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Wheeljacks Lab is a vintage toy store that has been around since 1999, providing its 300,000+ customers across this website and eBay with their favorite toys and collectibles. We make the process of purchasing items effortless, which is why our customers keep coming back. We also buy collections at fair prices, which you can learn more about and read all of our reviews from real customers.

Found within our shop are sealed AFA and CAS graded collectibles, sealed cards, sealed boxes, complete loose action figures, boxes, and much more of Transformers, G.I. Joe, He-Man MOTU, Hot Wheels Redlines, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars action figures, Power Rangers, and over 100 other toylines.

Ready to find your childhood toys? Search in our shop for toys and collectibles to start or grow your toy collection.

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Find Entertainment In Our Blogs

Wheeljacks Lab has a wide array of blogs ranging from vintage toys, tips and tricks, pop culture, and retrospectives on beloved toylines. We have emassed over 500 blogs over the years and are continuously and stringently crafting more for the entertainment of our readers. Feel free to check out our latest blogs if you want to immerse yourself in the world of vintage toys.

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Identify Your Childhood Toys

Do you remember your childhood toy but just can’t think of it’s name? Our Identification Tool can help with just that. You’re able to sift through our database and search through specific toylines, color, subgroups, factions, the packaging it came in, if it had instructions or stickers, and so much more that will help you dial in until you find your missing toy. You are also able to use our Identification Tool to find if there are any accessories for a specific toy that you want to collect.

Whether it’s used as a checklist, a tool that keeps you informed on specific pieces for a toy, or a way for you to find your lost childhood toy the Identification Tool is made for you.

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Our Toy Fair Catalog Scans

Toy Fair Catalogs, also known as Dealer catalogs are catalogs that toy manufacturers such as Mattel, LJN, and Kenner made and gave to retailer representatives at special events. We have collected and scanned over 40 different toy fair catalogs with more to come in the near future. Wheeljacks Lab is the final destination for you the viewer to see and experience these time capsules.

If you’re ready to flip through these digital pages and see what was new and trending at the time with these manufacturers then you can do so at any time with Wheeljacks Lab.

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More About Selling Your Collection

Wheeljacks Lab is dedicated to making your experience selling your vintage collection as fair and effortless as possible. A few of the ways we do this is by offering pre-paid shipping labels so you don’t have to go through the hassle of making a shipping label or purchasing one yourself, paying you before we even receive the collection, and through fast, reliable, and knowledgable customer service that will help you no matter what.

If this sounds interesting and you would like to learn more, we have a page dedicated to helping you sell your collection now.

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Great 1980’s Toy Companies

We offer vintage toys from the great 1980’s toy manufacturers:

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Prototypes Toys

We always love bringing great prototypes to market. Including mock-ups made of wood, clay, or wax as well as the silicone molds used to make them. We carry hardcopies made of resin and Dynacast, with some hardcopies being assembled while others are unassembled. Some marked paintmasters, while other hardcopies remain unpainted. We even sell the tooling aids. First shots, test shots, engineering pilots, polybagged samples, and pre-production packaged samples are also in stock. The real gems are the unreleased unknown Hardcopies we have recently received. We have made a blog article about how prototypes are made and the different kinds of prototypes.

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When I was ready to sell my Transformers collection I contacted four companies to get t he best deal. Wheeljack’s Lab was the first to respond and also offered the most for my collection. He was very easy to deal with and even offered me several payment options to make sure I felt comfortable before sending my collection to him. He offered to pay up front and even paid for shipping. Real easy and nice to deal with. I even talked to him on the phone and he sounds like a real nice and trustworthy guy. He eased my concerns and I would definitely look to him first if I had any other toys to sell!

Michael Wehr

Recently, I needed to downsize my collection of vintage 80’s toys and model kits and instead of selling them piece-by-piece and trying to find buyers for everything, I contacted Chris at Wheeljack’s Lab and was offered a very fair price for the lot. The transaction went very smoothly and Chris was in constant communication throughout the whole process. Best yet, Chris’ warehouse is only a few hours away from where I live so I was able to deliver the items in person and saved myself the headache of a piece or two getting damaged or lost during shipping. Rest assured that if I ever want to sell the rest of my collection, Chris will be the only person that I would call.

Nam Ngo

Chris was very easy to work with and provided excellent service. He was very fair in his valuation of my collection and was very prompt to pay. It is rare to find businesses these days that are fair, honest, and trustworthy, but this is definitely one of them. I HIGHLY recommend and could not have had a better experience.

Ryan Carhart