We buy and sell Transformers toys, especially the toys from the 1984 Generation 1 toy line. Our collection of Transformers toys includes all generations, from Generation 1 to the current day. So, if you have a collection of Beast Wars toys, we are happy to buy them.

All your favorite characters are also present in our sales of old and used toys. So, you will be just as likely to find Autobots as Decepticons in our toy collection. Even the more obscure characters, like Astrotrain and Abominus, are welcome here.

Furthermore, if you have AFA graded Transformers toys to sell, feel free to contact us today. Since we understand the value of your AFA-graded toys, we will give you the best value available for them. If you would like to learn more about how to sell your AFA-graded toys, check out our guide.

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