Got Any Empty Transformers Shipping Boxes or Cases?

Buying Vintage Shipping Empty Boxes

Just said goodbye to some good friends.  Our uncirculated Pepsi Optimus Prime’s off to their new home in Japan.  I’m always looking for more Generation 1 (G1) Transformers sealed, opened or loose, and we’ll even buy the empty shipping boxes!  Straight from all Hasbro licensed manufacturers including Takara, IGA Plasticos, Milton Bradley, Antex, Estrela, Lynsa, Basa Hude, El Greco, Gig, Ceji, Joustra or even third-party mail away companies like Montgomery Wards, Sears and Jc Penny.  Plain white, brown or retail even boxes and cartons.

These boxes go by many names:

  • assortment case,
  • shipping case,
  • mail away box,
  • shipping box,
  • assortment pack,
  • factory box,
  • assortment shipper,
  • factory case,
  • and many others.

Some examples of empty shipping boxes or cases are below –contact us if you have any of these for sale!


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