The Ten Most Expensive Toys Created by Mego

Mego entered the market in 1954, with D. David Abrams and Madeline Abrams at the helm. In its early years, the company focused on creating affordable toys for discount dime stores. However, they eventually hit their stride once they began creating 8” scale licensed toys for comics and television shows.

By the 1970s, Mego had made a splash by creating some of the greatest comic book toys, the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes which featured characters from both DC and Marvel. The popularity of this action figure line set the standard for the industry for years to come. This was especially true in Mego, who continued to create 8” scale toys with changeable cloth outfits.

Mego continued to experience success as they introduced even more licensed properties, like Planet of the Apes and Star Trek. They also created 8” action figures for hit television shows like Six Million Dollar Man. They also produced one-off action figure toy lines like the Greatest American Hero.

However, Mego’s success hit a major road bump after they passed on the option to create toys for a new Science Fiction movie, Star Wars. Instead, Mego introduced the Micronauts to the market. This marked the end of their descent. Even though Mego continued to produce imaginative new toy lines, like Eagle Force, Mego eventually succumbed to its financial pressures and closed its doors in 1983.

Presenting the ten most expensive toys created by Mego that sold on online auction sites

Even though Mego did not survive past the 1980s, many comic book and pop culture fans grew up with their toys. Thus, many of Mego’s toy lines have become some of the most sought-after collectibles on the market. Moreover, comic book fans especially appreciate Mego’s toy lines for their detailed 8” action figures. Thus, many of Mego’s toys sell for thousands of dollars.

Beyond the secondary market, Mego’s popularity is felt. For, multiple companies have revived and paid tribute to their toys. Some companies have re-released popular, yet failed Mego toy lines like the Eagle Force. There have also been special edition re-releases of Mego’s superhero toys.

With all of this in mind, Mego’s top ten most expensive selling toys found on online auction sites are fascinating. So, join us as we explore and discover which singular action figure has sold for the highest price in the last decade.

10. World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Aquaman (1973) on Kresge Card

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes! Aquaman

In 1941, Aquaman made his first appearance in National Allied Publication’s More Fun Comics #73. Over the decades, he became one of DC’s most important superheroes, helping to protect the seas and the rest of the planet. His real identity was Arthur Curry, the son of a human undersea explorer and the Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis. Despite his unusual parentage, Aquaman found himself at home with his people in Atlantis. His heroic acts helped cement him as the King of Atlantis.

Aside from being a proficient swimmer and able to survive in Atlantis’s marine environment, Aquaman had many more skills. His heritage granted him super strength and other superhuman physical abilities. He also is well-known by even casual fans for his ability to communicate with marine biology.

Despite his royal heritage, Aquaman never had an easy time proving himself as the leader of Atlantis. He often found himself at odds with his evil half-brother Orm Marius, who proclaimed himself the Ocean Master. One of his other staple foes was the Black Mantis.

One of these toys appeared on an online auction site in 2006. It was on the a-typical, slimmer Kresge Cards instead of Mego’s typical card backs. Unlike typical Mego card backs, the Kresge Cards were slimmer, measuring 6” by 12”. It eventually sold for $7,392.00 on June 29, 2006.

9. World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Batman (1973) on Kresge Card

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes! Batman

One of DC’s best-known superheroes has no powers at all, Batman. The Dark Knight has been renowned as the world’s greatest detective, especially since he originated from Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Beyond being a brilliant detective, Batman had the benefit of being a billionaire, Bruce Wayne, who could afford to boost his arsenal with top-of-the-line technology. He also trained his body to become one of the greatest martial artists around. Thus, Batman could stand toe-to-toe with the greatest forces in the universe, like Darkseid and Superman.

While Batman began his career as a dark hero, he was drastically toned down by the 1970s. This shift was cemented by the ongoing popularity of Adam West’s take on the character in the 1966 television series. There, he wore a light grey suit and a dark blue cape and cowl, the same as the style that Mego used for their toys. His show had a light-hearted take on superhero action. Moreover, the 1966 movie also starring Adam West and Burt Ward presented comical gadgets like Bat-Shark Repellent.

Even though the television series had ended in the prior decade, reruns helped maintain the show’s popularity. Moreover, it was the most child-friendly and toyetic take on the character at the time. Thus, Mego based their World’s Greatest Heroes Batman on Adam West’s likeness.

With the popularity of Batman never waning, his collectibles attract a crowd. Thus, there is no surprise that Mego’s take on Batman fetched a high sales price. When it popped up on eBay on a Kresge Card, it eventually sold for $8,000.00 on October 05, 2016.

8. World’s Greatest Super-Heroes The Lizard (1975)

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes! The Lizard

When Spider-Man swung onto the scene in Amazing Fantasy #15, he quickly became one of Stan Lee’s and Steve Ditko’s most popular creations. So, he quickly became the star of his comic book line. As the web swinger set out to protect New York, multiple enemies challenged him. Though some enemies were more victims than malevolent masterminds.

