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Ten Most Expensive Transformers Toys

Throughout the 70s and early 80s, American and Japanese toy companies pushed forward universes filled with robots. While most robots were vehicles for humans to ride in during this era, some were presented as sentient beings. However, a world of form-changing robots that both functioned as vehicles and battle machines was on the horizon. The […]

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Moments in Toy History: Converting Japanese Toys into the Transformers

In 1984, Hasbro created history when they introduced the Transformers action figures to the market. With a powerful story and exciting gameplay, these toys captured the hearts of children across the planet. While Transformers made a huge splash, they were not the first toy to depict transforming robots. For instance, Banai created toys with basic […]

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The Top Ten Generation 1 Transformers Toys

The Transformers is a successful toy line that features giant robots that transform into various vehicles and creatures. Initially, a Japanese toy-producing powerhouse, Takara, produced the Diaclone toy line. However, when Hasbro bought the license to produce the toys in the west, they reimagined the series as the Transformers. Following the financial success and the […]

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