Biker Mice from Mars Retrospective

Biker Mice from Mars Retrospective

Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo are the stars from this superhero story of three motorcycle riding mice from Mars. This action-packed animated series, Biker Mice from Mars, first premiered in September 1993. The series showcases these mice as they tackle many endeavors from Mars to Earth and back to Mars. Although this first series only aired for three years, this was only the beginning for these three biker mice. Since it’s starting in 1993, the story continues in another animated series (2006-2007), a Marvel comics series (1993), a variety of toys (1993-1996), and video games (one in 1994 and one in 2006). Follow along as we take a journey through the years of the beloved storyline through this Biker Mice From Mars Retrospective.

Join us on a Retrospective of the Biker Mice from Mars

Join us as we take a journey through the history of these three famous motorcycle-riding mice. First, we will be highlighting the animated series, comics, video games, and toys. Additionally, we will address The Biker Mice from Mars‘ exciting plans for the near future.

Biker Mice from Mars 1993 Animated Series

This Biker Mice From Mars Retrospective begins with Rick Ungar who created the action-packed animated series, Biker Mice from Mars, which premiered mid September of 1993. The series consisted of three seasons of 65 episodes, later ending in February of 1996.

The story begins with the mice living a lifestyle on Mars a lot like ours on Earth with pop culture and biker culture taking a main seat. These mice unfortunately have their planet destroyed when the alien Plutarkians arrive on Mars. Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo, however, make a break for it. Vinnie’s hopes of action quickly get answered when their ship gets shot down by the Plutarkians. This lands the mice in a stadium resembling Wrigley Field on Earth, in Chicago. As they make their way through the streets, they realize it’s resemblance to their home planet. However, they are certainly not alone as they encounter the no-good Catalonians. The mice and the Catalonians are constantly seeking for the Regenerator, the best prize in the universe. This can create anything upon request! Yet, they have to keep fighting with each other to get it back from Ronaldo Rump.

During the same year of it’s premier, the release of the three part comics series published by Marvel came out as well.

Biker Mice from Mars Comics

Biker Mice from Mars 1993 comic book
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Published by Marvel, this comic series consisted of 3 issues in one volume. These three comics corresponded to the first episode of season one- “Rock ‘n’ Ride”. The first issue, released in November of 1993, is titled “Biker Mice from Mars“. The second, released in December the same year, is titled “The Secret Origin“. Lastly, the third and final comic was released in January of 1994, titled , “The X-Terminator Vs The Biker Mice from Mars“. Although these 3 comics are incredibly similar to the original animated series, there are still some minor differences. These three comics’ very detailed covers with bold, eye catching colors are sure to entice you to the action-packed story line.

Biker Mice from Mars 1994 Video Game

In 1994, Konami made the Super Nintendo Entertainment System racing game based on the animated series. The player gets to choose from three different game modes. The first of these is the practice mode. Here, the player gets to train their character’s skills for the other two game modes. The second, is the battle race. The objective of this game mode is to battle and destroy other racer’s vehicles. The last game mode is the main race. The goal of this game mode is to race against other characters to make it to the finish line first.

Biker Mice from Mars 1994 video game
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To play the game, the player chooses one of six popular characters from the series. These characters all have different advantages as well. Of these there is: Throttle with the most balance, Vinnie with the firmest grip, Modo with the strongest attack, Greasepit with the fastest speed, Lawrence Limburger with the fastest acceleration, and Dr. Karbunkle with the longest jump. These six also hold special abilities, specific to each character, to enhance performance during a race. Since each character has a different set of advantageous, each race is a little bit different.

Biker Mice from Mars Toys and Figures

Shortly after the release of the 1993 series, Galoob partnered up with Marvel to bring the motorcycle-riding mice to life as action figures. The Biker Mice Rrom Mars Retrospective continues with the first series of toys which was released in 1993 and featured the popular heroic mice: Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo. These action figures are intricately designed, each with a customizable bike. The success of this first set launched an extended line that featured more characters and villains, a variety of bikes, as well as playsets resembling the popular scenes from the series.

Biker Mice from Mars Modo action figure

In 1994, Galoob released more vehicles and playsets along with the Freedom Fighters figures and Freedom Fighters bikes. The Freedom Fighters figures included Commando Modo, Rad Rebel Vinnie, Tail-Whippin’ Throttle, Napoleon Brie, and Rimfire.

