The Top 10 Characters from the ThunderCats

The Top 10 Characters from the ThunderCats

The ThunderCats media franchise was one of the topmost successful media franchises from the 1970s to the 1990s era. This incredible feat could be allocated to the success of the maiden version of the animated television series ThunderCats. Tobin Wolf created the original cartoon, which ran from 1985 to 1989. The original ThunderCats television series was a fan favorite amongst kids and early teenagers of the ’80s.

ThunderCats is an animated series endowed with a lot of very amazing characters. The television series was full of brave, courageous, and exceptional heroes as well as their worthy adversaries.

The ten most memorable, most outstanding characters that featured in the 1985 animated television series, ThunderCats.

10. Jackalman


The Jackalman is a villainous character that Larry Kenney voiced. Jackalman, whose real name is Kaynar, resembled a jackal. Meanwhile, he is the cowardly leader of the Jackalmen, a race of humanoids Jackals that lived on the planet Plun-Darr.

Before becoming one of Mumm-Ra’s generals, Kaynar was a prisoner in a dog prison. However, Slithe eventually offered his freedom in exchange for being one of Mumm-Ra’s generals. Jackalman is a lazy opportunistic warrior who would do anything to avoid leading the lines in full-blown war. Instead, he sides with other generals like Slithe and let them claim responsibility for any mishap.

The Jackalman did not make this list because of his exceptional fighting skill or his bravery. Instead, he has an unconventional sense of humor. He is the funniest villain portrayed in this television series and his sarcastic and smug remarks as comic relief while watching the series.

9. Thunderkittens (WilyKit and WilyKat)

Thunderkittens (WilyKit and WilyKat)

The ThunderKitten consists of a set of twins who both have names that start with Wily. WilyKit the female, who Lynne Lipton voiced, and WilyKat the male, who Peter Newman voiced. They are the youngest and the most immature in the group. They are regularly traveling on their space boards.

Although they were of about the same age as Lion-O when they left their home planet Thundera, fortunately (or rather, unfortunately) for them their cryosleep was intact unlike that of Lion-O. These dynamic Twins are renowned for causing mischief and getting into trouble. Because of the Thunderkitten’s age, the ThunderCats did not permit them to go on some missions. While constantly trying to prove themselves worthy of being a ThunderCat, they instead create more problems for themselves.

8. Pumyra


Apart from Cheetara and WilyKit, Pumyra is the only other female character portrayed in the animated television series. In the original cartoon, Gerriane Raphael voiced Pumyra, who is based on the Puma.

Pumyra is the healer and medical practitioner of the ThunderCats. She took care of the ThunderCats using her vast medical knowledge and the unlimited medical supply found on Third Earth. Pumyra is the most compassionate among the ThunderCats, often helping the ThunderCats find peaceful means to resolve conflicts without bloodshed.

Pumyra possesses an incredible leap, and she can achieve short bursts of super speed. Pumyra’s favorite weapon is a Whipcord that can throw objects like an old sling. After the restoration of the new Thundera, Pumyra and Tygra stayed behind to continue protecting the Third Earth’s locals from any form of evil.

7. Grune the Destroyer

Grune the Destroyer

Bob McFadden voiced Grune in the original ThunderCats cartoon. This character’s design resembles a Saber-toothed Tiger.

Grune used to be a ThunderCat warrior and a very good friend of Jaga. Grune’s greed and lust made him organize an ill-planned attack on the ThunderCats. He subsequently lost his war. Thus, he became exiled from Thundera. Grune landed on Third Earth long before the ThunderCats got to Third Earth. After Grune’s death, the residents of Third Earth placed a seal on his tomb to trap him and stop him from wandering around the world.

Two Bolkins unintentionally broke the seal and liberated Grune’s spirit. Seeking revenge over his defeat, Grune had forged a weapon out of Thundrainum then attacked the Cats Lair with it. Being a stranger to all the ThunderCats, Cheetara used her sixth sense ability to recount his past.

Unable to fight a ghost, Lion -0 summoned the spirit of Jaga who fought on their behalf. Grune quickly overpowered Jaga, who became weakened by Grune’s Thundrainum weapon. However, Lion-O gave him the Sword of Omens and his strength, and that was enough to defeat Grune.

6. Tygra


Peter Newman was the voice of Tygra in the 1985 cartoon. This character’s design resembles a tiger.

