The Top Ten Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Toys

The Top Ten Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Toys

Before 1993, few in the United States knew of the Super Sentai shows that had been going strong in Japan for decades. However, one man made it his mission to bring the team of colorfully spandex-clad martial-arts-based superheroes to America. Haim Saban originally fell in love with the Super Sentai while he was on a business trip to Japan. From that point on, he made it his goal to bring the genre to the west. He refused to let rejections of his initial projects dissuade him. Eventually, Fox Kids agreed to take on his project. Thus, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers popped onto the scene, soon followed by Bandai’s toys.

Rather than creating a straight dubbed adaption of Super Sentai’s episodes, Saban Entertainment decided to cast American actors as high-school-aged teenagers. The high school hijinks reflected other popular shows of the time, like Saved by the Bell. Saban also sought out actors with backgrounds in martial arts, dance, and other physical activities. Meanwhile, the same cast dubbed over the Japanese footage from Super Sentai’s current iteration, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.

Meanwhile, Bandai had produced toys for Super Sentai for years. They had a working relationship with the show, even creating some of the props for Super Sentai. Thus, Bandai and Saban Entertainment agreed to bring their toys to the west under the new Power Rangers logo. Since Bandai had strong connections to the show, most of their Zords and props were show-accurate. They also created many smaller figures of the Rangers and their foes.

Presenting our picks for the top ten Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toys

While there are many reissues, rereleases, and new Power Rangers collectibles that target the adult collector, we have focused this list on Bandai’s original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toy line. Thus, none of the legacy editions appear on this list. Also, highly articulated versions of the Rangers, like those found in the S.H. Figurarts line, are not present on this list.

10. Bandai’s Red Dragon Thunderzord (1994)

Bandai’s Red Dragon Thunderzord (1994)

After the destruction of the Red Ranger’s original Dinozord, the Red Dragon Thunderzord became his. Like the rest of the Thunderzords, this new zord had more power than the old Dinozords. Thus, it was in a better position to take on Lord Zedd’s forces. Notably, the show connected the two zord teams by keeping the original naming scheme. Thus, the show called this Zord the Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord.

Unlike the rest of the Thunderzords, the Red Dragon Thunderzord had a warrior mode. In this warrior mode, the zord could either battle against enemies with either hand-to-hand combat or its staff weapon. Moreover, it could mount the rest of the team’s combined form, the Thudnerzord Assault Team. Finally, the Red Dragon Thunderzord became the core of the new Thunder Megazord.

Unlike many of Bandai’s other Zord toys, the Red Dragon Thunderzord toy from 1994 only had a passing resemblance to its on-screen appearance. Where the televised model had multiple segments to create a serpentine flight, the toy only featured a few select joints on the neck and tail to give the impression of a dragon. However, Bandai’s toy also morphed into its warrior mode.

9. Bandai’s Lord Zedd’s Serpentera (1995)

Bandai’s Lord Zedd’s Serpentera (1995)

First appearing in the season 2 episode, The Power Transfer, Lord Zedd summoned his personal Zord to battle against the Power Rangers, Serpentera. Lord Zedd’s Zord resembled a green dragon from ancient Chinese legends. Meanwhile, this Zord dwarfed the Ranger’s Zords, crushing the Red Dragonzord in a single claw. This machine was 500 meters long in dragon mode. However, the dragon mode was not its only form. Serpentera could also transform into a standing attack mode. While in the attack mode, the Zord stood at 345 meters tall.

Beyond its immense size, Serpentera harnessed the power of lightning to strike out at the Rangers. With its powers, it struck out with yellow energy beams from its mouth. Once in warrior mode, Serpentera had a new move set, which allowed it to create a Black Hole Blast. By continuously spraying the ground with its yellow beams, Serpentera could consume the entire surface of a planet before making it disintegrate.

Bandai paid tribute to this Zord when they released the Serpentera toy in 1995. While this toy was not perfectly screen-accurate, it came significantly close. The major difference appeared in the horns, which now were thick sheets of plastic instead of thin metallic antlers. Otherwise, the green and gold paint scheme matched the colors of the on-screen Serpentera.

8. Bandai’s White Tigerzord (1995)

Bandai’s White Tigerzord (1995)

After Lord Zedd depowered Tommy Oliver, removing his ability to morph into the Green Ranger, Tommy felt useless to the team. Luckily, Zordon brought Tommy to the command center to present him with the power of the white ranger, who could not be corrupted. With his new transformation came a new Zord, the White Tigerzord. This new Zord made its first appearance in the season 2 episode, White Light Part II.

Since the White Tigerzord was the first Thunderzord to appear in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the show referred to it as the White Tiger Thunderzord. This Zord was over 24 meters long and could travel at 185 kilometers per hour. Beyond its tiger mode, the Tigerzord could transform into a bipedal warrior mode to aid in battles. Akin to the Dragonzord, this zord also combined with the Thunderzord assault team to form the Mega Tigerzord.

