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The Top Ten She-Ra: Princess of Power Characters

She-Ra: Princess of Power is an action, adventure, Sci-Fi, superhero animated television series created by Filmation as a spin-off of the He-Man and Masters of the Universe media franchise. In She-Ra: Princess of Power, Filmation attempted to create a series for young female children after the success of the He-Man and Masters of the Universe […]

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The Top Ten She-Ra: Princess of Power Toys

Following the success of the Masters of the Universe franchise, the public felt that He-Man was for boys. So, Filmation and Mattel came together to develop a new animated series and toy line that they would simultaneously produce. Unlike the He-Man animated series that debuted after the toy line, they produced this media together without […]

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Retrospective on She-Ra: Princess of Power

Following the public acceptance and commercial success of the He-Man: Masters of the Universe animated television series and its toy lines, Filmation, the production company in charge of He-Man, united with the renowned toy company, Mattel. Thus, they envisioned a female adaptation of the He-Man animated television series and toy line. Both the show and […]

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