The Ten Most Expensive Bone Age Toys

The Ten Most Expensive Bone Age Toys

While Kenner entered the 1980s as the top toy manufacturer in the market, their position slipped in the second half of the decade. The Star Wars excitement that propelled them to success trickled off with the finalization of the trilogy in 1983. Moreover, toy companies that they had initially surpassed returned with a vengeance as Mattel introduced the Masters of the Universe and Hasbro hit gold with both G.I. Joe and Transformers. So, Kenner had to dream up a brand new form of exciting entertainment.

Taking notes from Hasbro’s transforming toys and Lego’s building toys, Kenner dreamed up a new way to play. They would come up with toys that acted as both transforming action figures and building sandboxes. While they would provide suggested builds in their instructions, players could use their imagination to create endless combinations, as long as they had enough sets. Thus, Kenner hoped that this style would prompt buyers to purchase multiple sets.

They combined this new playstyle with the classic excitement of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. However, instead of producing standard creatures, they instead designed these new toys to resemble the skeletons of the ancient behemoths. Alongside the living bones would be a set of cavemen who were split into three different clans.

Thus, Kenner introduced children and toy collectors to the Bone Age. Even though Kenner strongly pushed these toys into the toy aisle, they failed to set up any extra media to promote the new line. Without this backing, the Bone Age quickly became a toy history and lasted only one year.

Presenting the Ten Most Expensive Bone Age Toys

As with most toy lines that briefly hit the market, Kenner’s Bone Age has become a treasured collector’s line. With no rereleases in recent years, the only way to enjoy these toys is to collect vintage action figures. So, many of these toys have become valuable.

Join us as we explore the ten most expensive Kenner Bone Age toys that have sold on online auction sites like eBay.

10. Dynacus  with Zur of the Ice Clan

Kenner Bone Age Dynacus with Zur of the Ice Clan

Before Jurassic Park hit theaters, Deinonychus was one of the most popular dinosaurs around. This relative of the velociraptor lived in the area that would later become America’s western states, such as Montana and Utah. While it stood above its cousin, neither creature towered over a standard human. Still, it was the largest known species known during the 80s. Thus, Kenner chose to feature this dinosaur as one of the Bone Age sets.

Dynacus came with Zur of the Ice Clan. This toy could be reassembled into a mobile auger launcher. However, its launching tail could have easily been used for a range of unique builds.

The back of the box explained how Deinonychus was a small, fierce fighter that would attack much larger dinosaurs with its sharp claws and teeth. This dinosaur could reach tremendous speeds while running upright on its powerful hind legs. So, it could capture any enemy.

Meanwhile, Zur was a bear hunter from the Ice Clan. He was as courageous as a Grizzly and attacked with undaunted strength. Like most of the Ice Clan, he lived in icy caves and followed the lead of Tund the Thunderous.

One of these complete action systems sold on eBay for $99.99 on July 13, 2013.

9. Codus with Thog of the Stone Clan

Kenner Bone Age Codus with Thog of the Stone Clan

 Not every toy that Kenner included in the Stone Age toy line was clearly identified as a specific Species. In the case of Codus, while he is obviously an example of a prehistoric crocodilian, the exact species is unknown. Crocodiles are known as living dinosaurs for a reason, their basic morphology has remained stable for millions of years. So, the mold may have been modeled after a modern crocodile.

Codus came with an action figure of Thog from the Stone Clan. Its instructions showed how the bones could be reassembled into a scout copter.

Kenner described Codus as a carnivorous reptile with sharp teeth and mighty jaws. As an ancestor of the modern crocodile, he lived near prehistoric marshes and rivers. He used his short, muscular legs on land. Meanwhile, he used his powerful tail under the water as he preyed on both small animals and fish.

Meanwhile, Thog was the swamp master of the Stone Clan. He had magic powers that allowed him to travel through thick bogs. With his powers, he led the Stone Clan to hidden treasure. Like the rest of the clan, he was an agile warrior that dwelled in rock wall cliffs and followed the lead of Crag the Clubber.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $152.50 on July 09, 2014.

8. Ptero with Brog of the Ice Clan

Kenner Bone Age Ptero with Brog of the Ice Clan

The Pteranodon is the staple example of a flying reptile from the age of the dinosaurs. With few exceptions, this was the largest example of its kind. They glided through the skies with their webbed wings. While many mistake these flying reptiles for dinosaurs, they were from a completely different ancestral line.

