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The Top 10 Toys Based on Marvel Comics

Comics are never void of superheroes. Their interesting storylines and attractive colors make it a fantastic way of imparting the reading culture. The level of creativity in comics massively increased with the rise of new companies and writers. Martin Goodman founded Marvel Comics, formerly Timely Comic, in 1939. It was not until 1961 before the […]

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The 10 Best Comic Book Heroes of All Time

Comic heroes are not only superhumans that can fight or fly. They are also comic characters created with kindness in their heart. Heroes have the willingness to do good and an insatiable hunger to see justice served. They will stand up against evil and fight the good fight for the less privileged. Comics are usually […]

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The 10 Greatest Comic Book Villains of All Time

Comic book villains have always been as important as heroes. Their acts and roles do not make it an easy feat to like them or understand them. But their major purpose is to bring out the best in our favorite superheroes, and they do that job perfectly. Without these supervillains, there would be no one […]

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The 10 Greatest Comic Book Series of All Time

No literary media engages more with its audience than comic books. Its unique visual format encourages young learners to improve their reading abilities and lengthen their attention span. Research published by Professor Dale Jacobs of the University of Windsor observed that comics in the classrooms could help students develop as critical and engaged readers of […]

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