1985 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog – Page 68 – Ride-Ons

Explore the pages of the rare 1985 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog with our high-definition scans. While this catalog featured the cultural phenomenon, Cabbage Patch Kids, Coleco also featured many more toys. So, there were plenty of licensed products featuring other toys like G.I. Joe that appeared in this catalog.

Beyond their hit toy lines, Coleco sustained their profits with a large selection of licensed Ride-On toys that they promoted in the 1985 Toy Fair Catalog. As Coleco explained, they had the industry’s best-selling Ride-Ons. In 1984, they set sales records with winners like the Cabbage Patch Kids and the Knight Rider Power Cycles. More than just offering hot licenses, they also created a wide range of colorfully-designed Ride-Ons for children of all ages.

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On this page, Coleco promoted 1829, the Big Bird 13” Power Cycle. This cycle provided fast-action fun with a beloved friend like the bright, colorful BIG BIRD. This cycle coincided with the creation of the new major motion picture for 1985 that starred the famous bird. It featured a 3-position seat back and handlebar plaque. It also had streamers, flags, and a built-in motor sound.

Then, they advertised 1805, the My Little Pony 13” Power Cycle. This ride-on would catch the eye of every girl with its MY LITTLE PONY colors and graphics. It featured an adjustable 3-position seat back, a 13” direct-drive front wheel, and a clicker sound.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1985 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Coleco provided to retailers and representatives.

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