The Best Way to Sell Star Wars Action Figures

The Best Way to Sell Star Wars Action Figures

We all have very vivid memories of our favorite childhood toys. But time has drastically changed since then. Nowadays, kids like to play with multiple toys at various times, but that does not mean all those vintage toys are not still valuable!

Have you had a vintage toy collection in the family, but the kids are no longer using them? Do you know that you can sell your toy collection in return for cash? You have heard it right! Now, you can sell your vintage toys, free up space, and earn money. We make selling old toys much easier than ever!

Wheeljack’s Lab is here to help you figure out the best way to sell your Star Wars toys!

1978 Kenner Star Wars Han Solo

Wheeljack’s Lab is here to buy any brand toys, like G.I Joe Figures to Thundercats, to Kenner’s Star Wars, and many more.

So instead of disposing of them, why not get cash in exchange? Are you looking for the best way to sell Star Wars action figures which are no longer of your use?

Here we will help you understand how the best way to sell Star Wars toys.

The Actual Owner of the Best Star War Figures

You may have to find out about the actual owner of your vintage toys. If it is you, then the whole selling process would be much easier and more comfortable, and you can continue to the next step. But if it is not you, you may need to dig deep to learn about the original owner.

You can start by tracing the old toy brands you own; this process would be less stress-free for smaller collections. But if you have an enormous collection of multiple toys and a single collection in a single collection, it could demand an extra effort to authenticate.

Worry no more if you have an assorted collection; you can simply email us now to get aid. Our support team can help you with what you need to do.

Organize Your Star War Action Figures

The next crucial step is to ensure you perfectly organize the action figures. It is necessary to handle your toys with full care to avoid lowering their money value. You may or may not have the idea of Star Wars action figures’ value, but that does not you cannot continue with the process by separating toys by brand.

No problem if you still find it challenging and have no idea of what to do. You can use your little useful knowledge to separate your toys in the best viable way.

Evaluate the Action Figures Worth

1982 Kenner Star Wars Return of the Jedi AT-ST Chicken Walker

You have organized your vintage toys; now you must be thinking, ‘what is the best way to sell Star War figures?’ Is it so? If yes, then the next major step is to figure out the toys’ value. You can price your toys by searching comparable pricing lists online. You can find a reliable online platform that offers comparable pricing details and check for the recently sold comparable toy.

One suggestion is not to go with active listings as these only show the asking price, not what others are willing to pay. Keep in mind the end buyer will not always pay you the price you have in mind or the maximum sales price you find online.

The reason is, there could be multiple factors that go into estimating the purchase price; this includes the toy condition, missing parts, and the availability of the original box. So, take enough time to estimate this to get ready to sell your beautiful vintage toys.

Vital Things to Consider About Star War Action Figures Condition

If you want to get the best price for your action figures, it is necessary to keep them in good condition as you will be surprised to see what kind of things can devalue your toys. Some of those like rodent bites, discoloration, pet scratches, and even smoking! Yes, smoking can also devalue your old toys. With that, prolonged exposure to sunlight or placing toys around cigarette smoke can drastically diminish the toy condition.

Here are some main factors to consider about action figures condition:

  • Was the original box opened?
  • Was the toy exposed to extremely high heat?
  • Has the plastic covering material degraded?
  • Has there been exposure to smoke for long?
  • Is the vintage toy dirty or rusty?
  • Is there discoloration due to the passage of time?
  • Has the toy become extremely fragile or sticky?
  • Have bugs, mice, or pets damaged or bitten the toys?
  • Has severe humidity has drastically changed its properties?

Any of such factors can significantly affect the overall condition and play a role in diminishing the toys’ quality. If your toys have faded or yellowed plastic, then the best way is to get in touch with us for help. Click here to check out our free guide to fixing yellowing or fading toys.

What Are the Ways to Sell Star Wars Action Figures?

1977 Kenner Star Wars Luke Skywalker

Now you have much information about finding the toys’ value; now, the next step is to look at some effective ways to sell your vintage toys for instant cash. We do not promise anyone’s effectiveness for a high selling price; you can try your luck.

Local Auction Service


  • It is easy and straightforward.
  • You can find the buyers in your local location.


  • The process could be slow with high fees.
  • Generally, get unsatisfactory results, unless you own a vast collection or working with a specialist.
  • The unknown sales price for toys (mostly depends on who shows up that day).



  • It is quite easy and local.


  • You may not get full value because you are the one who needs cash, and so that does not offer a high percentage profit.
  • They have no experience, and so just toss a low-value coin in the hope of getting something valuable cheap.

Online Toy Dealer


  • It minimizes the dealing period (it usually takes less than a week or so to complete purchases).
  • You can get a thorough background check of an online dealer with the Better Business Bureau.
  • You do not have to pay a penny (not even for shipping).


  • You may not get full value.

Local Toy Dealer


  • It minimizes the overall time you spend on selling.
  • The dealer can be background checked with the Better Business Bureau.
  • No charges, and it is local!


  • For instance, if a seller shows up with 10 boxes of vintage toys, he will not go anywhere about what he might think because they know you will never box them back up.
  • The seller usually cannot get full value because they see you as a captive audience, which means you need cash, so do not offer a high percentage, just like a pawn shop.

Online Auctions like eBay


  • It covers a large client base.
  • You may get substantial value.


  • The process could be a bit slow and time-consuming.
  • Extremely high fees.
  • Unknown how the toy bidding will go.
  • You can be a victim of fraudulent activity.
  • It is challenging to use this choice.
  • You must accept returns.
  • Heading to the post office regularly.

Online Swap Pages Facebook and Craigslist


  • You can find a large client base.
  • Get fair prices.
  • No big fees.
  • Super easy to use.


  • It could be a bit slow and time-consuming process.
  • Possibility of experiencing fraudulent acts.
  • No customer support: you will be your support.
  • A lot of unnecessary communication with tri-kickers.

So, this is all! Those mentioned above are some of the best ways to sell Star Wars Action toys. You can choose any of the effective ways, depending on your goal, availability, and the level of effort you want to put into selling your old toys.

Are you looking for an authentic platform where you can get the best aid about vintage toy selling? We are here to make it possible for you. At Wheeljack’s Lab, you can buy or sell amazing vintage toys instead of throwing them away.

Wheeljack’s Lab— The Best Way to Sell Star Wars Toys for Cash

1978 Kenner Star Wars R2-D2

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