Ptero came with Brog from the Ice Clan. Kenner provided instructions on how to reassemble the bones into an attack copter. Otherwise, he could become a sleek land skimmer.

Kenner described the Pteranodon as the first flying reptile and an ancestor of today’s birds. Notably, that statement was wrong and most dinosaurs are more related to birds than a Pterosaur. He had leathery membrane wings, akin to a bat’s, that allowed him to glide from cliffs. His sharp teeth were used to catch fish as he glided above the water.

Meanwhile, Brog was the tundra tracker from the Ice Clan. He could follow any enemy’s trails through every terrain, even the frozen tundra. He lived with the rest of his clan in icy caves.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $175.00 on January 30, 2013.

7. Anklor with Tuk of the Stone Clan

Kenner Bone Age Anklor with Tuk of the Stone Clan

Few animals could have ever been described as living tanks. With all of its bony plates protecting its backside, the Ankylosaurus has become well-known as one of the most defensive dinosaurs. Furthermore, it had a great offense with its clubbed tail. So, there is no surprise that many love this dinosaur.

Anklor came with Tuk from the Stone Clan and bolstered the defenses of this clan. Kenner provided directions on how to reform this creature’s bones into either a rock catapult launcher or a hot rod racer. Otherwise, its spring-loaded tail could launch rocks at enemies.

Kenner described Ankylosaurus as a very imposing dinosaur thanks to his massive strength and plates covering his back. He could spear and crush attackers as well as use his sharp, spiked tail to bash them.

Meanwhile, Tuk was a hide skinner from the Stone Clan. He was a skilled hander of jagged stone blades. Like the rest of his clan, he lived in rock-wall cliffs.

One of the Anklor Bone Age toys sold on eBay for $199.99 on April 26, 20103.

6. Tritops with Tund the Thunderous, Chief of the Ice Clan

Kenner Bone Age Tritops with Tund the Thunderous, Chief of the Ice Clan

Another classic example of a dinosaur is the imposing Triceratops. This massive herbivore stood out with its massive pair of horns above its eyes along with the smaller horn on its snout. With its neck protected by a bony crest, this dinosaur posed a danger to most carnivores.

Kenner packaged Tritops with the action figure for Tund the Thunderous, the chief of the mighty Ice Clan. His bones could be rearranged to become either a thunderous battle wagon or a rolling hut crusher tank. Otherwise, the triceratops bones could launch his horns like torpedos.

Kenner erroneously described the Triceratops as the ancestor of the rhinoceros. This dinosaur had three long sharp bone horns to protect himself from his arch-enemy, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Weighing over ten tons and having horns over 8 feet long, Triceratops speared and crushed attackers.

Meanwhile, Tund the Thunderous led the Ice Clan, who lived in icy caves. He wore a dinosaur skull headdress as he led the cavemen warriors in either hunts or battles.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $200.00 on January 30, 2013.

5. Plesior with Molt of the Lava Clan

Kenner Bone Age Plesior with Molt of the Lava Clan

The age of the dinosaurs was filled with fantastical creatures that lived both on the land and in the sea. Some of these creatures were closely related to the reptiles that dominated the land. The Plesiosaurus hunted fish in the seas of the early Jurassic period. Like dolphins and whales, these creatures had to surface from time to time to breathe air.

The Plesior complete action system came with an action figure of Molt from the Lava Clan. His bones could be rearranged to become either a fin skiff or a jail cell. He also had a button that made his fins close in and clasp onto other figures.

Kenner described the Plesiosaurus as a giant marine reptile that lived in prehistoric marshes, rivers, and seas. They believed that he had evolved from land reptiles into sea creatures. So, his legs became flippers. Meanwhile, he developed a long neck which gave him great agility to catch fish. According to legend, there are still living examples of this beast, like the Loch Ness Monster.

Molt was the spear hunter from the Lava Clan. He used his flaming spears to protect the clan from enemy cavemen and ferocious animals. Like the rest of his clan, he gained strength from erupting volcanos.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $255.00 on March 01, 2019.

4. Stegus with Org of the Lava Clan

Kenner Bone Age Stegus with Org of the Lava Clan

Another popular dinosaur is the Stegosaurus, the massive herbivore with bony plates on its back. While the use of these plates is still up for debate, there are no questions about the two sets of spikes found on its tail. The Stegosaurus could fiercely defend itself and its herd with this vicious weapon.

