Who Buys ThunderCats Toys for Cash?

Who Buys ThunderCats Toys for Cash?

Do you know who buys ThunderCats toys, or which of these places will give you the best deal? Putting up your old toys for sale is a fantastic idea. You get to pass on cartoon toys from your childhood to other cool vintage toy lovers out there.

At Wheeljack’s Lab, we aim to make it easy for you to sell you toys. So, we will help you find the perfect place that buys ThunderCats action figures. It is not just because we are the leading vintage toy retailer in the industry. You also get to choose from many options of who buys ThunderCats toys.

We’ve spent more than 20 years buying vintage toys of action figures like Transformers, G.I. Joe, He-Man, and Star Wars. So, we know the art of buying and selling vintage toys. Do not take our word for it. Find out what steps you cannot afford to miss in this guide.

Before you look for who buys your ThunderCats toys in 2021, do these:

1984 LJN ThunderCats Lion-O

ThunderCats are loose. Feel the magic. Hear the roar! But do not get so excited about selling your old ThunderCats toys that you skip the necessary checklist. How about you take some time to prepare your ThunderCats toys list to find out what they are worth.

If you are going to make good money selling your old, used, or vintage ThunderCats toys, you have got to be ready to tick these steps off your sales to-do list. Let us go!

Do you know the original owner of the toys?

Talk about a speedy toy sale – and you have one where you are the original owner of the ThunderCats toys. Think about it like this. LJN ThunderCats action figures first showed up in 1985. Between then and now, we have got different ThunderCats collectibles – from modern designs in 2011 to even another redesign of toys 2020. The classic Lion-O remains everyone’s favorite character.

Now, it is easier to relate to this if you own your toys. Most vintage toy shops that buy ThunderCats toys do not give the best deal for larger collections. But if they belong to you, sorting, rearranging, and naming would be a breeze. Creating a ThunderCats toys list would come easy for you.

But if these vintage toys are not yours, shoot us an email, and we will guide you on what to do next.

Time-saving advice: Arrange your ThunderCats toys.

Getting someone who buys old ThunderCats toys is not the toughest part. We advise that you organize your toys into collections based on toy lines, like characters, and playsets. Imagine that you start with the 8-Back and need to arrange the ThunderCats vehicles. It is a hitch-free process that helps you sort them out according to manufacturer and pieces.

Being your toy’s original owner makes the arranging step effortless. You know them like the back of your hand.

How much are my ThunderCats toys worth?

1985 LJN ThunderCats Panthro

Which of these questions appeals to you more – “who buys ThunderCats toys for cash” or “how much can I get for selling my old ThunderCats toys”?

Second? Yeah, you are right!

Here is the deal:

In 2018, experts at eBay named action figures among the 50 most-loved toys, with Transformers making the list. With such top toys on the minds of toys and games lovers, can you imagine how much people are willing to pay for your used ThunderCats toys?

What is the trick to finding out your ThunderCats toys value?

  1. Go on ebay.com and search for “ThunderCats action figures for sale”.
  2. Pay attention to items that have sold within the last week or a month.
  3. Focusing on the sold prices gives you a more realistic price point of your ThunderCats toys’ worth.
  4. And if you notice slight or sharp differences in prices, it has got to do with the condition of the toys.
  5. Before you put up your ThunderCats toys for sale, have you ensured that they are new? Are there no missing pieces? Is the original box available?

Clean up your ThunderCats toys before selling them.

Cheetara and Tygra need to look amazing to keep their popular titles and sell for what they are worth. If they have got the residue of smoke, dust, dirt, sunlight, high heat, low humidity, or other discoloration problems, a sale would be unrealistic.

Yes, 1985 is some 36 years ago. A full-grown adult, you may say. And if you had ThunderCats toys from the 1980s, it is a given that the plastic may discolor from environmental exposure or be in poor shape. How do you fix such ugly damage? Read this valuable guide on how to fix yellowing problems in toys.

So, where can I find who buys old and used ThunderCats toys?

1985 LJN ThunderCats Ratar-O

You will find lots of places where you can sell your vintage ThunderCats toys. How do you choose the best match for your cartoon toys?

Be like Tongue-a-Saurus that uses his tongue as a weapon. Use your time needs to your advantage.

