrives at our warehouse. It takes us two business days to review and inspect your figures. If there are no issues, that is it.

Toys We Buy:



Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
African Kings and Conquerors
Air Raiders
Army Ants
AWA Wrestling Figures
Barnyard Commandos
Battle Beasts
Battle of the Planets
Battlestar Galactica
Big Jim
Biker Mice from Mars
Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Bionic Six
Bone Age
Buck Rogers
Bugmen of Insecta
C.O.P.S. N’ Crooks
Captain Power
Chuck Norris & Karate Kommandos
Clash of the Titans
Computer Warriors
Conan The Barbarian
Crash Test Dummies
Defenders of the Earth
Defenders of the Planets
Dick Tracy
Dino Riders
Dragonball Z
Dragonriders of the Styx
Dragons Knights and Daggers
Droids – Star Wars
Dukes of Hazzard
Eagle Force
Earth Force
Ewoks – Star Wars
Exo Squad Robotech
Fantasy World
Flash Gordon
Food Fighters


G.I. Joe
Galaxy Fighters
Galaxy Warriors
Greatest American Hero
Hardcastle and McCormick
He-Man Masters of the Universe
Hot Wheels Redlines
Indiana Jones
Inspector Gadget
James Bond
Jurassic Park
Karate kid
Knight Rider
Lord of the Rings
Lords of Light
Lost World of the Warlord
Mad Balls
Magnum PI
Marvel Secret Wars
Matt Mason
Mego Action figure Toy lines
Micro Machines
Mighty Crusaders
Mighty Max
Nightmare Warriors
Other World
Pirates of the Galaxseas
Planet of the Apes
Police Academy
Power Lords
Power Rangers
Realm of the Underworld
Ring Raiders
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Robot Defenders & Robot Renegades
Rock Lords
Rough Riders Stompers
Rulers of the Sun


Sarge Team & The Bad Guys
Secret of the Ninja
Sgt Rock
She-Ra Princess of Power
Shogun Warriors
Six Million Dollar Man
Sky Commanders
Small Soldiers
Spiral Zone
Star Trek
Star Wars
Starsky & Hutch
Steel Monsters
Street Sharks
Stretch Armstrong
Sumo Giants
Super Naturals
Super Powers
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)
Terminator 2
The Black Hole
Toxic Crusaders
Universal Monsters
Van Helsing
Warrior Beasts
Wheeled Warriors
WWF Wrestling Figures