The 10 Most Unusual Monsters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The 10 Most Unusual Monsters from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Beyond the colorful spandex sets that the Rangers wore, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made waves with its set of quirky and unusual monsters. In the first three seasons, either Rita Repulsa or Lord Zedd, or both, summoned these creatures into battle. However, on a few rare exceptions, their minions released these beasts. Each of these creatures set out to cause havoc on the earth, though many specifically aimed at the Rangers.

While some of these creatures possessed devastating powers, like mind-control or time manipulation, many others excelled at simple destruction. Even if the monster was incapable of higher powers like telekinesis, they would still have a noteworthy attack, like a stinger. So, each monster supplied a significant threat.

To create these monsters, Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd turned to various sources. For Rita Repulsa, she relied on one of her henchmen, Finster, and his Monstermatic. Finster first sculpted each monster out from clay before cooking them in his machine. In contrast, Lord Zedd created his monsters by imbuing inanimate objects or living creatures with his magic. His magic then transformed these things into his monsters. According to Lord Zed, his technique created stronger monsters than those from Finster’s Monstermatic.

Of course, their lackeys did not remain to the sidelines either. Even Lord Zedd took it upon himself to battle against the Power Rangers.

Presenting the 10 most unusual monsters that appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

10. Turkey Jerk

Turkey Jerk

No one should be surprised that a monster originally designed by the two moronic bullies, Bulk and Skull, would be unusual. Originally, this pair made it their mission to create a monster so that they could unmask the Rangers. They had been fortunate enough to get their hands on Monster Making Made Easy, a book that detailed how to create a monster. However, Skull managed to make the easy instructions a failure by mixing up the book with a cooking book. Thus, the duo created a cybernetic turkey.

Lord Zedd did not pass up the opportunity for a free monster and brought the cybernetic fowl to life. Even though Lord Zedd’s magic created this monster, Turkey Jerk saw Bulk and Skull as its parents. Thus, it followed their goals by attacking the Power Rangers to unmask them.

Turkey Jerk attacked the rangers with a basting themed projectile weapon, though the projectiles were rays. He also threw cranberry-like grenades at the Rangers. Unfortunately, Turkey Jerk did not even survive a strike from the Power Cannon. Thus, Turkey Jerk one and only appearance occurred during his debut episode, season two’s Storybook Rangers: Part 2.

9. Crabby Cabbie

Crabby Cabbie

Finster did not make all his monsters from clay. Some monsters, like Crabby Cabbie, came from new machines. In this case, the monster formed when Lord Zedd used Finster’s vehicular transformer on a cab that Bulk, Skull, and Kimberly all were riding in. Thus, this creature faced the Rangers with the dilemma of destroying their friends to destroy this monster.

The trio originally boarded the cab after someone stole Kimberly’s car. Thus, they had been chasing the carjacker when their vehicle became Crabby Cabbie. Luckily, Alpha 5 created a device to extract the three human passengers from this monster. Thus, the Power Rangers finished off Crabby Cabbie with the Shogun Megazord’s spin attack. Later, Bulk and Skull both caught the carjacker and returned Kimberly’s car.

In his first appearance, during season three’s episode Follow that Cab, the Crabby Cabbie only had a sword to strike out against the Power Rangers with. However, a resurrected form that appeared later in the franchise sported a tank turret where the Taxi sign originally was. Thus, the Crabby Cabbie became even more unusual.

8. Pudgy Pig

Pudgy Pig

Even one of the most famous monsters from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers remained very unusual. Pudgy Pig first ate his way into the hearts of fans with his first appearance in season one’s episode, Food Fight. Rita Repulsa specifically asked for a monster capable of eating all the food on the earth, which prompted Finster to create this pig-like monster. However, Finster did not feel like this creature was his best creation.

Not long after Pudgy Pig landed on earth, he began devouring every scrap of food that he could locate. He first began devouring the scraps of food in a nearby trash bin. Soon after, he attacked a picnic to eat their food as well. His gluttonous rampage eventually garnered the attention of the Power Rangers. Unfortunately, they found that Pudgy Pig not only devoured food but also snaked on their power weapons. Before the Rangers retreated, they noticed that there was one type of food that this pig would not touch, spicy food.

Now that the Power Rangers knew Pudgy Pig’s weakness, they devised a plan to feed spicy food to the pig. After tricking the monster into eating a sandwich laced with radish, Pudgy Pig puked up both the food that he ate and the Rangers’ weapons. Jason then landed the final blow on this pig with his Power Sword.

