1985 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog

1985 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog

Throughout the 1980s, Coleco was a small but notable toy company that made several memorable toys. Most notably, the company created the Cabbage Patch Kids which took the toy aisle by storm when they were introduced in 1983. Coleco also built a following with the video game console, ColecoVision. Both of these products appeared prominently in the 1985 Toy Fair Catalog.

However, Coleco could not rely solely on these two products to keep afloat. So, this catalog also featured multiple licensed products. The company also introduced a brand new toy line in 1985, the Sectaurs, which introduced players to imaginative insect warriors.

Even though the ColecoVision appeared in this catalog, this would be the last year that Coleco promoted the system. For, by the end of the year, they stopped producing the system and stepped down from the video game industry.

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