1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog – Star Wars

Join us on a journey through the 1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog, which offered a first look at Hasbro’s latest toys. Some of the toys that Hasbro produced in 1997 included Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Beast Wars: Transformers.

The 1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog presented readers with information on the newest slate of Star Wars action figures and vehicles. When Hasbro acquired Kenner along with Tonka in 1991, they gained control over the Star Wars IP. Knowing that Star Wars fans were loyal to the Kenner brand, they allowed the continuing line to carry the name. This set-up continued until Hasbro fully absorbed Kenner in 2000. Thus, the Star Wars toys in this catalog still carried the Kenner name.

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This 1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog page continued to promote #27723: 12” Star Wars Figure Collection I, #27754: 12” Star Wars Figure Collection II, and #27690: 12” Star Wars Figure Collection III. These fully poseable figures featured fan-favorite characters like Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, and Boba Fett. There were also figures of a Tusken Raider and a Stormtrooper.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive 1997 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair Catalog scans. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Hasbro provided to retailers and representatives.

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About Our Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog Scans

To promote their upcoming slate of products, Hasbro handed out catalogs to attendees of toy fairs and other events. Each catalog was filled with information about their newest toys, even ones still in development. Thus, they often provided the first looks at action figures, playsets, vehicles, and more from their lines. Therefore, they have become valuable and rare collector’s items.

These Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogs featured toys from their beloved lines. For instance, the company was responsible for one of the most popular action figures of all time: G.I. Joe. They also partnered with Takara to bring the Transformers to the Western market. The company also dipped into the fantastical worlds of Air Raiders, Inhumanoids, and Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light. After Hasbro acquired Kenner, they also became the home of toy lines like Jurassic Park and Star Wars.

Hasbro used in-production prototypes in their images, as these catalogs were prepared before the lines were released. This meant that the featured toys often differed from the retail releases. Moreover, toys sometimes appeared only on these catalog pages, as they were canceled or never hit retail store shelves.

While Hasbro only handed these booklets out to trade professionals, we have now made them available to all. You can explore the toys featured in these catalogs with our Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog Scans. This is a rare treat since catalogs like these have become increasingly difficult to locate with each passing year.

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