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The Ten Most Expensive Shogun Warriors Toys

Mattel introduced the Shogun Warriors to America in 1977. Unlike most of Mattel’s catalog, the American toy maker did not develop this toy line. Instead, they saw a popular trend from Japan, the love for giant robots in Tokusatsu, and felt that America would also embrace the robots. So, they licensed several popular toy brands […]

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The Top Ten Spiral Zone Toys from Tonka

The Spiral Zone is an action, adventure, animation television series that Atlantic/Kushner-Locke produced. The animated television series only lasted for one season, sixty-five episodes, which aired from September 21 to December 18, 1987. Initially, the Spiral Zone toys from Bandai Japan were the inspiration for the Spiral Zone series. Eventually, Tonka then obtained the rights […]

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The Top Ten Xena: Warrior Princess Toys

Xena: Warrior Princess is the spin-off action, adventure, fantasy, and supernatural series that spun off from the 1995 blockbuster Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Xena: Warrior Princess ran from September 4th, 1995, to June 18th, 2001, producing over one hundred and thirty episodes. The Xena: Warrior Princess television series was a commercial success and received a […]

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The Top Ten Generation 1 Transformers Toys

The Transformers is a successful toy line that features giant robots that transform into various vehicles and creatures. Initially, a Japanese toy-producing powerhouse, Takara, produced the Diaclone toy line. However, when Hasbro bought the license to produce the toys in the west, they reimagined the series as the Transformers. Following the financial success and the […]

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