Top 10 Breakable G1 Transformers

Some of These break Just by Looking at Them!

These are rough estimates of each figures breakage rate. Some figures are easily repairable by scavenging parts. Others not so much due to the same area or part being broken.

Counting Down 10 -1

  1. Prowl 60%. Mostly the windshield – this even put many pristine Prowl’s in the scrap heap. They are broken more than Bluestreak – apparently kids don’t like cops?
  2. Roadbuster 60%. Variety of spots, the worst and most frequent spots are the head and steering wheel.
  3. Swoop 60%. Again there are a variety of spots, most common is the beak, but the foot, tail, arm, and wing tips also pose problems.
  4. Hook 60%. I think 50% of kids had 2 of these given how many collections literally have 2 of them. There are a few spots, but 90% of the time it’s the foot that’s broken.
  5. Sky Lynx 75%. Every foot, most commonly the back left (for whatever reason) which is broken twice as often as the others, as well as the motor and tires. The tires just dry rot and fall off.
  6. Blaster 75%. The cheap mechanism in the deck to eject gets stuck. His ears are commonly broken as well.
  7. Shockwave 75%. So many places I couldn’t count, but he’s in real trouble once his back separates from his chest.
  8. Vroom 75%. Little tab on the front of the motorcycle above the front wheel. Not a death nail by any stretch, but annoying.
  9. Omega Supreme 75%. Oh man let me count the ways – never mind too many. Along with Shockwave, just a plethora of places they are broken.
  10. Skyhammer 75%. Don’t try and open the shell at this point, virtually 100% of the shells will be broken if transformed by novices due to GPS. I won’t open a shell unless I must. Skyhammer is #1 easily because it can’t really be repaired where it breaks due to GPS.  Once the gold breaks that’s it, unless you’re a magician.


Honorable Mention:

Optimus Prime Trailer 50%. I find more are broken from improper shipping than form being played with as a kid.

Bristleback 50%. GPS – need I say more.

Mirage 50%. Broken in quite a few places, but the waist is the biggest issue.

Did I miss one?  Let me know if I did.

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