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The He-Man and Conan Connection: Exploring the Myths and Reality

Even though Conan first appeared in the 1930s, his popularity honestly blossomed during the 1960s and 1970s, when two publication houses took over the character. First, Lancer Books revived Conan’s adventures, gathering Robert E. Howard’s tales, and finishing his unpublished words. Then, Marvel Comics took the gamble on the character, creating a hit series that […]

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The Top Ten She-Ra: Princess of Power Characters

She-Ra: Princess of Power is an action, adventure, Sci-Fi, superhero animated television series created by Filmation as a spin-off of the He-Man and Masters of the Universe media franchise. In She-Ra: Princess of Power, Filmation attempted to create a series for young female children after the success of the He-Man and Masters of the Universe […]

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The Top Ten She-Ra: Princess of Power Toys

Following the success of the Masters of the Universe franchise, the public felt that He-Man was for boys. So, Filmation and Mattel came together to develop a new animated series and toy line that they would simultaneously produce. Unlike the He-Man animated series that debuted after the toy line, they produced this media together without […]

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Retrospective on She-Ra: Princess of Power

Following the public acceptance and commercial success of the He-Man: Masters of the Universe animated television series and its toy lines, Filmation, the production company in charge of He-Man, united with the renowned toy company, Mattel. Thus, they envisioned a female adaptation of the He-Man animated television series and toy line. Both the show and […]

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The Top Ten Characters from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a sword and sorcery and Sci-Fi based media franchise developed by Mattel. The franchise began with the release of the Masters of the Universe toy lines in 1981 and has since gone on to produce other media such as animated television series, newspaper comic strips, comic book […]

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