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The He-Man and Conan Connection: Exploring the Myths and Reality

Even though Conan first appeared in the 1930s, his popularity honestly blossomed during the 1960s and 1970s, when two publication houses took over the character. First, Lancer Books revived Conan’s adventures, gathering Robert E. Howard’s tales, and finishing his unpublished words. Then, Marvel Comics took the gamble on the character, creating a hit series that […]

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The Top Ten Conan the Barbarian Collectibles and Toys

Decades after Robert E. Howard’s character Conan appeared in pulp magazines, the barbarian began to gain mass appeal. While the original stories gained attention, Conan never found his way to a fully publicized book before Howard’s untimely demise. Still, his legacy remained as the rights to his Conan works shifted hands for decades. Finally, L. […]

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A Look Back on Conan the Barbarian from the Comics to the Movies

When it comes to sword and sorcery tales, none have the legacy to match up to Conan the Barbarian. To many, the first taste of this ferocious fighter came from the film in the 1980s. While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s involvement in the film helped cement its place in film history, the character earned its reputation much […]

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