Top 10 Most Popular Vintage G1 Transformers Toys

Top 10 Most Popular Vintage G1 Transformers Toys

Top 10 Most Popular Vintage G1 Transformers Toys

Popularity?  Hmm so how am I deciding this?  I think as a seller of Transformers G1 toys for 20 years I might measure this differently than a Transformers toy buyer.  Popularity to me isn’t the highest price.  Popularity isn’t about how many were produced, as we all see toys on clearance every year due to too much supply.  I think a great measure of popularity is how quickly I sell an item or better how long an item remains out of stock. So let’s roll with what the data tells me from our sales to determine the most popular vintage G1 Transformers toys.


#10 Hubcap

Vintage Hasbro G1 Transformers Hubcap Toy

The man that can win wars with his words has always been in short supply.  At best, Hubcap’s production ratio is 10% of that of Bumbleebee’s. We’re probably out of stock 50% of the time on this little guy. “Affable, witty, generous, charming, everyone’s friend.  Who wouldn’t want one?”


#9 Fortress Maximus

Fortress Maximus Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

“Prepare for war, but strive for peace.”  The gentle giant and largest vintage Transformers toy was most kids dream in 1987. This Autobot Headmaster is paired with Cerebros who is binary-bonded to the Nebulan leader, Spike.  We can’t keep Fort Max in stock as nice white complete examples of this fella are rare. Most are suffering from yellowing most of the time.  If you’d like to learn how to fix that problem read how to restore your yellowed figures.


#8 Starscream

Starscream Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

There was a high supply of Starscream’s back in 1984-1985.  He’s also not broken very often.  He’s in short supply due to his fan favorite status.  It helps all the seekers look great too. He is also included in my top 10 must have G1 Transformers.


#7 Hot Rod

Hot Rod Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

The “all-American-boy” Autobot Hot Rod is back in another top 10.  Like Starscream, Hot Rod  was also featured in my top 10 must have G1 Transformers.  He wasn’t often broken, and there’s a good supply.  He maintains an inexpensive price considering he sells pretty quick.


#6 Swoop

Swoop Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

He loves watching his enemies flee before him as he swoops from the sky above.  Fear is Swoop’s primary weapon, unfortunately this fearless warrior seemed to have gotten a bit carried away.  He’s crashed landed far too many times at around 250mph leaving about half with a busted beak. That land him on my Top 10 most breakable G1 figures. There is short supply of good examples.  With lots of chrome, a near mint one really pops.  A near mint Swoop is hard to get, so hold onto it.


#5 Bludgeon

Bludgeon Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

The Samauri Decepticon!  Even though Bludgeon is a Pretender he still gets scooped up pretty fast.  A shortage of supply tends to do that.  A popular character made into the unfortunate Pretenders sub-line that’s not well thought of by most.  A personal favorite that also made it to my top 10 rarest G1 Transformers.


#4 Bumper / Bumblejumper

Bumblejumper Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

First, any non-collector is going to be like who? Bumblejumper or Bumper was packed in Cliffjumper packages in 1984. “Bumper” is an affectionate fan name for the figure.  Why did Takara put him into Cliffjumper packaging when it was not a Hasbro release?  It was probably their desire to use left over stock from the Microchange line. Given his status as a G1 that wasn’t meant to be, he’s a hot commodity and in short supply.


#3 Jetfire

Jetfire Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

The swiftest Autobot flies into the number 3 spot. Jetfire is a fine looking and well designed toy in all modes.  He too was featured in my top 10 must have G1 Transformers.  If there weren’t such a high supply of them, it would easily be number one.  That high supply is often yellowed or broken unfortunately. Learn how to restore your yellowed figures here.  Enough have made it so nice crisp white specimens can be found.


#2 Scourge Targetmaster

Scourge Targetmaster Hasbro G1 Transformers Vintage Toy

The leader of the Sweeps and punching bag for Galvatron makes another top 10 appearance.  Unlike Jetfire whose a fan favorite with high supply, the Scourge Targetmaster is in serious short supply and made my top 10 rarest G1 Transformers.  Making those that come available for sale quite pricey.  Even in average condition the Scourge Targetmaster gets snapped up quick.


#1 Prowl

Top 10 Most Popular Vintage G1 Transformers Toys

“Prowl will keep at a task for as long as it takes. Strives to find reason and logic in everything.”  He is able to analyze and advise on complex combat situations almost instantaneously. A fine looking Prowl that’s nice and white doesn’t last long.  Even though they can be had, they get bought up almost immediately by Transformers buyers.  It doesn’t help that Prowl made it into my Top 10 most breakable G1 figures, which has created a supply shortage.


There you have it, my top 10 most popular vintage G1 Transformers toys.  Popularity determined by the way of how hard they are to keep in stock

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Author: Chris Ingledue

Affiliation:  Autobot

Function: Theoretician

Bio:  I’m the founder and owner of Wheeljack’s Lab.  My vision has always been to reunite customers with their favorite childhood toys, triggering fond memories and reigniting their imaginations.  Every day I work in the “lab” where it’s Christmas 365 days a year; scouring the internet – like we did the Sears Catalog of yesteryear – for the next great treasure, awaiting the arrival of the postman as if he was Santa Claus himself and helping collectors worldwide with their own versions of Christmas.  Every day is an absolute joy!


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