The Top Ten Shogun Warriors Toys

The Top Ten Shogun Warriors Toys

Mattel presented the western world to the humanoid machines, the Shogun Warriors, when they debuted their toy line towards the end of the 70s. These imported toy lines are based on Japanese anime shows.

The Shogun Warriors toy lines consist of three original sizes. First, there were the three and a half inches die-cast toys. Then, there were the 5 inches also die-cast but more detailed than the 3 and a half. Finally, Mattel also featured the huge 24 inches Shogun Warriors toys. Apart from these three varying sizes of toys, the Shogun Warriors toy line also consists of many vehicles and some box sets that could join to build the giant warrior, Combatra.

The Shogun Warriors action figures could launch some weapons like missiles and some body parts like their fists. However, these attractive features were not popular amongst parents and guardians who lay complaints about the safety of their children.

Like many the toys produced in the 70s, the Shogun Warriors were under intense pressure. However, unlike other toy lines that modify their toys to make the parents happy, Shogun Warriors vanished from the store shelves. This was what marked the end of the very successful toy line.

Presenting ten Shogun Warriors toys ever released on this side of the coast.

10. Daimos Truck (1979)

Daimos Truck (1979)

Mattel produced the Daimos Truck toy in 1979 as part of the Shogun Warriors toy line. The main material that Mattel used to create this action vehicle is die-cast metals. Then, the truck divides into two separate pieces. There is the cab front and the rear part of the truck. The rear part of the truck contains several vacant hidden compartments which could serve as storage space.

The rear parts of the Daimos truck also contain missile launching devices. Several yellow missile projectiles accompany the figure, with a couple of missile launchers placed in strategic positions all over the vehicle. The Daimos truck also contains an open space at the back end of the vehicle. It features two doors that open in opposite directions. Pressing the yellow button on the top of the vehicle release a mechanism that shoots out two smaller cars from this space.

9. Godzilla (1979)

Mattel’s Shogun Warriors: Godzilla (1978)

Mattel released the Godzilla action figure in 1979 as part of the 24 inches figures of the Shogun Warriors action toy lines. The action figure contains some articulation, significantly at both arms, legs, fists, and the tail. The Godzilla action figure contains wheels on the feet to aid motorized movements. The figure contains a red extendable tongue that can lower by a lever attached to the figure’s back. The Godzilla action figure launches its clawed fist by pressing a button on the arm.

This monstrous figure does not resonate well with other action figures in the Shogun Warriors toy lines, as most of the toys resemble mechanical machines, robots, or vehicles.

8. Dragun (1979)

Mattel 1978 Shogun Warriors Dragun

Mattel released the Dragun action figure in 1979 as part of the 24 inches tall action figures of the Shogun Warriors toy series. This action figure comes with about a dozen shooting stars and three battle-axes. The action figure also possesses wheels at the feet that allow for motorized movements. The Dragun action figure features a fair amount of articulation and a bright paint job.

7. Sky Jet (1979)

Sky Jet (1979)

Mattel brought over the Sky Jet action vehicle, which Popy originally released in Japan, in 1979 as part of the Shogun Warriors vehicles. The Sky Jet is one of the most neatly designed action vehicles in the whole of the series. The action figure contains a metal die-cast main ship and a launchable missile made primarily out of plastic. The missile has wheels that enable it to roll away when released. The rear part of the Sky Jet features two missile launchers and a button to release the missiles. The Sky Jet is a very cool action figure and one of the rarest Shogun Warriors figures.

6. Varitank (1978)

Varitank (1978)

Mattel released the Varitank Action Vehicle in 1978 as part of the action vehicle series of the Shogun Warriors toy series. The Varitank action vehicle is a 4-inch metal die-cast figure with some parts made from plastic. Some of these plastic parts include the antenna, the headlights, and the missile launching mechanism. The action vehicle also consists of six tires. When you open the hatch in front of the vehicle, it reveals missile launchers which you must load missiles into then fire. The Varitank also consists of huge pincers that can open and close to enable a gripping action and extendable plastic arms.