Bandai released the White Tigerzord with the White Ranger in 1995. While they also released a Mega Tigerzord set in 1995, the White Tigerzord is more iconic. Bandai’s toy version of the zord closely resembled the on-screen appearance. There are only minor differences in the paint for the shoulders. Like the televised version, the toy could take on its warrior mode. The White Tigerzord also came with a White Tiger Power Coin. Finally, this toy featured electronic lights and sounds.

7. Bandai’s White Ranger’s Deluxe Falconzord (1995)

Bandai’s White Ranger’s Deluxe Falconzord (1995)

After the events of the 1995 movie, the White Ranger lost his ability to call upon the White Tigerzord. Thus, he and the rest of the rangers departed on a quest to obtain new powers from one of Zordon’s allies. Likewise, in the third season, the Rangers also lost their powers to a powerful backlash. Thus, Zordon also sent the team off on a quest for new powers.

Once they obtained their new ninja powers, the White Ranger gained the powers of the Falcon along with the Falconzord. This time, his zord possessed the innate ability to soar through the sky. However, in exchange, this machine did not have a warrior mode. Instead, it fired rockets from the tips of its wings.

Like Tommy’s prior zords, the Falconzord combined with the rest of the team to empower the Megazord. In the case of the Falconzord, it created the Ninja Megafalconzord or, in the movie, the Ninja Falcon Megazord. In both cases, the Falconzord attaches to the back of the Ninja Megazord to empower it. Finally, the Falconzord could slot between the torso and arms of the Shogun Megazord to create the Shogun Megafalconzord.

Bandai released the Falconzord toy as a standalone zord in 1995. While stores sold the toy without the Ninja Megazord, it retained the full capability to combine. Thus, owners of both the Ninja Megazord and Falconzord could form the Ninja Megafalconzord. Once again, Bandai released a toy that closely resembled the on-screen appearance. The White, black, and gold color scheme helps the Falconzord stand out in any collection.

6. Bandai’s Power Blaster (1995)

Bandai’s Power Blaster (1995)

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Power Rangers was the ability to combine their powers, whether they were in hand-to-hand combat or within zords. When they battled on their own, each ranger had their unique weapon, with a power of their own.

For instance, the Black Ranger held the Power Axe while the Pink Ranger wielded the Power Bow. The Yellow Ranger then had the power daggers, while the Blue Ranger held the Power Lance. Finally, the Red Ranger wielded the Power Sword. Each of these weapons held immense power; however, none could compare to the combined might of the Power Blaster, their combined form. To finish off humanoid foes, the Rangers would often combine their weapons to form the Power Blaster and blast them away.

Likewise, Bandai produced the Power Blaster set in 1995, which contained miniature versions of each of the props. However, Bandai did not make any of these toys to scale with their on-screen appearances, each of the individual weapons had representations in this set. Instead, they designed each weapon to fit the hands of children, which gave each weapon a slightly chubby appearance. Still, the joint form remained impressive.

5. Bandai’s Power Dome Morphin Playset (1994)

Bandai’s Power Dome Morphin Playset (1994)

If there was one iconic set in all the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ original run, it would be Rita Repulsa’s tower! Who could forget that giant eye as she viewed the Earth below from her telescope? However, the second most noteworthy set is the Command Center where Zordon’s disembodied head resided. This area featured all the buttons and lights that every 80s and 90s child thought of as futuristic. The area surrounding Zordon featured rings of light that harkened to Tesla coils.

However, most unforgettably, the Command Center held the most important member of the Power Rangers cast, Alpha 5. He performed all the most important tasks light pressing a button to search for five teenagers with attitude. He also exclaimed “Ai yi yi” whenever things went wrong. Alpha was the backbone for the entire team.

Luckily for Power Rangers fans, Bandai saw the light and provided a playset of the command center for children to play with. So, in 1994, they released the Power Dome Morphin Playset to store shelves, featuring all the essential parts of the Command Center, Zordon, Alpha 5, and the circular control console. The set also featured a voice morpher, so owners could imitate Zordon’s voice by speaking into it. Finally, the set came with a transport that would interact with auto-morphing Ranger figures to morph them once they sit on it. Still, the most crucial element was that exclusive Alpha 5 figure within the playset.

4. Bandai’s Titanus (1993)

Bandai’s Titanus (1993)

Not all the Zords that appeared on the show directly related to the powers of one of the Rangers. There was a special class of Zord that functioned as a carrier and battle station for the other Zords. For instance, the Titanus, which first appeared in the season one episode, Gung Ho, only functioned as a standing platform for the Megazord. However, to obtain the power of Titanus, both Jason and Tommy had to work together and combine their powers.

While Titanus did not belong to any specific Power Ranger, the Red Ranger, Jason, often called it into battle. This Zord had an appearance like a Brachiosaurus or Ultrasaurus. With its long neck being its most defining feature. On its own, Titanus could fire orange projectiles from its mouth.

