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The Ten Most Expensive LEGO Toys and Collectibles

For over 90 years, LEGO has manufactured quality toys that entertain both children and adults. While they initially crafted typical wooden toys, their business exploded after they introduced the LEGO building brick. The company designed these plastic bricks to link together so that they could build nearly everything securely. The ambitions of the builds expanded […]

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A Look Back at the Spider-Man Movies

After decades of reigning as one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes, Spider-Man successfully transitioned to many media, including movies, cartoons, and many others. His latest films have been runaway successes, with No Way Home selling the most pre-order tickets seen since Endgame. However, this character had much humbler beginnings. As Marvel was finishing off its […]

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10 Comic Villains That Gave Up Their Lives of Crime to Become Heroes

The battle between good and evil simply defines the comic book world. The dominant thought of fans of comics was whether a character stood for the heroic figures that simply protected a certain universe or the threats against the universe itself. Undoubtedly, a host of characters switched from heroes to villains, probably because some superior […]

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