1985 LJN Toy Fair Catalog 2

1985 LJN Toy Fair Catalog 2

As LJN attended 1985 Toy Fairs across the nation, they handed out this catalog to various dealers, retailers, and vendors. Each of these exclusive catalogs enticed these representatives to stock their shelves with these toy assortments. So, they packed them with all the newest and greatest toys for that year.

Unlike today, LJN could not stream nor easily provide video presentations of their toy lines. So, they filled the pages of this catalog with promotional images of their entire line-up. For many people, these catalogs gave them the first impressions of toy lines like ThunderCats.

Beyond the new ThunderCats toy line, LJN presented hints to toy lines like Voltron. Even though Matchbox created most of the Voltron toys for the era, LJN gained the chance to create a few motorized toys with the license. They also presented the newest vehicles for their hit Rough Riders, motorized 4×4 toy vehicles. Wrestling fans were not left out in this catalog either, for LJN extensively covered their Wrestling Superstars toy line.

Wheeljack’s Lab proudly presents HD scans of the 1985 LJN Toy Fair Catalog featuring ThunderCats, Wrestling Superstars, and more.

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