However, its full power appeared once it combined with other zords. Initially, by combining with the Mega Dragonzord, the Titanus formed the Dino Ultrazord. Since the Ultrazord remained in operation into the Ninja era, the combination of the Ninja Megafalconzord and Titanus formed the Ninja Ultrazord. Finally, Titanus combined with the Shogun Megafalconzord to form the Shogun Ultrazord.

Bandai released the Titanus toy to stores in 1993. This figure had two advertised forms, the attack mode, where the Titanus’ weapons mounted on its shoulders, and the carrier mode. While the packaging only showed that the Titanus combined with the Megazord and Dragonzord to form the Ultrazord, all other combinations were possible with this figure. Also, this figure closely resembled its on-screen appearance.

3. Bandai’s Dragonzord with Green Ranger (1993)

Bandai 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dragonzord (loose without Green Ranger)

When Rita Repulsa granted Tommy Oliver the dragon power coin, she did not also give him the power of the Green Ranger, but also the power of the Dragonzord. By playing a song on his Dragon Dagger, the Green Ranger summoned the Dragonzord from the depths of the sea into battle. Notably, this zord did not only bear some semblance to Japan’s iconic Godzilla, but its summoning scene also harkened to the kaiju’s many emergences out of the depths.

While the Dragonzord was a powerful machine on its own, capable of firing missiles at its foes along with melee combat, its true power appeared once it combined with the other Zords. First, by combining with only the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Sabretooth Tiger Dinozords, the Dragonzord formed its battle mode. In the battle mode, the Dragonzord’s tail detached to help form a power staff. However, the greatest form came when the Dragonzord combined with the complete Megazord. Here, the two machines formed the Mega Dragonzord. Notably, one more combination was possible with the addition of Titanus, as mentioned above.

Bandai released the Dragonzord with the Green Ranger as a set in 1993. This toy closely resembled its onscreen appearance, with the most notable difference appearing in the girth of the legs. Like the Dragonzord from the series, the tail for this toy was detachable, permitting the formation of the Power Laser Drill. The package also openly advertised its ability to combine with the Megazord and Titanus. However, the battle mode was possible with this toy.

2. Bandai’s Dragon Dagger (1994)

Bandai’s Dragon Dagger (1994)

Since Toei and Bandai both produced the Super Sentai show in Japan, Bandai’s toys often closely resembled or appeared, as props, in the show. Since Super Sentai’s footage supplied the action segments for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Bandai also had toys that replicated the props from the show. The relationship between the toy and show was on full display with the Dragon Dagger.

In the show, the Green Ranger blew into the hilt guard of the dragon dagger to play a song that summoned the Dragonzord into battle. To play the notes, buttons on its hilt opened and closed the slots on the blade. Amazingly, even though the dragon dagger resembled a flute in how it produced music, the show used brass instruments for its song. Still, both the song and the stance are an iconic part of the Power Rangers show.

When Bandai released the Dragon Dagger to the western market, in 1994, they included electronics to produce the music. Thus, owners only had to press down on the correct button to produce the song that they desired. One button produced the Battle Call, another triggered the Rangers Alert, and the last produced the Dragonzord Summons. Finally, there was a fourth button near the guard that would produce clashing sounds. So, not only did this toy feel like a prop directly from the show but made all the noises a fan would want.

1. Bandai’s Deluxe Set Megazord (1993)

Bandai’s Deluxe Set Megazord (1993)

Beyond any other machine, weapon, or character from the show, one thing stands as the most recognizable product of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. When the Power Rangers faced a foe of colossal heights, they no longer could continue the fight on foot. Thus, they would each call on their Dinozord into the battle. Soon after, they would combine their five individual robots to form a larger zord, the Megazord.

Once the Megazord formed, it towered over all the individual parts at 41 meters tall. While it held its own in hand-to-hand combat, the true power of the Megazord appeared once it wielded its Power Sword. With the sword in hand, the Megazord cut down most foes in hand.

However, the Power Sword was not its only weapon. The Megazord could also produce a lightning-like laser from its head, named the Cranial Laser. Moreover, the Mastodon head converted into the Mastodon shield, supplying both defensive and offensive powers. Finally, the Megazord could combine with the Dragonzord and Titanus to further upgrade its offensive abilities.

Bandai released a deluxe set for the Megazord in 1993, containing all the individual zords and weapons. The set came with several weapons, such as the Titanium Power Sword, Mammoth Shield, Power Punch Missiles, and Thunder Cannons. As with other zords, the Megazord openly advertised its ability to combine with the Dragonzord and Titanus, enticing collectors to buy them all. The Megazord is the greatest of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toys without a doubt.

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While we have listed our picks for the top ten Mighty Morphin Power Rangers toys, we would like to hear what your favorites were. Do you agree with our list or think another toy should have made it to the list? Do you think the reissues and newer toys are better than the 1993 ones? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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