10 Comic Villains That Gave Up Their Lives of Crime to Become Heroes

10 Comic Villains That Gave Up Their Lives of Crime to Become Heroes

The battle between good and evil simply defines the comic book world. The dominant thought of fans of comics was whether a character stood for the heroic figures that simply protected a certain universe or the threats against the universe itself.

Undoubtedly, a host of characters switched from heroes to villains, probably because some superior or supernatural force controlled their actions or because they reveled in their ambitions and made terrible decisions. Whichever way it turned out, it appeared switching sides was a core part of comics.

A host of characters ceased to be villains and joined the heroes. Perhaps because they got a better understanding of their adversaries’ goals, tightly bonded coincidentally with some heroes, or the heroes saved them during some crucial times.

Here is a list of some characters who switched from villains to heroes.

10.   Scarlet Witch

Marvel's Scarlet Witch

No comic book character switched sides as much as the scarlet witch. Magneto raised the scarlet witch and her twin brother, who they later discovered was their father. Magneto did not hide his disdain for humans, and similarly raised both Scarlet witch and Quicksilver to despise humanity.

For a moment, things changed, and the two soon joined the avengers. But after discovering the news about her children and the wiped memory of their existence, the Scarlet witch, who has a supernatural power to alter reality, went rogue again. She almost wiped off the memories of mutants and made a lot of them lost their power, except for just a hundred.

However, the Scarlet witch showed how relevant she could be when she sacrificed fighting her boyfriend Vision for the sake of the group. She also saved the Wakandans from destruction by their enemies’ approaching warships uniquely. She showed her significance again in fighting Ultron and was always instrumental to the victories of the avengers.

9.  Magneto

Marvel's Magneto

The X-men’s greatest adversary who nurtured the dream of seeing mutants become the dominating people on earth was one of the biggest stories of redemption in comic books. Few would have agreed that the powerful magnetic king would one day become the brain behind the X-men.

Although Magneto never really had an issue with Professor Xavier, the two men differed in approaches and philosophies. Magneto was more aggressive and confrontational following his early exposure to the cruelty of humans. Despite his long-held resentment, the two men gradually started finding common ground. Following an attack on Professor Xavier, he requested the help of Magneto to lead his team in his absence. Magneto did not reject the offer, and he was one of the best leaders of the X-men. He was not new to teaching new mutants because of his history of teaching his radical ideas. Magneto kept the conservative approach of Professor X and led the team well during his time, although trust was an issue among the team.

8. Sandman

Marvel's Sandman

Hunted by his terrible childhood experience, the Sandman was not a character that many would like to accept his heroic status. He has fought a lot of superheroes, including his memorable experience with Spiderman that made him a familiar foe to superheroes. 

Sandman was also involved against the fantastic four and the Hulk. Remarkably, he was a member of the highly notorious sinister six — a group of marvel comics supervillains.

The Sandman later declined to fight against heroes and joined The Outlaws. Although he was not an active member of the avengers, Captain American mentioned him as a member of the reserve team alongside Rage. Sandman did not have any likable features, as do other heroes, but he was a character that switched from being a frustrating villain to a hero.

7.  Doctor Octopus

Marvel's Doctor Octopus

The master planner who gathered the sinister six was the main supervillain of Peter Parker. Regularly exposing the young spider man’s emotional weakness, Dr oct was a highly intelligent physicist who Parker adored.

As do most of the characters on this list, Dr. Oct transformed from being a villain to a hero, but that did not come easy.

In The Amazing Spiderman, Dr. Oct was dying and soon projected his mind into the Spiderman. Rather than show what he is known for and try out different scientific adventures with his new body, Dr. Oct decided to support the Superhero’s new standard. Although he did not have the moral strength to keep the heroic status, he was still highly arrogant and produced a high sense of humor with his characterization.

For a moment, you would argue that Dr. Oct was the amazing Superman.