Generally characterized as being Analytic, calm, and very thoughtful Tygra is an older and more experienced ThunderCats who is the head of the ThunderCats council and the second in command to the Lord of the ThunderCats. Tygra is an excellent architect who is responsible for the Cats Lair and Tower of Omens amongst other ThunderCats structures.

Tygra possesses a special telepathic power that allows him to create illusions in other people’s minds. Also, he can completely make himself invisible to the human eye. He is also a scientist and a chemical expert.

5. Panthro


Earle Hyman voiced Panthro in the original ThunderCats cartoon. This character resembles another large cat, a panther. He is the oldest and noblest in the group after the passing of Jaga. Panthro is the mechanic of the group and he is responsible for all the vehicles used by the ThunderCats while they were on Third Earth including ThunderClaw, HoverCat, and the likes.

Panthro is the strongest ThunderCat. While he sometimes holds a father figure in the group, he has an excellent sense of humor. He is also the group’s pilot. He is sometimes strict as he lives by the warrior code of excellence, pride, and loyalty. His favorite weapon is the nunchaku. Unfortunately, he has an awkward fear of bats.

4. Cheetara


Lynne Lipton voiced the female lead of the ThunderCats, Cheetara, who resembles a cheetah. Cheetara can cut it all, she is the brave and fearless lady beating up Mutants with her baton or bo staff and she is also the lovely, caring, and kind lady while with her fellow ThunderCats.

Cheetara possesses amazing speed which she could hold up for almost two miles. She also possesses the sixth sense, an ability to see into past events as well future events too although this comes at a great price to her physical strength, sometimes needing days to recuperate her strength. Cheetara could also sense impending danger.

She also was the only adult female character in the television series until Pumyra later introduction.

3. Mumm-Ra


Earl Hammond was the voice of Mumm-Ra, the main villain of the original ThunderCats cartoon. This character resembles a mummified and decayed corpse-like being. Mumm-Ra thinks of himself as the immortal source of evil and he also boasts of some very powerful sorcery. He is in fact servant to the Ancient Spirits of evil who backs him up with sorcery and long life.

Mumm-Ra lives in an Egyptian-like pyramid cave where he primarily exists in decayed, mummified form and relies solely on a sarcophagus stone. He can however transform himself into a youthful, vigorous, and muscular form Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living by reciting an incantation, he can even transform into a grander form called Mumm-Ra, the All-Powerful. Mumm-Ra also possesses the ability to shapeshift into any form.

Since the arrival of the ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra’s attention has shifted to the Sword of Omen and the eye of Thundera contained in it.

2. Jaga


Earl Hammond also voiced Jaga, a character was based on Jaguar, in the original cartoon. Jaga is a close friend to King Claudus (Lion-O’s father) who was the Lord of the ThunderCats. After Claudus lost his eyesight, he appointed Jaga as the makeshift leadership role until Lion-O was old enough.

Jaga was responsible for the destruction of Thundera when he tried to destroy the Sword of Plun-Darr by throwing it in a chasm which causes an explosion that destroyed Thundera. Jaga commanded the Royal Flagship and managed to escape the doomed planet.

Through the course of getting out of the planet, the spaceship was damaged, and it cannot reach its destination. Jaga, however, volunteered to pilot the ship to their location knowing full well he will not get to the destination. So, Jaga ordered everyone in the spaceship to get in their suspension pod and they all slept. Jaga piloted the spaceship to Third Earth, but he died shortly before reaching his home.

1. Lion-O


Larry Kenney voiced the leader and Lord of the ThunderCats, Lion-O, a character based on Lion. He wields the Sword of Omens, which can fire charges and enables the handler to see across a very vast distance thanks to the eye of Thundera embedded in the sword. Lion-O also uses a claw shield.

Only at the early age of 12 years, Lion-O witnessed the destruction of his home planet, while entering his suspension pod as a teenager, he woke out of it as a young man because of a fault in his sleeping pod. Lion-O must learn in real-time how to become a leader. Lion-O ultimately defeated Mumm-Ra in the decisive battle inside of Mumm-Ra’s Pyramid cave. After excelling at the ” anointment trials” where he faced all the members of the ThunderCats unharmed and he bested all of them, he earned the title as the Lord of the ThunderCats.

Final Thoughts

Amazing characters spice the ThunderCats franchise. Although ratings are subjective, these characters will easily make the list of any top characters from the movie, based on either their fighting prowess or their roles in the movie which triggered fans’ interests.

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