The Stegus Complete Action System came with an action figure of Org from the Lava Clan. These bones could be rearranged into either a sleek ground charger, an artillery launcher, or a scout vehicle. Otherwise, the bone skeleton could launch its bony plates one by one.

According to Kenner, the Stegosaurus was a plant eater that roamed in search of vegetation. Two rows of bony back plates protected him from the jaws of his attackers. They also regulated his temperature by releasing body heat. Stegosaurus could swing his double spiked tail from side to side to fight attackers.

Meanwhile, Org was a mighty fire warrior from the Lava Clan. He got his strength from hot coals before heading into the heat of battle. He gained battle strength from erupting volcanos like the rest of his clan.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $295.00 on January 07, 2020.

3. Deitron with Brac of the Stone Clan

Kenner Bone Age Deitron with Brac of the Stone Clan

Before the dinosaurs took over the earth, there were multiple early reptiles and other species. During the Cisurlian era, creatures like the Dimetrodon were amongst the apex predators on the land. This four-legged creature has become easily recognizable due to its prominent sail along its spine.

Kenner’s Deitron came with Brac from the Stone Clan. This set of bones could be rearranged into a spine-launching gunner station or a soaring bomber.

According to Kenner, the Dimetrodon had a sail-like membrane that stretched across his back. This sail helped control the creature’s temperature and could act as a shield against his enemies. He was a dominant predator who used his powerful jaws and two long fangs to devour his prey.

Meanwhile, Brac was a hunter from the Stone Clan, who lived in rock walls. This prehistoric mason built attack fortresses from dinosaur bones.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $299.99 on April 26, 2013.

2. T-Rex with Crag the Clubber, Chief of the Stone Clan

Kenner Bone Age T-Rex with Crag the Clubber, Chief of the Stone Clan

One of the most iconic dinosaurs to ever exist is the titanic Tyrannosaurus Rex. Few therapods outclassed this predator in size. Arguably, no other predator that has ever existed has delivered as powerful a bite as Tyrannosaur. In exchange for its massive head and jaws, the Tyrannosaurus Rex had tiny arms. Still, there were no doubts that this creature was an apex predator.

Kenner’s T-Rex from the Bone Age toy line came with an action figure of Crag the Clubber, the chief of the Stone Clan. His bones could be rearranged to build a prehistoric battle fortress or a jet bomber. He also could throw rocks with his arms.

According to Kenner, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most ferocious of all dinosaurs. With a huge head, powerful jaws, and 8-inch-long teeth, he attacked and devoured his prey. He was especially a deadly foe of the Triceratops.

Meanwhile, Crag the Clubber led the nomads of the Stone Clan, who dwelled in rock wall cliffs. His dinosaur skull headdress gave him great power as he led the clan on caveman raids.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $450.00 on March 15, 2020.

1. Brontus with Volc the Voracious, Chief of the Lava Clan

Kenner Bone Age Brontus

For decades, the question of whether Brontosaurus was a separate species from Apatosaurus swirled. With the rush to make a name for himself, the man who unearthed the bones of this creature, Othniel Charles Marsh, completed the skeletons by slapping on heads that did not belong. Despite the debate, museums proudly displayed Brontosaurus skeletons, which often had a Camerasaurus head attached. While the museums finally corrected their errors around the 1990s, Marsh may have been correct in proclaiming the two species as separate.

Kenner’s Brontus appeared near the end of the Bone Age toy line. So, not only was it one of the largest parts of the toy line, but it also had a shorter window of release. This toy came with an action figure of Vol the Voracious, the chief of the Lava Clan. The Brontus could be rebuilt as a stealth jet bomber, a mighty fortress, or a scout vehicle.

According to Kenner, the Brontosaurus was a member of the gigantic sauropod family, the largest animals to roam the earth. Weighing up to 40 tons, the “thunder lizard” often shook the ground when he walked. His huge body allowed him to wade through lakes and swamps to feed upon soft plants and seaweed. Swinging his giant tail helped protect him from enemies on land though he rarely ventured from water.

Meanwhile, Volc the Voracious was the chief of the Lava Clan that gained battle strength from erupting volcanoes. As the greatest fire warrior, he was the keeper of the clan’s sacred “flames of power”.

One of these toys sold on eBay for $599.99 on July 13, 2013.

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