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When Were the Original Planet of the Apes Action Figures Made?

Since its inception, the Planet of the Apes franchise has captivated audiences with its thought-provoking themes and captivating storytelling. But did you know that it also significantly impacted the world of toys? This article explores the fascinating history of the original Planet of the Apes action figures and their introduction to the market. The Original […]

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The Top Ten Planet of the Apes Characters from the Original Movies

As Franklin J. Schaffner toiled to adapt Pierre Boulle’s novel into the hit Planet of the Apes film, he trusted writers Rod Sterling then Michael Wilson. As they began drafting the scripts for the film, Twentieth Century Fox insisted that only the core principles of the book remain in the script. Thus, they scrapped all […]

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The Top Ten Planet of the Apes Toys from Mego

When The Planet of the Apes hit theaters in 1968, the reveal that Taylor landed on a post-apocalyptic Earth shocked the audience. Even before the final twist, they fell in love with the expressive performances from the various apes, especially Cornelius and Zira. Eclipsing all their performances, Charleston Heston stole the show with several memorable […]

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A Look Back on The Original Planet of the Apes Films

Even before Pierre Boulle entertained the world with his novel, La Planète des singes, Arthur P. Jacobs scooped up the rights to create the Planet of the Apes franchise. After the novel came out in 1963, readers received the chance to explore a distant world populated by advanced apes. Even though Boulle thought little of […]

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