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The Top Ten Toys from Kenner’s Beetlejuice Toy Line

When Tim Burton took his gothic art style and combined it with the bizarre tastes of Michael McDowell’s script, Beetlejuice was born. This unique horror-comedy then presented the supernatural prankster, Betelgeuse, to audiences across the world. While most films of the era called for humans to exorcise a dangerous ghost or demon, Betelgeuse offered his […]

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Retrospective on Beetlejuice: The Delights of Comedy-Horror

In 1988, Tim Burton took the original script from Michael McDowell to flip the book on exorcism in the hit film, Beetlejuice. Rather than presenting a demonic entity that necessitated banishment, they created a film that introduced ghosts dealing with problematic humans. Likewise, they transformed Michael Keaton into the delightfully trouble-making title character of the […]

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