When Were the Original Police Academy Action Figures Made?

At Wheeljack’s Lab, we pride ourselves on being experts in all things vintage toys. Today, we dive into the nostalgia-filled world of the original Police Academy action figures. Take a trip down memory lane to discover when these beloved collectibles debuted.

Larvell Jones With Bullhorn Original Police Academy 1988 Kenner

The Original Police Academy Action Figures

Manufactured by Kenner in 1988, these action figures were based on the Police Academy animated series, which drew inspiration from the popular film series that began in 1984. The Police Academy animated series premiered in 1988, captivating audiences with humor and action-packed adventures. The show spanned two seasons and featured a total of 65 episodes. It introduced a new generation to the lovable characters from the Police Academy films, offering an animated twist to their comedic escapades.

Series 1 of the Police Academy action figures debuted in 1988, featuring a range of characters beloved by fans. This collection included Carey Mahoney and his trusty sidekick Samson Dog, Claw with his mischievous companion Mouser Cat, Eugene Tackleberry, Larvell Jones and his trusty Bullhorn, Moses Hightower riding a Meter Reader Scooter, Mr. Sleaze with his loyal Fodo Dog, Numbskull, and Zed with a Police Skateboard. These figures had multiple points of articulation and came with amusing accessories that added to their charm.

Series 2 and Special Assignment Rookies

Following the success of the initial release, Kenner launched Series 2 of the Police Academy action figures in 1988. This wave featured new additions such as Captain Harris (available through mail-away), S.W.A.T. Eugene Tackleberry armed with a Fistzooka, Flung Hi with Crazy Karate Gear, Kingpin with a Thief-Trap Safe, and Karate Larvell Jones.

In 1989, Kenner expanded the lineup with the Special Assignment Rookies series. This collection included Undercover Carey Mahoney, the Snack Attack House with a Hoagie Blaster, Stakeout Sweetchuck (available through mail-away), and Sky Glidin’ Zed with a Hang Glider.

The Precinct Police Station Police Academy Kenner

Additional Collectibles

To complement the action figures, Marvel Comics produced a six-issue comic book series based on the Police Academy animated show. Kenner also released several vehicles and playsets that added to the playtime fun. The Crazy Cruiser, Crash Cycle, Precinct Police Station, and Copper Corner (rereleased through Josco) provided the perfect backdrop for fans to recreate their favorite scenes and embark on new adventures.


The Police Academy action figures, manufactured by Kenner in 1988, hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and fans of the animated series. These figures brought to life the hilarious and memorable characters from the Police Academy films, allowing fans to relive their favorite moments and create new ones. With their multiple points of articulation and humorous accessories, these action figures captured the essence of the beloved franchise. At Wheeljack’s Lab, we celebrate the nostalgia and joy these vintage toys continue to bring to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

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