5. Daimos (1979)

Mattel's Shogun Warriors Daimos

Mattel released Daimos, a 24-inch-tall action figure, in 1979 as part of the Shogun Warriors toy line. There are four missiles included in this action figure, with two missile launchers at the calves of the figure. The right hand of this figure features the shooting arm action. The Daimos action figure features about three to four points of articulation. It has wheels at the feet to enable motorized action of the action figures.

With its awesome paint job, excellent action features, and rocket launching mechanism, Daimos action figure is a fan favorite amongst fans of the Shogun Warriors toy series.

4. Gaiking (1979)

Mattel 1979 Shogun Warriors Gaiking Jumbo

Mattel released Gaiking, a 24-inch-tall action figure, in the year 1979 as part of the Shogun Warriors toy line. The action figure shoots missiles from the eyes via a mechanism that mount at the back of the figure. The Gaiking toy also possesses articulated right fist that fires to become a projectile. Then, there are its missile ranks placed stylishly on the figure’s shoulders. It can hold four missiles.

The Mattel Shogun Warrior Gaiking has an excellent paint job, with its yellow horn color complimenting the yellow color of the chest and its blue, silver, and orange color evenly distributed all over the action figure.

3. Dangard (1979)

Dangard (1979)

Mattel released the Dangard action figure in 1979 as part of the two in one series of the Shogun Warriors toy line. The figure is a 5-inch die-cast metal toy that features other parts like the helmet, fists, wings, and feet made of plastic.

The Dangard action figure possesses limited points of articulation that include the arms, hips, knees, and legs. By pressing the button on the arm, the fists go off in a firing arm action. The lancers are removable, and the figure can hold them as a weapon. Meanwhile, the wings pegged into the back of the figure. Dangard’s chest opens to reveal the inner mechanism of the gigantic robot. Also, the head is detachable, which turns the figure into a flying wing.

2. Combatra Deluxe Set (1978)

Combatra Deluxe Set (1978)

The Combatra Deluxe Set is a combination of all the five U-combine vehicles that, when brought together, form Combatra. Originally, Mattel released all the U-combine vehicles, Battle Craft, Battle Marine, Battle Tank, Battle Clasher, and Battle Jet, in separate packs that sold separately. However, the deluxe set is a combination of all the vehicles combined. Thus, the deluxe set is bigger and more expensive. It is one of the rarest Shogun Warriors figure there is.

Mattel released the figure in 1978 as part of the Shogun Warriors action series. The Combatra deluxe set, once erected, has very limited points of articulation. The action figure can also bend at the ankle to lay on its stomach to form a moving tank with wheels. It can also fire its fist as a projectile.

1. Raydeen (1979)

Mattel 1979 Shogun Warriors Raydeen Jumbo

Mattel released Raydeen, a 24 inches action figure, in 1977 as part of the 24 inches series of the Shogun Warriors toy line. Raydeen was the first Shogun Warriordepicted in the Marvel Comic book, also titled Shogun Warriors.

The Raydeen action figure consists of a right fist that fires to become a projectile. Meanwhile, the left arm is a launching iron cutter fist. It also contains wheels at the feet that enable motorized movements. Raydeen also comes with a delta-winged missile shooting mechanism with yellow missiles that it shoots from its stomach. The Raydeen action figure is one of the most popular Shogun Warriors action figures and the easiest to find.

Final Thoughts

The Shogun Warriors toy lines were very popular and successful in the late 1970s. Even though Mattel licensed all the toys from the Japanese toy producing giant Popy, they still endeavored to make some minute alterations. This he did by adding and removing some features of the imported action figures to be a little distinct from the originals in Japan.

Unfortunately, going into the 1980s, the demand for Shogun Warriors began to dwindle, and the sales became so low (which could be because of safety issues raised by parents). Mattel had to cancel its license. There are wild speculations that the efforts of Shogun Warriors gave birth to the Transformers toy lines.

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