That was the case for The Lizard. Dr. Curt Connors had lost his right arm serving in the U.S. Military. As he mastered genetics, he became obsessed with transferring the ability to regenerate limbs from lizards to humans. When he did not get the proper support for his experiments, he decided to use his serum on himself. While he successfully regenerated his arm, he began a full metamorphosis into a savage reptilian creature.

Dr. Connors never meant to harm anyone. However, his transformation removed his normally demure and kind demeanor. Instead, he began to strike out at obstacles and create plans to transform the entire city into creatures like him. Fortunately, Spider-Man also had a brilliant scientific mind and concocted an antidote to help restore Connor’s humanity.

As one of Spider-Man’s earliest villains, appearing in issue #6, The Lizard became a staple part of Spider-Man’s rogue gallery. Likewise, when Mego created Spider-Man toys, they also added The Lizard to their World Greatest Super-Heroes toy line.

One of these action figures popped up on eBay where it sold for $9,995.00 on November 14, 2016.

7. World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Robin The Boy Wonder (1974) on Kresge Card

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes! Robin

By Detective Comics #38, Batman had become one of DC’s staple heroes. However, he needed more than additional villains to take down. DC instead knew that every great hero needed an equally great and memorable sidekick. With that in mind, they introduced Dick Grayson as Robin, the Boy Wonder.

Like Batman, Dick Grayson had tragically lost his family at a young age. The Flying Graysons had become the victims of one of Gotham’s gangsters, Boss Zucco. Seeing a kindred soul, Bruce Wayne decided to take Dick into his wing. He quickly realized that the boy needed an outlet and trained him to fight crime.

Over the years, there have been multiple Robins. However, Dick Grayson was the only Robin that audiences and comic book readers knew in the 1970s. Like Batman, Mego used Burt Ward’s likeness to design the action figure for the World’s Greatest Super-Heroes toy line. Moreover, the action figure had a removable mask.

A copy of Mego’s Robin action figures on a Kresge Card popped up on an online auction site in 2006. It wound up selling for $12,196.80 on June 29, 2006.

6. Star Trek Aliens The Romulan (1976) with AFA 85 NM+ grade

Mego Star Trek Aliens The Romulan

Gene Roddenberry introduced tv watching audiences to his vision of a future without the need for money or war. Star Trek began airing on television in 1966, presenting one of the most diverse casts that audiences had seen to date. As the crew explored the new frontier, space, they explored various political and philosophical issues. Thus, many societies on the alien planets mirrored Earth’s past cultures and people.

However, there were some distinct alien species that the crew dealt with. One of them was the Romulans, who had not been seen for by humans until the Enterprise spied in on them in the 23rd century. With the knowledge of what they looked like, the crew learned that the Romulans were the distant cousins to their allies, the Vulcans. Unlike the logical, peace-loving Vulcans, the Romulan society revolved around their empire’s military.

Even though Star Trek had been off the air since 1969, reruns had renewed interest in the show. Thus, an animated series began to air from 1973 until 1974. This made it a ripe property for Mego to add to their catalog. This featured most of the crew members in addition to multiple alien races. Aside from the Romulans, there were Klingons, Gorn, Andorians, and many other alien species.

One of these toys sold on an online auction for $12,980.00 on November 03, 2021. Its high price is partially attributed to its high grade from the AFA, and 85 NM+ with C80, B85, and F85.

5. Greatest American Hero Prototype (1981)

Mego The Greatest American Hero Ralph

One of the most unusual toy lines from Mego created a small toy line for the Greatest American Hero in 1982. This line was one of the final toys that Mego created before they shut down. So, few had the chance to pick up the only toy that made it to market, the Bug vehicle that came with 2 accompanying small action figures.

Ralph Hinkley had become a superhero when he was granted a super suit from extraterrestrials. These same beings instructed him to team up with an FBI Special Agent, Bill Maxwell. Ralph’s suit gave him special powers including invulnerability, invisibility, telekinesis, super speed, and many more. However, he lacked the knowledge to control the suit, leading him to discover most of his powers by accident. Still, he successfully fought off crime and protected America with these new powers.

The Greatest American Hero television series ran from 1981 until 1983. While it never reached the popularity of shows like Knight Rider, it still had enough of a following to last three seasons. Likewise, the rarity of these toys has made them treasured collectibles to the right buyers.

While only one toy made it to market, Mego had planned to release 8” action figures of Ralph and Pam from the series. These toys were actively worked on and made it through to the color prototype phase. Thus, some lucky fans have had the chance to purchase the prototype toys with their prototype packaging.

