Places That Buy ThunderCats Action Figures and Toys

Places That Buy ThunderCats Action Figures and Toys

If you are here, you have a toy collection you would like to sell. However, you may have several questions before you are ready. We have been buying and selling toys for more than two decades and can help guide you in making the best selection. Additionally, it is important to understand how to estimate the value of your classic action figures, which will provide a starting point at finding places that will buy ThunderCats action figures.

Below we will cover some of the basics you need to know when selling used ThunderCats toys:

Sell Your ThunderCats Toys at Wheeljack's Lab

Separate your ThunderCats toys by category

1985 LJN ThunderCats Vulture Man

The easiest way to keep a toy collection organized is to classify and categorize them. It is easier to do this by trademark or the label when being the first owner. Knowing your collection will make it easier to identify them quickly, but without knowing the value, it is important to classify them by brand.

Who has owned the vintage ThunderCats toys?

If you are the original owner, the process will be much easier. However, if you are not the first owner, and you bought your vintage ThunderCats toys from another collector or somewhere else, email us to get professional advice about what steps to take next. However, it is much easier to sell small matching sets compared to large collections with various types of toys or action figures.

Determine the price of your ThunderCats Action Figures

1984 LJN ThunderCats Lion-O

When looking for places that buy ThunderCats Action Figures, you will want to price your ThunderCats toys first after categorizing is finished. To put a price on them, you must evaluate the value of your action figures. Research eBay and toy collection websites to find what they sold for in the past.

The key is to look at the ‘sold’ price, not the current selling price. This will let you know what people are currently paying for the toys.

The next step is to compare your ThunderCats action figure or other toys against those that sold. Sold prices will vary for the same item, depending on the condition. People pay more for action figures, the better shape they are in. Factors to consider include if any pieces are missing or damaged, how much others touched it without gloves, and if it has the original packaging (sealed or not sealed). This will allow you to create an estimated value for your toys.

Are they ‘mint’ or ‘used’ ThunderCats toys?

If you have toys in their original, sealed packaging, they may be in mint condition. However, if they have been damaged or missing parts or packaging, it could mean they are worthless. In some cases, they may not be sellable at all. Action figures are worth a lot less if damaged by insects, animals, or mishandling. However, toys that have collected dust over the years are no longer in mint condition either. Toy conditions are tarnished by other types of environmental conditions such as direct sunlight, smoke exposure, dampness, and high temperatures.

If you need to repair minor discoloration, check out our recommendations here.

Wheeljack's Lab Buys ThunderCats Toy Collections

Let us overview the places that buy vintage ThunderCats toys?

1985 LJN ThunderCats Mumm-Ra

You might be shocked to find out how many people are interested in buying old action figures. We have created a list to assist you in finding the best places that buy used ThunderCats toys. We will provide the positive and negative aspects of each method.

When choosing a method for selling your toy collection, time is the biggest factor to consider. Will you have time to devote to selling each toy in your collection separately?


Positive: When dealing with a pawnbroker, it is quicker and local. So, they are good for when you lack a lot of time.

Negative: They will always offer the lowest amount possible to lower their risk. They are not professional collectors and are not like other places that buy ThunderCats action figures. If you need fast cash for your toy collection, this is an option but be ready for them to take advantage of that.

Local Auctioneers

Positive: When dealing with local auctions, it is quicker to sell a larger collection.

Negative: Generally, auctions are scheduled ahead of time and a longer process than pawnbrokers. Also, there are auction fees and commission costs. The final sale price is unpredictable and could go for far less than expected unless you get lucky and find an auction with a toy expert.

Local Action Figure Traders

Positive: You can close a sale quickly without hidden fees; it is close and backed by the BBB.

Negative: Unlike pawnbrokers, toy dealers have an idea of what your action figures are worth, but they also try to get them for the lowest price possible like a pawnbroker and will take advantage of your need for fast cash.

Online Dealers

Positive: Easy process with no hidden costs. The sale is usually finished within 7 days, and we cover shipping costs. Also, you can conduct background checks for online dealers, such as with the Better Business Bureau.

Negative: We cannot provide full value, or we would go out of business.

Online Auctioneers Such as eBay

Positive: Provides a wide network, increasing the chance of a bidding war. The prices can do better than with small local auctions.

Negative: Auctions always have costs associated with them, usually 15% – 20% in commission fees. The final sale price is unpredictable, especially for lower volume sellers. Online auctioneers are not beginner-friendly, making it easy to get scammed due to strict return policies if buyers are unsatisfied. You will have to manually pack and ship everything.

Social Media Platforms Akin to Facebook

Positive: User friendly without any hidden costs. You can find good offers from a wide network of people.

Negative: Making a sale can be much slower than any other method on the list. Creating listings is time-consuming, and you must make multiple trips to the post office after you sell items. Also, there is no customer support which opens concerns for privacy and fraud.

Wheeljack’s Lab: We are the Place That Buys Your Used ThunderCats Toys

1985 LJN ThunerCats Mutant Nose Diver

The process of separating, categorizing, and pricing your toy collection can be overwhelming, especially for beginner toy collectors. At Wheeljack’s Lab, we are expert toy collections with decades of experience. We can manage the whole process; simply call us at 888-946-2895 to get help selling your vintage ThunderCats toys or other action figures.

As we have been doing this for more than 20 years, all toy-buying businesses are comfortable dealing with us. Our team is passionate about what we do, helping collectors convert their collection into money. We can guarantee instant responses to selling vintage toys, with a quick payment process.

Depending on the toys you are selling, we may send someone to come pick them up. You will receive an offer within 24 hours and can be sure that your toy collection is going to someone that will value and appreciate them as their initial owner did.

Do you have old and used ThunderCats toys?

If you have a collection of old and used toys, you can turn those toys into cash. There is no reason to let those old toys collect dust. Contact us today to sell your ThunderCats toy collection.

Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. If you are ready to sell your collection today, fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895.

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