The Top Ten Kenner Predator Toys

The Top Ten Kenner Predator Toys

The Predator media franchise is a renowned franchise based on the sci-fi horror movie titled The Predator. Jim and John Thomas wrote the movie while John McTiernan directed it. The Predator movie spawned three other sequels and what later became a media franchise.

The Predator franchise consists of some of the most popular movie sequels of all time. Each sequel depicts different scary and violent clashes between humans and a race of extraterrestrial hunters known for hunting not just humans but also any creature that proves to be a worthy opponent and keeping their skulls accolades. The Predators also own incredibly advanced technologies which they use in their weaponry. These technologies give the Predators an edge over most of their prey.

Toys Spawned from the Predator Movies

Following the success of the first and second movies in the media franchise, Kenner Products, an American toy production company, and a host of other toy companies keyed into the success and created different toy lines based solely on the Predator franchise. About eleven toy companies have created toy lines for the Predator franchise, including Diamond Select, Funko, Hiya toys, Hot toys, Kenner, Kotobukiya, Loyal Subjects, McFarlane, NECA, Play Arts Kai, and Takara. Kenner is the first toy company to produce a Predator toy line, and it thereby produced the earliest toy lines.

The Kenner released their Predator toy line in 1994, and it consists of action figures and accessories modeled after the Predator franchise. Kenner released the toy lines in three series with a mail-order and a special figure. Most of the Predator figures are originals. They were not adapted from the Predator movies. The Predator toy lines do not have any adversaries as opposing groups to the Predators. While only the Predators are present in the toys, another popular Kenner brand was waiting for them: ALIENS.

Here are the top 10 Kenner Predator Toys

10. Blade Fighter

Kenner's Predator Blade Fighter (with Capture Jaw & Shooting Missile)

The Blade Fighter is part of the first series of Predator toy lines that Kenner produced in 1994. This toy falls under the vehicle category. The Blade Fighter is a vehicle regularly used by Predators to hunt. It is also the most powerful hunting vehicle in the universe. In 1994, Kenner introduced this monstrous vehicle as a toy, and it comes with a very powerful capture jaw and a long-range SA-S destructive missile mounted on the pivoting mouth of the vehicle. These jaws are acid-resistant, which makes the vehicle suitable for fighting. They are also very durable.

9. Lasershot Predator

Kenner's Lasershot Predator

The Lasershot Predator is the only Predator toy that Kenner released for the second series of the Predator toy line, produced in 1995. The Lasershot Predator is a dark-skinned Predator with its shoulder armor, belt or skirt armor, hands/gauntlet armor, and feet armor are all in bronze-like color. This Predator figurine comes with an assault cannon with three electronic sound effects. The toy can fire the cannon. This figure comes packed with long-lasting batteries, which are easily replaceable.

8. Scavage Predator

Kenner's 1994 Scavage Predator

Kenner produced the Scavage Predator is a Predator action toy in 1996. The Scavage Predator is a part of the third series of the Predator toy line. This figurine is distinctive in its white color and brown colored armor. This figure has preprogramming to perform a Bomb Blasting Action, and the figure has a removable Predator helmet. The figure was first to feature in the Alien vs Predator comic book, which comes included in the pack. The figure is about 8″ tall and strong.

7. Lava Planet Predator

Kenner's Lava Planet Predator

Lava Planet Predator is an action figure from the first series of the Predator toy line, produced in 1995. The Lava Planet Predator has a very distinctive color of bright, glowing red, and it comes with a Rocket Launcher. The lava planet predator wears a special mask and net to reduce the elevated levels of radioactivity. The wrist claw of the figure also reflects the original figure. It was a weapon used in hunting vy’drach insectoids of the desert. A translucent plastic makes up the body, with the head the only exception.

6. Renegade Predator

Kenner's Warrior ALIEN vs. Renegade Predator

Kenner created the Renegade Predator is part of an exclusive toy line in 1996. They released the Renegade Predator with series 3 of the Predator toy lines. Kenner also designed this toy with distinctive full body armor covering all the upper body parts. The mask of the renegade predator is one of the unique parts of it. It has two pegs on each side which connects to make the Predator’s face. All the equipment around the renegade predator toy is the same color as the mask, that is, a metallic blue-looking purple. Kenner beautifully designed every part of the renegade predator toy in cool colors. The Renegade Predator also has a battle gun and a hunting spear.

