1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog

1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog

As Hasbro prepared their 1997 line-up, they offered a pre-toy fair catalog to dealers, retailers, and vendors across the nation. In the pages of this catalog, there were multiple boys’ toys that would capture the imaginations of the masses.

For instance, Hasbro featured a large selection of toys that captured the excitement of the original Star Wars trilogy. With the prequel series looming in the coming years, fans were happy to recapture the magic of the originals. So, Hasbro prepared several Star Wars toys for 1997, including 12” figures of the main cast.

Furthermore, the successor to the original generation of Transformers toys, Beast Wars, had multiple new toys coming out. While this series had its fair share of division in the fandom, it still garnered a strong following. Thus, Hasbro introduced new Beast Wars toys like Airazor and Blackarachnia.

Beyond these core toy lines, Hasbro also featured Batman, Superman, and Justice League toys. Then, there were the new Jurassic Park toys for the latest movie, The Lost World. They also presented new Action Man toys along with a few new G.I. Joe toys.

So, we invite you to enjoy our high-definition scans of the 1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog.

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