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Ten Most Expensive Transformers Toys

Throughout the 70s and early 80s, American and Japanese toy companies pushed forward universes filled with robots. While most robots were vehicles for humans to ride in during this era, some were presented as sentient beings. However, a world of form-changing robots that both functioned as vehicles and battle machines was on the horizon. The […]

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When Were the Original Stretch Armstrong Action Figures Made?

If you are a vintage toy enthusiast, you have undoubtedly encountered the legendary Stretch Armstrong action figure. Released in 1976 by the renowned toy manufacturer Kenner, this iconic toy has captured the hearts of collectors and children alike for decades. The original Stretch Armstrong action figures have an exciting and detailed history. The Original Stretch […]

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When Were the Original Stompers Model Cars Made?

In vintage toy history, few lines encapsulate the thrill of off-road adventure like Stompers. These action figures were mini engineering marvels. Manufactured by Schaper Toys, the original Stompers model cars were the first genuinely 4-wheel drive, battery-powered, electric toys. The Original Stompers Model Cars Stompers were battery-powered toy cars that ran on a single AA […]

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When Were the Original Steel Monsters Action Figures Made?

Amid the vast space of vintage toy collectibles, the original Steel Monsters action figures stand apart as timeless classics. Their birth in the mid-1980s saw the launch of a unique, Mad Max-inspired line of toys that captured the imagination of children and collectors alike. The Original Steel Monsters Action Figures Manufactured by Tonka, the original […]

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