This depends on how quickly you want to sell your vintage toys. If you are not ready to wait a long time, you might get less cash for your vintage toys. But does waiting a long time always translate to getting a higher percentage on your toys?

Apart from this, the time you need to prepare your ThunderCats toys for sale could determine your preferred vintage toy store. Imagine that a store cared little about your ample collection. Would you be willing to convert your toys into very little cash?

Let us compare the available toy stores and their offerings. If you have more information on who buys ThunderCats toys, you can weigh your options and pick what suits your time and cash needs.

Auction Sites Around You

Local auction sites within your area are easy to find and use. All you must do is take your ThunderCats toys collection there and get your money after the sale.

Despite the ease of access and usage, they demand high fees and operate a slow turnaround time. Also, you cannot predict your toy’s value since auction sites work with anyone who shows up. Finally, without a toy resale specialist who knows how these things work, you could not get a good deal on large ThunderCats toys collections.

Our verdict: Not A Good Idea.

Pawnshops in the Area

You are sure to find someone who buys ThunderCats toys in pawnshops. These local stores are right there in your vicinity and selling your vintage toys to them is easy. Almost effortless.

On the downside, they typically cut down your ThunderCats toys value, giving you a low percentage because you are there for the moment. Dealers at pawnshops are not professional toy retailers. So, they offer you any amount even if it is a distant reflection of your toys’ worth.

Our verdict: Not Your Best Bet.

Toy Dealers Around Your Area

What makes selling to local toy dealers cool? First, they sell fast. Second, they do not charge fees. Third, they pay you almost instantly. Fourth, you can verify them on Better Business Bureau.

These four perks sound good until you get a low percentage for your ThunderCats toys. Like pawnshops, they devalue your old or used ThunderCats toys and give a shocking figure for large collections of ThunderCats action figures.

Our verdict: You can find a better place that buys your ThunderCats toys. Your vintage ThunderCats toys are worth more.

eBay and Other Online Auction Sites

eBay is an excellent stop to find people who buy old ThunderCats toys. You get to connect with a wide audience who offer mostly impressive prices.

Despite these remarkable positioning, comparable sites like eBay bring a truckload of headaches. From the slow, boring toy sale process and difficult usage to the high transaction fees and fraudulent activities, you may have a lot to worry about.

On top of these, you cannot imagine the bidding experience. You cannot insist on a no-return policy and you will have to be at the post office daily.

Our verdict: Selling your used ThunderCats toys should not be so tiring.

Swap Pages on Facebook & Craigslist

Online pages on Facebook and Craigslist offer you reasonable prices from lots of clients. And you do not pay any fees at all while enjoying the easy use of these platforms.

Yet, you could spend eternity waiting to arrange and sell your ThunderCats toys. Fraud concerns are quite alarming on these sites and protecting your privacy may be impossible. Without customer support, unserious requests about your toy collections, and poor access in rural areas, these swap pages do not sound like what you need.

Our verdict: Your ThunderCats toys deserve better treatment.

Online Vintage Toy Stores

Your go-to places that buy vintage ThunderCats toys are online toy dealers. Why? You spend little to no time listing and selling your toys. They don’t charge any fees for selling your ThunderCats toys, and you can check that they have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

The only downside is that you, unfortunately, will not receive the full value for your toys.

Wheeljack’s Lab Buys ThunderCats Toys for Cash

1985 LJN ThunderCats Thundertank

Listing and selling your cartoon toys can be a job. If this is your first time, you may feel discouraged by the time involved and the preparation steps described above. Nonetheless, you do not have to do it alone. Call us at Wheeljack’s Lab on 888-946-2895 or email us to pick up your boxes of old ThunderCats toys.

As a vintage toy store with more than two decades’ experience serving this area, we consistently offer instant payments, same-day quotes, and prepaid and paid-for shipping (if your toys demand this). We respond to calls and messages within the hour and are here to stay. Trust that we will find your ThunderCats toys new owners who will love them as much as you do.

Do you have old and used ThunderCats toys?

If you have a collection of old and used toys, you can turn those toys into cash. There is no reason to let those old toys collect dust. Contact us today to sell your ThunderCats toy collection.

Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. If you are ready to sell your collection today, fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895.

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    Still unsure about where to sell your ThunderCats toys?

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