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The Top Ten Kenner Predator Toys

The Predator media franchise is a renowned franchise based on the sci-fi horror movie titled The Predator. Jim and John Thomas wrote the movie while John McTiernan directed it. The Predator movie spawned three other sequels and what later became a media franchise. The Predator franchise consists of some of the most popular movie sequels […]

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The Top 10 Movies Created to Market and Sell Toys

Companies have modeled toys and dolls after children’s favorite movie characters, wrestling characters, comic superheroes, and even villains sometimes. Studies show that people will pay more for a toy linked to an entertainment property like movies, TV shows, cartoons, and even comics than they will pay for a non-entertainment-associated toy. The statistics show that they […]

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Tonka: Rock Lords Prototypes

We recently received a collection of vintage Tonka Rock Lords prototypes, pre-production toys,  and memorabilia from a former Tonka Executive! The collection included some Rock Lords – this is just a sample, not all are shown.  The collection included pre-production mock-ups, hardcopies, first shots, test shots, engineering pilots, unproduced & unreleased prototype toys & MORE! […]

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