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The Top Ten Characters from Gargoyles, The Hit Disney Afternoon Cartoon

In 1994, Disney took risks when they introduced the world to their new, darker cartoon series, Gargoyles, to the Disney Afternoon. Before this cartoon, Disney kept their cartoons to a light tone, friendly to all ages. While Gargoyles is not the darkest and most adult-themed cartoon that modern viewers can find, it helped changed the […]

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The Top Ten Kenner’s Gargoyles Toys from the Disney Afternoon Cartoon

Even before Gargoyles debuted on the Disney Afternoon programming block, Greg Weisman, the main creator of Gargoyles, and Kenner began talks for a new toy line. Both saw the potential for a successful series of toys from the concepts of the series. However, Kenner expressed concerns about the lack of vehicles present in the cartoon […]

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Retrospective on Gargoyles: Disney’s Defenders of the Night

Beginning in 1990, Disney gave their cartoons a home on network television with the Disney Afternoon, a two-hour block dedicated to their cartoon series. Originally, the Disney afternoon featured the first cartoons that Disney successfully created for television, including Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers and DuckTales. With the addition of new hit cartoons like Darkwing […]

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The Top Ten Toys from Hot Wheels’ Incredible Crash Dummies Toy Line

After Mattel acquired Tyco in 1998, they also absorbed all of Tyco’s brands. Thus, the Incredible Crash Dummies became a part of Mattel’s catalog. However, they did not rush out to create a new toy line for the crash dummies. Not only did the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration end their PSA campaign around that […]

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The Top Ten Incredible Crash Dummies Toys

In 1991, Tyco joined forces with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to turn their successful PSA campaign into the Incredible Crash Dummies toys. Beginning in 1985, the NHTSA began running PSAs to encourage people to buckle up while riding in cars. These PSAs starred two crash test dummies, Vince and Larry. They also featured […]

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The 10 Most Unusual Monsters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Beyond the colorful spandex sets that the Rangers wore, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made waves with its set of quirky and unusual monsters. In the first three seasons, either Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd, or both, summoned these creatures into battle. However, on a few rare exceptions, their minions released these beasts. Each of […]

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