One of these prototype Greatest American Hero toys popped up on eBay where it sold for $14,500.00 on March 09, 2018. It was accompanied by the planned Mego card back for the line.

4. World’s Greatest Super-Heroes The Invincible Iron Man (1975)

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes! The Invincible Iron Man

Where DC had a millionaire turned Superhero with Batman, Marvel introduced Tony Stark, the former rich weapons designer, who became Iron Man. Tony Stark’s turn toward heroism occurred after he barely survived an explosion that left shrapnel in his chest, nearly impaling his heart. To help him survive, he engineered a special suit that sustained his life and helped him fight against tyranny and terrorism.

Iron Man made his heroic debut in Tales of Suspense #39, which came out in 1963. Soon after, he became one of the founding members of the Avengers, which debuted in September 1963. As the years passed, Iron Man developed more sophisticated, form-fitting suits. His more advanced suits also became the iconic red and gold design.

As a founding member of the Avengers, Iron Man was an excellent choice of character for Mego to include in their World’s Greatest Super-Heroes toy line. However, he was far from as popular as he is today. Hence, he was not the best-selling figure from the line. His run in the line was also cut short in comparison to most other toys in the line.

One of these toys popped up on eBay where it sold for $15,000.00 on July 11, 2015.

3. World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Wonder Woman (1977)

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes! Wonder Woman

DC introduced the powerful Amazonian warrior, Wonder Woman, in All Star Comics #8, published in 1941. While she was not the first female superhero introduced to comic books, she was among the first set. Moreover, she easily became one of the most popular and recognized heroes, both male and female, in comic books. Her status was fully cemented as she became a founding member of the Justice League and a member of DC’s trinity.

Most of the public became aware of Wonder Woman and her exploits after Lynda Carter took on the role for the 1975 television series. Moreover, Wonder Woman was often present in episodes of Hanna-Barbera’s Super Friends which ran from 1973 until 1986. So, she was a perfect fit for Mego’s World’s Greatest Heroes toy line.

The 8” Wonder Woman action figure wore her iconic red and gold breastplate with an eagle emblem along with her blue briefs with a white star pattern. The action figure also wore her red boots, bracelets, and golden tiara. The design of her clothing easily fit her design from the comics, television show, and cartoon series. So, fans from all three groups were attracted to the action figure. However, this action figure stood apart from Mego’s Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman action figure.

One of these toys popped up on eBay, where it eventually sold for $20,000.00 on December 07, 2013.

2. Star Trek The Motion Picture U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge (1980) with AFA 85 NM+ grade

Mego Star Trek The Motion Picture U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge

Along with the action figures that Mego created for Star Trek: The Original Series, they produced a few toys for the new Motion Picture which came out in 1979. Unlike their original Star Trek toys, Mego utilized a smaller 3 ¾” scale for the action figures in the 1980 toy line. The change in scale was more cost-efficient for the company and also allowed them to introduce an all-plastic playset for the Motion picture.

Unlike their original Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise playset, players did not need to construct the set out of cardboard. Instead, this set was created completely from molded plastic. It featured multiple consoles and chairs for the action figures to sit down at. Otherwise, there was a sticker that mimicked the viewing screen, so players could imagine the crew facing various threats like the Kingons.

In the series, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was a Constitution-class ship that set out on a five-year mission to explore the galaxy. Even though exploration was its mission, the Enterprise was still outfitted with photon torpedos, shields, and all the tools required for battle. So, the crew could properly defend themselves or the planets from threats.

One of these playsets appeared on eBay, where it sold for $28,000.00 on February 29, 2020.

1. World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Green Goblin (1977) with AFA 80+ NM grade

Mego World's Greatest Super-Heroes! The Green Goblin

Where Batman had the Joker, Spider-Man had the Green Goblin. Originally an ambitious businessman, Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin was born when he accidentally exposed himself to a performance-enhancing formula. While the formula increased Norman’s intelligence and strength, it also drove him criminally insane. Thus, he donned a green goblin suit and became a crime lord, even though he did not need to steal money.

Green Goblin’s status as one of Spider-Man’s greatest foes hit even harder than most villains. Norman Osborn was the father of one of Peter Parker’s best friends, Harry Osborn. So, he was not the average evil-doer but also a moral dilemma for Spider-Man. The Green Goblin’s most memorable act was throwing Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen Stacy, off the George Washington Bridge, leading to her death.

By the time Mego created a Green Goblin action figure, Harry Osborn had taken on the mantle. Unlike his father, he did not become a villain by accident. Instead, he held a grudge against Spider-Man for murdering his father. He fully became the new Green Goblin when he discovered that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

One of Mego’s Green Goblin action figures popped up on an online auction site with an AFA grade of 80+ NM. The grade broke down with a card at 80, a blister at 80, and the figure at 90. When the auction closed on July 27, 2022, it sold for $76,700.00.

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