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Looking to turn your old Transformers toys into CASH? Learn why we are the best place to sell your vintage Transformers toy collection. In business since 1999, we have nearly 200,000 satisfied customers in over 70 countries. Additionally we have in excess of 160,000 feedback on ebay and a 100% positive rating.

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Where Too Sell Transformers When You Can’t Ship? We’ll Travel Too You! To Get Your Generation 1 G1 Transformers Collection!

A collection so big you can’t ship? An estate you don’t know what to do with? Looking for the best way to sell Transformers you can’t ship? If you have it, send us a message and we’re happy to discuss options with you. We’ll gladly travel to you to pick up those Transformers goodies if shipping just isn’t an option. We enjoy providing the absolute best customer service and that includes traveling to you if needed.

Boxed G1 Transformers Collection