Pudgy Pig became a recurring monster in the series, reappearing in flashbacks and as second incarnations. In total, this monster appeared in four episodes.

7. Repellator


Appearing in the premiere 3-part episode for season 3, Friend in Need, Finster created Repellator on Lord Zedd’s orders to capitalize on the Ranger’s absence from Earth. All the other Rangers, except for Kimberly, were on a mission that sent them to the planet Edenoi. Meanwhile, Kimberly suffered from a severe case of the flu, so she was not in top form. Thus, Lord Zedd felt that now was the perfect time to attack the earth.

Repellator was one of Finster’s most disgusting creations, and it reveled in its disgusting nature. Its prominent tongue had a thick coat of slime, which it even coated Rita Repulsa’s hand in. However, its true power was in molecular scrambling, capable of causing or worsening illnesses. However, he was not immune to illness himself, for he caught Kimberly’s flu after their first battle. His other ability showed up once Lord Zedd enlarged him. As he battled the Zords, Repellator’s horns fired green disrupted rays that caused the white Tigerzord and Thunder Megazord to cringe.

Fortunately, this disgusting monster never returned after his fight with the Thunder Megazord. Though, he made an impact by almost finishing off the Pink Ranger. He also frightened Bulk and Skull, who had masqueraded as Power Rangers to impress girls.

6. Eye Guy

Eye Guy

Before Rita sent him to Earth, Eye Guy proved himself on another planet, Redna 2, where he captured exceptionally intelligent children. Finster’s monster then twisted their intellect to be tools for their evil ploys. He also had many other skills, like energy projectiles from his eyes. Moreover, this monster was extremely difficult to destroy since he could break apart into his individual eyes then reform. Thus, he made his way into Rita’s dark heart as her favorite monster.

Once Rita Repulsa sent Eye Guy to Earth, he once again set off to capture gifted children. Thus, he targeted Billy’s friend, Willy, who had created a virtual reality machine. When Power Rangers came out, during the 1990s, our best virtual reality machines were on the scale of Virtual Boy, which is cursed and should not be mentioned. So, a working virtual reality machine was an impressive feat. After Eye Guy successfully captured Willy, he transported the boy to a dimension within his main eye.

Even though the Power Rangers successfully struck down Eye Guy with their power Blaster, he reformed to continue the fight. However, Billy did manage to weaken Eye Guy with a strike to his main eye with the Power Lance. Thus, the Megazord once again targeted his eye to eventually destroy him and save Willy.

Eye Guy first appeared in the season one episode, I, Eye Guy. However, Rita was not the only person to like him. He became a favorite and returned multiple times. In total, Eye Guy appeared in five episodes.

5. Pineoctopus


First appearing in the season one episode, No Clowning Around, Pineoctopus was a pineapple-based monster with octopus-like tendrils. Originally, Finster’s monster took on a humanoid form, which went by the name Pineapple the Clown. He originally caught the Rangers’ attention by juggling items like pineapples. As he entertained the team, he noticed that Trini, the Yellow Ranger, had her cousin, Sylvia, with her. Thus, he set out to target the young girl.

As he targeted Sylvia, he lured the girl onto a Merry-Go-Round with tricks. Even though the girl defended him as her friend, he quickly showed his true nature by turning her into cardboard after he sprinkled her with powder. Then, he teleported away in a flash only to soon reappear with an army of putties to attack the Rangers with. He then attempted to transform Billy with a similar trick but failed. Thus, the Rangers cornered him and forced him to show his true monstrous form.

In his monster form, Pineoctopus still had his cardboard powder. Now, this powder released from his head and pedals on his tentacles. Moreover, he could fire pink energy balls from his vine-like arms. Finally, his vines could act as weapons, both as standard arms and as whips.

Unfortunately for Rita, Trini and Alpha 5 discovered how to restore Pineoctopus’ victims. Also, he could not withstand the power of the Dino Megazord.

Pineoctopus did return for one more episode, Island of Illusion. Otherwise, he stays a one-off season one foe.

4. Shellshock


The lesson presented by Shellshock is that no one should ever allow henchmen, like Squatt and Baboo, to create a monster. No monster created by brilliant minds like these could ever be anything but quirky and unusual. Fortunately for fans of Power Rangers, these two messed around with one of Finster’s clay models, a snapping turtle, to “improve it” and create a monster of their own. Thus, the duo added elements like a bat, hook, brass knuckles, and tiny cannon to the clay creation to create Shellshock.

