Wheeljack's Lab

Wheeljack’s Lab Is A Vintage Toy Store and the Number One Buyer and Seller of Vintage 1980s G1 Transformers Action Figures, Toys, and Collections.

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Wheeljack’s Lab been buying and selling vintage G1 Transformers toys, action figures, and boy toys for three decades. While original G1 Transformers toys are our forte, we also buy and sell many other action figures.

Found within our selection of toys are sealed AFA and CAS graded, mint on sealed card, mint in sealed box, complete loose action figures, boxes, and much more.

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Contemporary Transformers

We offer a selection of contemporary Transformers toys (1991-current) from Hasbro and Takara

  • Generation 2 (G2)
  • Beast Wars
  • Beast Machines
  • Machine Wars
  • Robots in Disguise (RID)
  • Cybertron Trilogy
  • Animated
  • Prime
  • Generations
  • Up to the current lines
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Third-Party Transformers Toys

While Third-party toys are not our specialty, we have a selection from the more popular

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Vintage Brands You Love

We also sell other vintage toy brands, such as:

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Great 1980’s Toy Companies

We offer vintage toys from the great 1980’s toy manufacturers:

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Prototypes Toys

We always love bringing great prototypes to market. Including mock-ups made of wood, clay, or wax as well as the silicone molds used to make them. We carry hardcopies made of resin and Dynacast, with some hardcopies being assembled while others are unassembled. Some marked paintmasters, while other hardcopies remain unpainted. We even sell the tooling aids. First shots, test shots, engineering pilots, polybagged samples, and pre-production packaged samples are also in stock. The real gems are the unreleased unknown Hardcopies we have recently received. We have made a blog article about how prototypes are made and the different kinds of prototypes.

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When I was ready to sell my Transformers collection I contacted four companies to get t he best deal. Wheeljack’s Lab was the first to respond and also offered the most for my collection. He was very easy to deal with and even offered me several payment options to make sure I felt comfortable before sending my collection to him. He offered to pay up front and even paid for shipping. Real easy and nice to deal with. I even talked to him on the phone and he sounds like a real nice and trustworthy guy. He eased my concerns and I would definitely look to him first if I had any other toys to sell!

Michael Wehr

Recently, I needed to downsize my collection of vintage 80’s toys and model kits and instead of selling them piece-by-piece and trying to find buyers for everything, I contacted Chris at Wheeljack’s Lab and was offered a very fair price for the lot. The transaction went very smoothly and Chris was in constant communication throughout the whole process. Best yet, Chris’ warehouse is only a few hours away from where I live so I was able to deliver the items in person and saved myself the headache of a piece or two getting damaged or lost during shipping. Rest assured that if I ever want to sell the rest of my collection, Chris will be the only person that I would call.

Nam Ngo

Chris was very easy to work with and provided excellent service. He was very fair in his valuation of my collection and was very prompt to pay. It is rare to find businesses these days that are fair, honest, and trustworthy, but this is definitely one of them. I HIGHLY recommend and could not have had a better experience.

Ryan Carhart