5. Stalker Predator

Kenner's 1996 Stalker Predator

The Stalker Predator is one of the most popular Predator toys from the third series that Kenner released in 1996. The Stalker Predator comes with its full body armed with the Predators. The action figurine has spear shooting actions, and it has a removable Predator helmet. The stalker predator featured in predator 2, where it was hunting down members of two warring drug cartels. The Predator 2 also showed the predator race at the end of the movie. Currently, the tribe’s location is unknown.

4. Spiked Tail Predator

Kenner's 1994 Spiked Tail Predator

Kenner released the Spiked Tail Predator with some other toys as the third series of Predator toy line in 1996. The Spiked Tail Predator can be distinct by its spiked tail, which he uses to attack his prey. The Spiked Tail Predator comes with assault discs that it can throw. The spiked tail predator is an extremely irrational character, often using weapons that the Yautja do not permit. His radical method led to his exile from the tribe, and it did not take him a long time to start hitting at his new companies.

3. Ambush Predator

Kenner's Ambush Predator

The Ambush Predator is an action figure that Kenner produced in 1994. This is a special kind of Predator toy as it is a mail order in the Predator toy line series. The Ambush Predator is a master of stealth as it quietly and invisibly stalks its prey. It only reveals itself when ready to attack. Kenner made the Ambush Predator toy out of transparent materials so they can adapt to the light and color of the environment, making them almost invisible. The ambush predator comes with silver-plated plastic weapons and masks. Rubber makes up the body’s composition though it has some form of articulation. The ambush predator toy is unarguably one of the best predator toys. So, it is undoubtedly a terrific addition to your collection.

2. Ultimate Predator

Kenner's Ultimate Predator

Kenner Productions made the Ultimate Predator action figure in 1995. This figurine, although made for the Predator toy line series, has a unique subseries. The Ultimate Predator is in the 10 inches figures of the Predator toy lines. The Ultimate Predator is a unique figurine armed with an intimidating attack jaw, a powerful assault stance, a predator disk as a weapon, and a razor claw gauntlet. Those features point to the role played by the Ultimate Predator in the movie. The Predator is a genetically modified creatures whose purpose is to kill the fugitive Predator who wanted to deliver the predator killer to the humans. The ultimate Predator was involved in some of the best action in the movie franchise. Beyond being one of the top predator toys, it will be a fantastic addition to your collection.

1. Cracked Tusk Predator

Kenner's Cracked Tusk Predator

The Cracked Tusk Predator is an action figure that Kenner Products released in the year 1994 as part of the first series of Predator toy lines. Also, this toy is one of the few Predator figures that are adapted from the movies. The Cracked Tusk Predator is a revered and respected Yautja elder. He is renowned for training and mentoring young Predators in all kinds of environments and climatic conditions. The Cracked Tusk Predator is a leader of his tribe in Yautja. Undoubtedly, your toy collection is incomplete without this figure.


In all the Predator movies that became pivotal in the Predator franchise, the Predators do not have individual identities or different characters. Instead, the movies just depicted Predators as egocentric beings that love to compete and prove their superiority. This is one reason why the Kenner Predator toy line portrayed an impressive brilliance in naming each Predator and attributing to each with a distinct character. Kenner was the first toy producing company to have a Predator toy line. Other toy companies later followed suit, but they were all stealing from Kenner Products.

All the Predator toys and action figures produced by every other toy company have been updates on the original Predator toy line produced by Kenner. Especially NECA, which had a whole line of toys that consists of modified Kenner’s toys.

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  1. My husband still has his Kenner figures. Says he loved them growing up. My son, however, is a collector of NECA horror figures. So far, he has five predators. Alpha Predator, Ahab, Jungle Hunter, City Hunter, and the Ultimate Stalker Predator, which we recently got from another site. NECA is the best company when it comes to producing Predator figures and the Predator 2 Ultimate Stalker Predator figure is no exception.

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