6. Rogue

Marvel's Rogue

Rogue was a unique lady with a special ability to draw powers from other mutants. The lack of control over her powers was a constant source of fear for her, and it soon exposed her to the evil mutants group led by the powerful Magneto. Rather than living for her own, the brotherhood indoctrinated Rogue with the practices of the group whose aim was to dominate the earth and replace the humans. 

Along the line, the search for answers and her identity led Rogue to Professor Xavier, who was also a highly intelligent scientist. Professor X soon developed his reasons to be optimistic about Rogue. Despite severe pessimism from other members of the group, Professor X brought her into the X-men group.

5. Galactus

Marvel's Galactus

If this were about ranking the most destructive villains in comics, Galactus would be wrestling for the top spot for such an honor. He was an aggressive beast that derived pleasure in destroying planets. A serious for against the fantastic four, Galactus, though, tries to justify his actions by claiming he has done so much to protect the earth. However, Galactus became mild and even looked to restore the places he destroyed. His time with The Ultimates left a positive impression on the character and transformed him into an admirable hero.

4. Thanos

Marvel's Thanos

The nightmare supervillain of the comic world was the least you will expect to change roles. Although you could argue his intent was not to become a superhero or take sides with the good guys, Thanos only listened to his instincts. The powerful villain faces several superheroes, including the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and others.

The thoughts that dominated Thanos’s mind were to please the mistress Death, for whom he organizes a special army of villains. Thanos was an incredibly unique and powerful villain. Despite his violent nature, Thanos surprisingly turned against Annihilus and had a short partnership with Silver Surfer to save the planet. The fiery-looking beast was also instrumental in conquering Magus as he joined forces with the superheroes. Whatever role Thanos played, he was just as good as a hero as he was when he was trying to prove his strange love for death.

3.  Loki

Marvel's Loki

Loki was the brain behind a team of characters with supernatural abilities, the avengers. Although his motives are always in the interest of himself and defeating his enemies, Loki was strategic, and he was a villain that regularly switched sides. He is the supervillain whose strengths made the avengers coming together possible.

As a brother to Thor, Loki was occasionally playing a good character by helping Thor with his many battles. While his manipulative and deceitful acts to become the leader of Asgard and the king of the dark world accompanied his temporary heroic deeds, Loki assembled a team of amazing fighters to achieve his aim.

He brought together Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and some other heroes to fight off some dangerous emerging supervillains. However, those actions were to achieve his selfish interest. Loki was one of the most manipulative characters of the comic world, but for all his heroic deeds in saving Thor and so many other heroes, Loki earns a place among those villains who switched sides to become heroes.

2. Plastic man

DCs PLastic Man

Patrick O’Brien was an orphan who resolved into stealing as a means of survival. The uniqueness of the plastic man was his sense of humor which went with his actions. The plastic man was never a supervillain in the sense of destroying the universe or killing many people, but his early profession makes him one.

A job at the Crawford Chemical Works did not go as expected, and he was shot in the shoulder. The bullet’s effect was as serious as the fact that he fell into a drum of acid.

Abandoned by his colleagues, a monk took him in and treated his injuries, and it was that act of generosity that redefined the plastic man. He later became a member of the justice league and dedicated his life to fighting crimes.

1.  Lex Luthor

DC's Lex Luthor

Lex was a nemesis to Superman. He was the hero’s greatest adversary in his series. Lex never got tired of ensuring the world was void of superheroes like Superman, who, according to his views, make the world ignore the contributions of ordinary men. With several scientific contributions, lex was ceaselessly looking for a way to stop the strongest Superhero.

However, things took a new turn after the death of Superman. Lex becomes the newest member of the justice league despite his history of nefarious activities. His emergence as a member of the league must be the most shocking turning point in the comic world.

In Conclusion

These villains who changed their ways, even if only for a fleeting time, proved that even villains are complex beings with more than just evil in their hearts. Their stories display that redemption is possible if these lost souls decide to make the attempt.

Still, not all the villains who joined the superheroes were convinced about their activities. It was only a platform for some to enjoy the fame and the recognition associated with the title of being a superhero.

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