Shellshock came with an impressive arsenal. Thanks to Squatt and Baboo, he could call upon a baseball bat from his shell. By pulling his head into his shell, Shellshock fired energy blasts from his head cannon. Then, he could change out his left hand with a hooked hand.

However, his most notable abilities came from the traffic light sticking out of his back. Each color on his traffic light created a different effect. For green, Shellshock created a “Go-Beam” that would make its target move non-stop. Sadly, yellow is not known since he never used it. Shellshock’s red light, on the other hand, created a red laser beam and stopped foes in place.

Despite initially receiving praise from Rita Repulsa, Shellshock eventually met the fate of all other monsters. After Trini, who initially fell victim to the Go-Beam, freed the team with the pollen of a magical flower, the team struck out at Shellshock. Thus, this monster fell to the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord’s ground breath.

Even though Shellshock’s most important appearance is his season one episode, The Trouble with Shellshock, he did make an appearance in one more episode.

3. Lipsyncher


After Lord Zedd transformed Kimberly’s Purse into Pursehead, the creature pulled out a “Siren Song Red” lipstick. This lipstick became the basis for Lord Zedd’s next monster, Lipsyncher. While this monster served as Pursehead’s aid, it held its own in battle. It also stood out much more than a monster with a purse on its head. Lipsyncher also is one of the few distinguishably female monsters in the show.

Since the color of the lipstick had the word “siren” in it, this lipstick monster attacked with both lipstick and song-themed attacks. Notably, Lipsyncher wielded a sword that resembled a pair of lips. However, its signature move came from the note-like energy that she emitted from her mouth. With this musical attack, Lipsyncher created explosions. Then, it generated sound waves with its sword while enlarged, temporarily stunning the Red Dragon Thunderzord.

Despite Lord Zedd’s confidence in Lipsyncher’s abilities, this monster fell like many before and after it to the might of the Thunderzords. The Red Dragon Thunderzord landed the final blow to take out Lipsyncher for good. Thus, this monster only appeared in one episode, season two’s Two for One.

2. See Monster

See Monster

In Season 3, Finster once again created a quirky monster that resembled a wrinkly, large man in a trench coat. This sea monster-inspired creature would then open its outer coat-like layers to flash its victims with its eye-laden inner membrane. These eyes shot disorienting beams that created headaches for the Power Rangers. Even though See Monster quickly retreated as the Shogun Zords came onto the scene, they did not defeat him then.

He soon returned to attack Angel Grove once more. This time, Rita and Lord Zed enlarged the monster so that he could cause mass destruction. Unfortunately for the evil duo, See Monster became one of the first monsters to fall to the Shogun Megazord’s might. Not only did the Shogun Megazord reflect his beams at him, but the Rangers then struck him down with the Fire Sword.

See Monster did not remain in his debut episode, Changing of the Zords: Part 3. This same monster reappeared in multiple episodes, even after his defeat. In total, See Monster made appearances in four episodes.

1. Pipebrain


When Lord Zedd set off to rid the Red Ranger of his powers, he decided to create a monster from a golden pipe trophy. Why was a golden pipe the trophy for Jason’s upcoming tournament? Do not ask, just go with it. The result was a monster with an ornamental pipe that resembled a halo around where its head should be. It also wore a cape. This monster definitely checks off all the boxes for strange and unusual.

Lord Zedd then forced Jason into a dilemma. He could either aid his friends by facing off against Goldar, or he could save Angel Grove by facing against Pipebrain. He eventually decided that saving the city was the right choice. Since Pipebrain did little by firing pipes at the Red Ranger, Lord Zedd quickly threw a growth bomb at the monster. He then fell to the might of the Red Dragon Thunderzord’s warrior mode.

Pipebrain possessed abilities that did not relate to his pipes. He was also an electric monster. He could produce a stream of blue lightning from his eye. Once enlarged, the monster electrified his arms by hitting them before shocking his foes. Otherwise, he could strike out and restrain his foes with pipes. Though, he did also have a large brown tentacle on his right arm.

Pipebrain’s one and only appearance occurred during season two’s episode, Missing Green. Though, he still left one lasting question: who uses a golden pipe as a trophy for a martial arts tournament?

Which Mighty Morphin Power Rangers monster did you find as strange and unusual?

We have shared our picks for the ten most unusual monsters from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Now, it is your turn to let us know who you think should have been on the list. Who were your favorite monsters? Comment below and let us know.

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