The Top 10 Toys Based on Horror Movies

The Top 10 Toys Based on Horror Movies

Both adults and youths enjoy the visceral experience brought on by horror movies. So, it is no wonder that the fantastical icons have made their way onto toys and action figures. So, rather than relegating themselves to watching their favorite films, they can reenact the scenes with their favorite characters and monsters. With access to these toys, fans have created elaborate dioramas that celebrate their favorite scenes from these movies.

However, the hunt for the greatest toys that came from the horror genre is not easy. Not every action figure is worthy of consideration. For, some do not capture the proper sense of horror or awe that these movies deserve. Meanwhile, others are little more than plastic statues. So, let us not waste any more time and discover who is indeed the top 10 horror toys!

Presenting the Top 10 Toys based on Horror Movies

#10 Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Pennywise from IT (2007)

There is everything right and everything wrong with this figurine. The figure primarily shocks by changing the iconic Pennywise from the clown that we normally know to a tantalizing female form. On the other hand, this form feels fitting for the shapeshifting terror. Given the predilections of Pennywise, it feels like a form that the creature would happily take to lure in a child for future terror. After considering the possibilities, no doubt stays that terror permeates from this figure.

Unfortunately, this figure is little more than a PVC statuette produced by Kotobukiya of Japan. This is no surprise, given that the company specializes in creating statues. Still, without the options of possibility, the figure has limited display options. So, while the appearance is superb, the figure itself barely makes it as a toy.

#9 Kenner’s Bio-Flesh Regenerator from Terminator 2

Kenner's Bio-Flesh Regenerator from Terminator 2

The Terminator series is a modern-day totem pole of horror films. One can easily find themselves fearing the thought of an unstoppable machine hunting them down. So, there is little surprise that the series has inspired toys and action figures based on this horror movie franchise.

Kenner’s Bio-Flesh Regenerator outshone the competition for its unique premise. Rather than creating an action-themed Terminator toy, this playset supplies the fun of creating an outer shell for the toy. Akin to the Creepy Crawlies playset of days past, the availability to play with substances is a great draw.

Unfortunately, like many other toys of the Terminator series, there is little horror present in the toy itself. While this figure is a fun project, it does not compare to the horror of a terminator who storms in with a shotgun.

#8 Hot Toys Ed-209 1:6 Scale Figure from Robocop

Are you looking for excess in your Horror toy collection? Welcome to the Hot Toys Ed-209. An amazingly detailed and articulated figure at a 1:6 scale. What more can a Robocop fan ask for? How about the addition of voice clips from the movie? The Ed-209 comes equipped with those as well. This figure is worthy of awe.

While Hot Toys’ figure sounds like a dream come true, it does come with significant downfalls that prevent it from ranking higher. Buyers of this figure must prepare to pay a high price to obtain it. Moreover, there are questions concerning the durability of the dome on the figure.

#7 Mezco Toyz Dawn of the Dead Boxed Set

No one can deny that George A. Romero created a horror classic with Dawn of the Dead. Despite the fame that this movie has gained, few toys have captured the horrific zombies of the film. With so little competition, Mezco Toyz easily snagged a spot on the list with their offering. These clothed figures sport excellent articulation. So, fans may easily create the scene of their dreams.

On the other hand, this detailed set comes at quite a price. Not only is the entry fee for buying these figures quite high, but the potential for loss of quality over time. Since these toys sport actual clothes, there is a substantial risk of fade and deterioration.

#6 Trick or Treat Studios Good Guys Doll from Child’s Play 2

When you have a review that questions whether the doll suffers from demonic possession, you know you have a successful horror toy. This toy aims to be a reproduction of the prop from the movie Child’s Play 2, and it succeeds. It has an uneasy feeling that sets it apart from the other Chucky dolls on the market.

Despite the screen accuracy of this toy, the clothed aspect is disconcerting. In general, clothing will inevitably have issues with deterioration or fading. As such, collectors must be prepared to deal with such issues in the future.