In 1995, the Biker knight action figures were released. Included in this set is: Armatron Modo, Totalizer Throttle, and Invinvible Vinnie. The mice trio looks extra fierce in their shiny gold armor shown throughout this set. Also in 1995, Galoob released the first three figures in the Astro Bro’s set. The enhanced names in this set are: Meteor-Bashin’ Throttle, Planet-Hoppin’ Modo, and Star-Blastin’ Vinnie. Although most characters came out in the first release in 1993, there was one character released later in 1995: Four-By.

Lastly, in 1996, Galoob released the Astro Boy’s bikes as well as the fourth figure in the same set: Sky-Skimmin’ Rimfire. The bikes in this set are powerful looking with shiny details, perfect for the heroic mice.

Biker Mice from Mars 2006 Animated Series

Ten years after the final episode aired, Rick Ungar and Tom Tataranowicz created a continuation of the story in 2006 starring the three mice heroes, Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo. The series consisted of one season containing 28 episodes. This series first aired in the UK on Toonattik on GMTV (now known as CITV) in 2006. With production problems at the Philippines studio, the series was later finalized in 2007. This led to it’s later air in the US on FOX in 2008 on the 4kidsTV block. Then, two years later, on April 2, the series re-aired in the UK by CSC media group on the Kix channel. The series also had an eight disc DVD release, starting with the first two episodes titled: The Adventure Begins. Throughout Europe, this eight disc collection was released in multiple languages.

Biker Mice from Mars 2006 animated series
Ref. Found on, all rights are reserved to the original illustrator and designer.

Taking place a few years after the events of the original series came to a close, the plot picks up again in episode one. In this series, the evil Catalonians obtain the Regenerator and then destroy it. This leaves the Biker Mice to quickly flee to Earth (this time intentionally) to build a new one.

Biker Mice from Mars 2006 Video Game

Shortly after the release of the 2006 series, The Game Factory published the video game, Biker mice from Mars, suited for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS. This is a single-player racing game that mostly takes place on a motorcycle. The player gets to choose their character as one of the three title mice: Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo. Like the 1994 video game, this version also has different attributes for each character.

Throughout the race, the player gets to aim for powerups to earn extra health, missiles, and other weapons. The player also has to dodge mines and other obstacles on the road throughout the race. The player can use their weapons during the race to blow up things which will release bouncy gold coins. These coins can be used to give your bike and stats an upgrade in between missions. Along with the racing mode, the “brawl” mode allows the player to fight off bad guys. The goal is to complete all objectives and then move on to the next mission to progress.

The Biker Mice from Mars Return 2024

Yes, you heard that correctly, these popular mice are making a comeback! This Biker Mice From Mars Retrospective continues with some exciting news. Oni Press partnered up with Nacelle and Maximum Effort to release the next chapter of the Nacelleverse in a new comic book series, Biker Mice from Mars #1, on July 17, 2024. Written by Melissa Flores and illustrated by Eisner-Award nominated artist Frances Portela, an all new adventure for our three classic heroes is sure to be a sensation to both long term fans and new fans.

Nacelleverse is also developing a new RoboForce series, executive produced by Dwayne Johnson, Brian Gewirtz, Danny Garcia, Hiram Garcia, and Seven Bucks Productions. Along with this, a Biker Mice from Mars series, produced by Ryan Reynolds and his company Maximum Effort, will also be hitting screens in the near future on the Maximum Effort Channel. Nacelle is a scripted and unscripted production, podcasting, records, publishing, management toys, distribution, development, and consumer product agency. This company, founded by Brian Volk-Weiss, also developed a new set of toys in partnership with Ryan Reynolds.

Biker Mice from Mars 2024 action figures
Ref. Found on, all rights are reserved to 2024 Nacelle consumer products. Shown for education and entertainment purposes.

Of these new toys, a new wave of updated action figures can be pre-ordered! The first wave of figures features Throttle, Vinnie and Modo. With 22 points of articulation and unique accessories for each character, these figures are fully posable for action-packed play. Each figure comes in a collector’s box with two interchangeable heads, two sets of interchangeable hands, a blaster, and a hotdog. Along with this are their unique weapon accessories. Throttle has a Sprocket Launcher and 3 sprockets, Modo has a Rocket Gun, and Vinnie has a Grip Claw and a Crowbar. To add to this, each figure is masterfully painted with bold colors corresponding to the specific characters.

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