When Were the Original Power Lords Action Figures Made?

In the dynamic world of vintage toys, few collections have captured imaginations quite like the Power Lords action figures. Vintage toy collectors understand that knowing when a toy line was made is essential for understanding a line’s history. Let’s explore the history of the original Power Lords action figures.

Chaya Power Lords 1982 Revell FRENCH CARD

The Original Power Lords Action Figures

Manufactured by Revell in 1983, this series introduced young minds to an exciting galaxy of good and evil, with a premise that combined transformation, power, and intrigue. At the story’s heart is Adam Power, a man possessing the transformative Power Jewel. He becomes the Lord of Power through its power, defending the universe from the evil Arkus. The Queen of Power, Shaya, and Sydot, a Supreme alien scientist, are Championing the forces of good alongside Adam Power. Arkus’s followers, Raygoth and Ggripptogg, add a nefarious touch to this galactic battle.

The Power Lords series breathed life into its characters, giving each figure a unique action feature. The feature many figures had was two sides. When turned backward, a figure’s alter ego was revealed – an innovative concept for the time. The first series of action figures included Adam Power, Shaya, Sydot, Arkus, Ggripptogg, and Raygoth.

Adding to their collectability, the second series figures and the Beast Machines, released near the end of the line, are even harder to find. Series 2 introduced us to characters like Bakatak, Disguyzor, Drench, and Tork, while the Beast Machines series added Evol, Savor, Thrash, and Warbot.

Raygoth Power Lords 1982 Revell


However, the Power Lords action figures’ defining feature was also their Achilles’ heel. Their intricate design led to fragility, especially around the joint areas. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, these figures have become sought-after relics of the vintage toy world.

Of special note to collectors, the Volcan Rock playset, a part of the wider vehicle and playsets series, is a rare find – especially in a complete and unbroken state. Other iconic pieces in this line included the Power Ship, Power Patroller, Trigore, and Spyzor.

Further boosting the cultural impact of the Power Lords, a DC Comic series was developed based on the toy line. While the series only ran for three issues, it made an indelible mark on the legacy of these action figures.

Three decades on, the legacy of Power Lords action figures endures. They remain a delightful treasure trove for collectors and enthusiasts, their fragile bodies and fascinating features a testament to a time when toys were true powerhouses of imagination and play.

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