1986 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog

1986 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog

As Coleco toured toy fairs and other events in 1986, they handed out this exciting catalog to the various dealers, vendors, and other trade professionals. Like prior years, the 1986 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog gave glimpses of the great toys that the company would send to stores in the following months.  Even though Coleco had closed down their video game division in the prior year, they still had many toys to look forward to.

As expected, the catalog had a multitude of pages dedicated to their smash hit, the Cabbage Patch Kids. Even though these dolls were popular, Coleco created multiple other toys that appeared here. For instance, they also introduced a new type of cuddly companion, the Furkins.

Those looking forward to boys’ toys were not disappointed with this catalog. The unique insect-themed toy line, the Sectaurs, returned with new additions in this catalog. There was also a new exciting toy line, especially for action movie fans, Rambo. While this line took most of its cues from the cartoon series, it also harkened back to the movie.

So, we invite you to explore the pages of the 1986 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog with our high-definition scans.

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Explore the pages of the 1986 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog

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