The Top Ten Most Expensive Star Wars Collectibles.

In the vast galaxy of cinematic history, the Star Wars Movie Series stands as an iconic testament to the boundless imagination of George Lucas. Launched in 1977 with “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope,” the saga swiftly catapulted audiences into a realm of interstellar battles, mystical forces, and unforgettable characters. With groundbreaking special effects and an innovative narrative, Lucas crafted a space opera that transcended its genre, capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. From the gripping intensity of lightsaber duels to the whimsical charm of droids like R2-D2 and C-3PO, the movie series not only revolutionized filmmaking but left an incredible mark on pop culture and the toy market. You’ll be learning what the most expensive Star Wars toy and collectibles are and how they uphold the legacy of the Star Wars Franchise.

As the saga unfolded across three trilogies, each installment deepened the rich tapestry of the Star Wars universe. Transitioning seamlessly from the heroic exploits of the Rebel Alliance against the oppressive Galactic Empire to the complex dynamics of the Jedi Order and Sith Lords, the movie series evolved with a dynamic energy that kept fans eagerly anticipating each new chapter. With the release of each film, the series not only expanded its narrative scope but also pushed the boundaries of visual effects, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Beyond the screen, the Vintage Star Wars Movie Series fostered a global community of fans, sparking a phenomenon that transcends age, culture, and time. The forceful impact of this cinematic masterpiece is palpable as fans continue to celebrate its legacy through conventions, merchandise, and a shared love for the galaxy far, far away. In this blog, we will start on an intriguing journey through the Star Wars movies, exploring the most expensive Star Wars toy and its runner-ups.

Presenting the Top Ten Most Expensive Collectibles

The scarcity of Star Wars collectibles is amplified by the passage of time and the natural wear and tear on these cherished items. Many were initially marketed as toys for children, leading to the destruction or loss of countless pieces over the years. As a result, finding well-preserved, unopened items becomes a quest for collectors. The combination of limited supply, heightened demand, and the challenges of preserving these items transforms Star Wars collectibles into valuable treasures that not only represent a franchise but also embody the shared memories and emotions of fans across the decades.

10. Kenner’s The Power of the Force Yak Face

An image of Yak Face from The Power of the Force toyline from Kenner. It is one of the most expensive Star Wars toys.

Kenner The Power of the Force Yak Face action figure, released in 1985, stands as a paragon of a rarity in the Star Wars collector’s realm. Limited distribution in North America and more widespread availability in international markets, particularly Europe, render Yak Face an exceptionally elusive gem. One of the last figures produced by Kenner before discontinuing the line, its scarcity reached an extraordinary pinnacle in 2012 when a rare carded version of the figure fetched a staggering $90,100.00 at auction. This jaw-dropping price not only attests to the figure’s scarcity but also highlights the fervor within the Star Wars collecting community, transforming the Yak Face into a coveted symbol of dedication among enthusiasts.

9. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Dueling Lightsaber Prop

An image of Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber from Episode III. It is one of the most expensive Star Wars toys.

The dueling lightsaber prop used by Ewan McGregor as “Obi-Wan Kenobi” in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith holds immense importance. Crafted from resin and machined aluminum, the lightsaber’s silver and black finish mirrors the hero lightsaber seen in close-up shots. However, the dueling version features smoother surfaces for ease of operation during McGregor’s intense combat scenes. The gold, copper, and iridescent finishes near the emitter add a distinctive touch.

This lightsaber gained exceptional value, selling for $91,000.00 on September 6, 2023, not just due to its on-screen use by McGregor but also for its role in iconic duels. From Obi-Wan’s intense confrontation with Anakin Skywalker during the latter’s fall to the dark side to battles against Count Dooku and General Grievous, this lightsaber played a pivotal role in the film’s key moments. Its significance in these crucial scenes and its connection to the beloved character contribute to its status as a prized collector’s item.

8. A New Hope Insert Poster Signed By the Cast

An image of an insert poster of A New Hope. It is signed by the cast of the Star Wars movies making it one of the most expensive Star Wars Collectibles.