#5 Neca’s Reel Toys Chatterer from Hellraiser

Neca's Reel Toys Chatterer from Hellraiser

While searching for a toy from the Hellraiser series, this figure jumped out and demanded attention. Unlike the more popular Pinhead, the design presented in the Chatterer feels much more inhuman and twisted. Thus, it earned a place on this list.

The 2003 version of this figure that Neca released to the public has a special visceral quality that is the more recent release has lost. The sculpt and detail present in this figure outshined with its attention to detail. Thanks to this detail, the toy has an uneasy quality that elevates the sense of horror. No horror figure should resemble a simple human in make-up.

#4 Max Factory’s Figma Sp-124 Warrior Bug from Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars

Tackling one of the most abstract movie monster designs, Max Factory knocked it out of the park with their Warrior Bug figure. While Starship troopers garnered a cult following with its satirical take on warfare, one cannot deny the horror inherent in the bugs. They rend apart flesh as if it were little more than melted butter. Meanwhile, their claws skewer with little effort, which creates memorable moments in the films.

Figma figures are well known for their detail and possibility. While they are most known for concentrating on anime, this author is more than happy that they ventured into the realm of film. This figure proves that the world needs more Starship Trooper out there.

#3 Neca’s City Demon from Predator 2

A single picture cannot accurately capture the sheer enjoyment of owning this figure. This toy harkens back to a scene from the Predator 2 movie, where the Predator unveils while walking through puddles on the street. To recreate the scene, Neca employed plastic that shifts between opacity levels. To accentuate this feature, Neca included flashing lights that activate with the change of lighting upon opening the packaging.

Arguably, the charm of this figure vanishes upon removing it from the packaging. As such, the best display method for this toy is within the box.

#2 Neca’s Alien Queen from ALIENS

The ALIEN Queen stands tall over the competition in multiple ways. Neca created possibly the most definitive version of the Xenomorph Queen in 2017, testified by the successful rereleases of two variant colors. ALIEN fans will have next to no restriction to the number of scenes they can create thanks to the possibility of this figure. Since this is of the favorite pieces in this author’s collection, it easily gains one of the top positions on the list.

Unfortunately, flaws are present that prevent this figure from reaching the top position. To make the figure movie-accurate, the feet are small while the figure itself is top-heavy. So, collectors may find difficulty posing the figure without the included stand. Even with the stand, there are limits to the dynamics of poses. Also, the back fins come packaged separately within the package. So, there is a high chance that collectors will experience difficulties while attaching them to the figure.

#1 Kenner’s 18” Big Chap from ALIEN

Kenner's 18" Big Chap from ALIEN

Size is not everything, but in this case, size does create quite the impact. Kenner created a phenomenal figure back in 1979 with this 18” toy. This is one of the first toys based on an R-Rated horror movie, which produced many waves of controversy, some of which are still present today. As such, the toy has a legacy that other toys on the list cannot match.

Despite any feeling on whether R-Rated movies deserve toys, this toy easily contends with modern molds of the Xenomorph. Kenner did not shy away from supplying detail when crafting this figure. The dome shining on the top of this creature’s head overshadows all articulation limitations.

Also, this author may have a bias for ALIEN.

Did your favorite toy that was based on a horror movie make it to this list? Do you think that the ALIEN bias is unworthy? Leave your comments and share your favorite horror movie toys.

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4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Toys Based on Horror Movies

  1. I enjoyed your list of horror film toys. Some I remember from when they first came out, others I don’t.

    1. I’ve seen most of the films that these various toys are based on. However, I did not see these films when they first debuted.

  2. It’s really great that they have such a wide array of collectibles! I really love Predators and Aliens when it comes to the horror genre! I already have a good collection! Even comics! It’s just how they were really conceptualized! They’re really well made villains and the jump scare they give in the movies is really awesome!

  3. That Predator 2 action figure is a must-have for me! I’m a huge Predator fan and I have their horror movie action figures! I’m trying to start a collection of Aliens and Predators action figures and so far I already have at least 10 of them and I want to add more. I just got home and I have the Falconer Predator! This Predator 2 looks so great!

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