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The Top Ten Most Expensive He-Man Toys

Step into a nostalgic realm where childhood memories come to life: the world of vintage He-Man toys. These action figures, released in the 1980s, ignited the imaginations of countless youngsters, becoming an iconic part of pop culture. With their bold colors, muscular physiques, and distinctive accessories, He-Man and his cohorts transported kids to the fantastical […]

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The Ten Most Expensive He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Collectibles

Mattel exited the 1970s defeated, having been blindsided by Kenner’s successful toy line. So, they became determined to create a mega-hit that would place them back at the top. Rather than dealing with a licensed product, Mattel opted to create an original brand that they could fully profit from. Taking advantage of their marketing department, […]

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The He-Man and Conan Connection: Exploring the Myths and Reality

Even though Conan first appeared in the 1930s, his popularity honestly blossomed during the 1960s and 1970s, when two publication houses took over the character. First, Lancer Books revived Conan’s adventures, gathering Robert E. Howard’s tales, and finishing his unpublished words. Then, Marvel Comics took the gamble on the character, creating a hit series that […]

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