In 1977, Star Wars captivated global audiences with the epic tale of Luke Skywalker’s journey against the malevolent Galactic Empire. Debuting on May 25, the film amassed a staggering $775 million during its initial run, solidifying its status as one of the most triumphant sci-fi movies in cinematic history. Now, a 14 x 36-inch insert poster for the inaugural Star Wars installment, A New Hope, emerges as a rare treasure, adorned with 75 signatures from behind-the-scenes and on-camera personalities.

The collection includes autographs from key cast members, ILM, and behind-the-scenes crew, encompassing nine Oscar winners and 21 deceased individuals associated with the film. Notably, this one-of-a-kind poster distinguishes itself as the sole known artifact bearing this exclusive blend of signatures from both cast and crew. Particularly noteworthy is the inclusion of autographs from luminaries such as Peter Cushing and Alec Guinness, making it one of the few Star Wars posters with signatures from both iconic figures. The rarity and historical significance of this poster contributed to its exceptional value, culminating in a sale for an impressive $91,200.00.

7. 1982 1ST Commerical Release Big Box VHS Tape

An image of the first commercial big box release of the VHS tape.

Graded 8.0 with a seal rating of A- by Beckett, this 1982 first commercial release big box factory-sealed VHS copy of “Star Wars: A New Hope” stands as an exceptional artifact in cinematic history. With an original theatrical release in May 1977 that grossed $775 million, the film became a groundbreaking force in science fiction. Imperial forces, led by Darth Vader, holding Princess Leia hostage, set the stage for Luke Skywalker’s quest to aid Obi-Wan Kenobi against the oppressive Galactic Empire.

Directed by George Lucas, the film revolutionized science fiction, introducing iconic concepts such as the Force and lightsabers. This 1982 big box variant, one of a scant 27 known variants released between 1982 and 1992, features a U-Seal LTR, Twentieth Century Fox Video horizontal watermarks, and the ID#R513243. With Beckett subgrades like Corners: 8.0, Edges: 8.5, Flaps: 8.0, and Gloss: 7.5, this specimen is the epitome of rarity. Not only is it the Holy Grail of Star Wars examples, but it also holds a distinguished place as the Honus Wagner of VHS films. In a realm of a mere 27 known variants, this offering, with its significance and rarity, achieved an outstanding sale of $114,000.00, solidifying its status as an enduring collectible spoken of in reverential tones.

6. A New Hope Stormtrooper Helmet

An image of a Stormtroopers helmet from A New Hope.

This Stormtrooper helmet, one of the original six crafted for the 1977 Star Wars blockbuster, holds profound significance. Recognized as the first Stormtrooper revealed on Tatooine, its distinct features align with scenes from the film. Believed to have been worn by the third Stormtrooper guard escorting Princess Leia, the helmet adds a historical layer to its provenance. Gifted to a crew member on Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, it intertwines with the Star Wars production history.

Conceptualized by George Lucas for intimidation and mystery, Stormtroopers played a pivotal role. It is meticulously crafted to conceal the wearer’s identity with strategic undercuts. Extensive research by Star Wars helmet authentication experts, coupled with consultation with Lucasfilm Archives, firmly establishes this helmet’s authenticity. Its historical significance, meticulous craftsmanship, and authenticated provenance contributed to its remarkable sale for $192,000.00, solidifying its unparalleled status in the Star Wars universe.

5. Graded Boba Fett Rocket-Firing Prototype Action Figure

An image of a Graded Boba Fett Prototype action figure making it one of the most expensive Star Wars toys.

Sold for an impressive $236,000.00 on June 2, 2022, this 3.75″ tall, unpainted prototype of the rocket-firing Boba Fett action figure from Kenner’s 1979 Star Wars toyline stands as a pivotal collector’s item. Graded and encapsulated by AFA at 80+ NM, the prototype is showcased in AFA’s updated laser-cut casing style, with the L-Slot rocket-firing mechanism distinctly visible from the back. Notarized with a Collectible Investment Brokerage (CIB) COA, this piece represents a significant investment in the realm of Star Wars collectibles.

The demand and value for Rocket-Firing Boba Fett prototypes have soared in recent auctions, with notable examples reaching remarkable prices. In March 2022, a rare AFA 50 VG J-Slot prototype shattered previous records, further establishing the allure and enduring value of these iconic Star Wars artifacts.

4. Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back

An image of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from The Empire Strikes Back.

Mark Hamill’s iconic lightsaber, wielded as Luke in Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, holds unparalleled importance in the realm of film history. Serving as the non-fighting version of the famous Jedi weapon, this lightsaber is a testament to the cinematic magic that captivated audiences worldwide. Constructed from a 1930s Graflex flashgun, measuring 10.5 inches, it features resin black grips and a D-ring for attachment to Luke’s belt. Though missing the circuit board detailing and with the original silver tape removed, the lightsaber remains in commendable condition for its age.

The lightsaber’s provenance adds to its significance, as it originates directly from the archive of the producer of The Empire Strikes Back, Gary Kurtz. Joined by a letter of authenticity signed by Kurtz, this hero lightsaber marks the inception of the spectacular Jedi weapon that enthralled audiences globally. Sold for an astounding $375,000.00, its value extends beyond the tangible, encapsulating the essence of Star Wars lore and its indelible impact on cinematic history.

3. Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster Prop From the Return of the Jedi

An image of Han Solo's DL-44 Blaster from the Return of the Jedi. As this was a prop it instantly makes this one of the most expensive Star Wars Collectibles.

Sold for a staggering $550,000.00 on June 23, 2018, the “BlasTech DL-44” blaster prop used by Han Solo in Return of the Jedi is a cinematic gem. Crafted from a non-firing Mauser C96 model by MGC (Model Gun Corporation) of Japan, it stands out as an iconic sci-fi weapon. Believed to be one of the four hero Han Solo blasters from the film, this particular piece, one of two “non-firing” versions, was extensively used on set. Damaged during filming, its authenticity is heightened by its history, originating from the US production and shipped from the UK prop department.

This blaster’s significance goes beyond its film use – it comes directly from the art director of Return of the Jedi, Peter Hancock. A gift to James Schoppe, a weapons handler, after the film’s completion, it remained boxed for 35 years. As one of the most coveted props from the original Star Wars trilogy, this DL-44 blaster, with its provenance and documentation, stands as a historic offering in genuine Star Wars movie prop memorabilia, cementing its extraordinary value in cinematic collectibles.

2. Sandtrooper On Dewback Oil Painting

An image of an oil painting of a Sandtrooper on a Dewback. Because of the quality and size of this artwork it makes it one of the most expensive Star Wars Collectibles.

A captivating mixed-media painting, primarily oil, depicts the Sandtrooper on a Dewback in Tatooine, offering a unique and abstract interpretation. Executed on a custom stretcher with a high-quality canvas, the artwork spans an impressive 6ft x 4ft. The piece achieved remarkable acclaim, selling for $789,600.00 on May 17, 2015, attesting to its significance and the artist’s skill in infusing creativity into the iconic Star Wars imagery.

1. The Most Expensive Star Wars Toy: A Complete R2-D2 Unit Assembled From Original Components

An image of the most expensive Star Wars toy: A Complete R2-D2 Unit which was crafted from original components spanning the original trilogy.

Lastly, the most expensive Star Wars toy ever sold garnered an astonishing $2,300,000.00 on June 29, 2017, this complete “R2-D2” unit represents the pinnacle of Star Wars collecting. Crafted from original components spanning the original trilogy and Episodes I & II, this 43-inch-tall, 29.5-inch-wide, and 20-inch deep unit encapsulates the evolution of R2-D2. Assembled over the years by sourcing original components, the most expensive Star Wars toy features an aluminum dome made for actor Kenny Baker in A New Hope, the only one known in the public domain. The unit’s intricate details, such as the fiber optic array, handle for articulating the front eye, and unique “greeblies” (Intricate details incorporated to enhance the device’s complexity), tell the story of R2-D2’s journey through the original trilogy and Episode I.

Beyond being a mere prop or costume, this R2-D2 stands as the finest piece offered by the Star Wars franchise. Its $2,300,000.00 sale price is not just a reflection of its rarity but also solidifies its place as an iconic artifact in cinematic history. With a tangible connection to the magic of Star Wars, the most expensive Star Wars toy remains one of the most recognizable and beloved pieces of pop culture, providing collectors with an unparalleled link to the legacy of the beloved film series.

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